Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Obsession Confession

My newest obsession is....

Old photos of people I don' t know. Odd right? But just think about this.....

I'm a picture freak. I love taking pictures. There is just something about having a freeze frame of that exact moment in time. I've always said when I get married everyone will be eating hotdogs because I'm spending my money on photography.

I didn't come up with this "obsession" on my own. This is an inherited trait from my Aunts Janie and Andi.  If either of them are around you better have a smile on your face.  They snap photos like the paparazzi following Britney Spears circa; the head shaving years. Aunt Andi even carries around a portable printer to print off copies for everyone on site. That is one of the reasons I aspire to be like her.

Since, I'm drawn to photographs (and it is in my DNA), it made sense that a couple months ago when I found a wallet full I had to have them. The pictures looked to be school pictures from 1950s-1960. My first thought was, "Why would someone throw away pictures?"  I mean, these people where friends of someone at sometime. My second thought was, "What can I do with these pictures?"

The why might never be answered but the what can be! Giving credit were credit is due. (Which for me these days almost always include pinterest) I found this and thought it would be perfect for vintage and vintage inspired designs.

I put Sis to work in the "sweat shop" and she came out with...
Our New Tags

Since the wallet I've found a friends trip to New Mexico circa 1960s. (Frank "the bachelor" found love on that trip.) Just the past weekend I found an amazing photo album with pictures from early 1800s-1939. There are wedding pictures, school pictures and family pictures. Thankfully someone's loss is my gain.

These are some of my favorites! I would totally love to put everyone of these up for everyone to enjoy. It truly is an amazing collection. I can't bring myself to cut up these pictures so I'm thinking I might just make a coffee table book out of them. If you have any suggestions, I'm open to other possibilities, too!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Getting to know us...Getting to know all about us

How did I get here?

I'm Courtney-The UN-crafty Sister.

My friend Evelyn said to me, "I never saw this as your life path, but I love". I think it is an interesting life path for people that have known me for awhile. I've been known as an outgoing person, some may even say a "party" girl. Someone that can't sit still long enough to bead a bracelet. BUT at the same time I think it's a path that was actually in the making for awhile.  In a VERY, VERY round-a-bout way, of course.

I'm a undercover hippie and lover of the Earth.  I have been recycling since before it was a thought in most people's mind. In Kindergarten, I started to bring home my lunch baggies. I didn't see the point in just using them once. (Still don't. I drive my co-workers and family crazy saving foil, paper bags, and baggies) At the time, you could only recycle cans and paper, I would collect them from the construction sites around our house. My ever so loving and supportive mom would drive me across town to the only recycling center in the city. 

When you buy a product new, you have all the packaging and wrapping that comes with it. If you buy something old, you're not only saving the item from the dump, but reducing the waste of packaging. It just such an awesome concept. It IS my life path, it took 30 some years to figure it out and to get here. Like Evelyn, I love it! 

Heather -The Crafty Sister.

A born artist no one is shocked that this is her life path. I think people have just been waiting for her to reach this point, it also took her 30 some years to get here. (two years more then me, since she IS older). All of the paintings in our house is her work. Our furniture that is painted, her doing. People are always asking her to paint something for them, or make something for them. She does with awesome talent!

She always says she, "loves it all". Old, new, new that looks old, old that looks new. She "loves it all". 

As, I'm coming to her side of the craft world, I've brought her into the world of reduce, reuse, recycle. It's already started off as an interesting journey and a really cool combination. 

I'm the talker, so I'll most likely be the writer. My brain goes faster then I can type so expect errors and just try your best to forgive me for them.

We don't want this blog to be just about us. (Of course Heather's idea, I think everything should be about me). We want to share not only what we are up to but, what we think is cool and cool people we meet along our journey to ful-fill our life path. 

If you are looking for something let us know...we might have it or will be able to find it for you! 

So now that you know how we got here...Let's have some fun.

Check out our etsy shop. We will be adding more here shortly. 

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