Sunday, September 30, 2012

All work and no play makes....


What an (I think I already said this) awesome and (did I mention, this before?) EXHAUSTING weekend we have had!!! Thursday- Saturday we were at the Restyled Barn Sale. Like I said in the last post, it was our first "3 dayer". (I love making up words). It was worth all the stress, work, and tonight's 7pm bedtime.

We've known Connie from Restyled forever and it is always nice to see her! She and her husband Dean crack me up. Although Dean was put to work with some of the other husbands, (Hi Roman!)  Connie and her daughter-in-law (and co-owner of Restyled) Saha, ROCKED at producing this event. The "preview" night was a ton of fun! Wine, cheese, good band! My three favorite things EVA!

Speaking of "good" band. It was actually an AH-MAZE-ING band. If you haven't checked out Marc Imboden, you really are missing out! Our booth was right beside them, so we had a "front row" seat. They are not only talent musicians, they cracked me up. I think it was their first time playing on a cart full of hay, but they rocked it. A stage is a stage right?!

Since Thursday is my day off and Sis had to work, Mama was kind enough to help us out. (We did pay her in wine!) We loaded up the Explorers, and I mean loaded them up! That is a door on top of the car. I was weary about driving with a door on top of a car that wasn't mind. Then mama reminded me of my RedBull days. Yep, I drove a car with a HUGE can of RedBull on the back. Sadly, there are no pictures of it on this computer. Her point was a good one. If I could drive that car, I could drive this one.

Here are some pictures from this weekend. It was busy the entire three days so we didn't get to many pictures. I'm not complaining I'm just sayin'.

What a whirl wind weekend!!! We will do it all again in two weeks, but more about that later.


I have the after pictures! Yep, your Kool-aid now has sugar. This is our $2 table.

And now this is our $2 table! The paint we've had forever, this is truly a $2 table. Looks pretty awesome doesn't it! I thought you would agree with me!
Another "before" I didn't have last time was this telephone table.

Not only does it look bad, it smelt HORRIBLE! A night outside, some fabreeze and TLC. You get this..

I KNOW. Pretty awesome! I know Sis always has had visions of greatness, but I'm starting to catch on. I can see past the "loved" part of it and see what it can be. The smell, that was hard! Thank goodness it's gone!

Now news and reminders.

Don't forget to check out us out October 13 at Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace. Jon stopped by the Barn Sale and fired everyone up about new vendors, food trucks, and the possibility of a November and/or December show!

We will be at Irvington Halloween Festival. If you LOVE Halloween, then you need to check this out. It's a really cool haunted week!

Then one of my favorite shows! November 14th, Special Olympics Hamilton County. This is another must! If you want to have an AH-MAZE-ING time and meet AH-MAZE-ING people, this show is worth your time. Great vendors and a great silent auction! Last year I left looking forward to this year. Just sayin' don't miss this one!

Then on November 29th we are having Almost Gemini's 3rd Annual Open house. I'm not going to post directions on the blog. Although,  if you want to come let us know!

Until we meet again,
(Still looking for a sign off)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What's Happening in Our Neck of the Woods!

I know I shouldn't be surprised at all the "first" Almost Gemini is having. I mean, we are kinda still the new kids on the block (and we are hanging tough)! I'm still trying to figure out this bloggy bloggy stuff. I'm never sure what to write about. I don't know how many times I should update. (I don't want to be annoying, but I don't want to be stand offish). I still don't know if I truly want to spend $500 on a camera that I will most likely never really figure out but am head over heels in love with? (Holy long sentence. I should totally be taking writing classes!)

I'm going to start off by saying we had another wonderful, yet windy show at Horton's of Tipton! I'm pretty sure I saw Dorothy on her bike flying past us. Thank God for Mr. Horton and his 2 tons of bricks and cement! Without him, our tent would've been following Dorothy to the land of Oz. Since I have a VERY RATIONAL fear of flying monkeys, Sis would've had to find the courage,heart, and brain to go after it!

Here are some shots that we captured before the wind storm of 2012.

Staying true to my dishevelled self , I have failed the four of you reading my blog. (Let's all welcome my cousin, Jamie! Say "Hi" to Jamie kids.) I have my "before" pictures but only one "after" . I know, I know! It's like having Kool-aid, no sugar or peanut butter no jelly. Since I drink sugar free Kool-aid and have never liked jelly on my sandwiches, I'm going to give you a sample of our finds "before" and our one "after".

Round Table-Since I'm keeping this AWESOME round table, I can tell you it only set me back $2. I know, I should have asked her to take less! HA I painted it a turquoise color and it will be headed straight to my family room after this weekend! Right after I take an "after" picture for my next post!
Antique Telephone Desk-  This is for sale. I have stained the wood and mama recovered the seat with vintage fabric. Speaking of the seat, it lifts up so you can put your telephone book (If you still have one) under the seat. It is really one of our best finds.

Cute Blue Chair-  Now you get to see an actual "before and after". We got this cute chair at a yard sale. We loved the color and chippiness so we kept it.
We (as in mama) recovered this chair for us with some vintage fabric that Sis was hording. Don't you just love it? It is also for sale. We won't be taking it to the barn sale since furniture is more Restlyed less Almost Gemini. It's just when we find a cute piece of furniture, we have to have it!

We also got an antique dresser that we hoped to be able to re-finish but was way past it's prime. We (once again mama) ended up painting it yellow. It's staying at our house! We needed something to put our towels and such in. It's perfect size for that!

So I know you are wondering where you can find us! Lucky for you I'm here to tell you!

This weekend (Sept 27-29) is the Restyled Barn Sale. It will be our first "3" dayer! Make sure to come out and visit us! We will have new stuff everyday!

 You don't want to miss the last Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace of the year. Well, at least last outside one!

Also we will be at Irvington Halloween Festival is October 27.

Don't forget if you can't make a show we are at Whimzy! 940 Logan St. Noblesville, IN 46060. The store is open Tues-Sat 10- and Sunday 1-5. We are there at least once a week switching stuff up. Make sure to keep checking the store!

And now a picture of my Grandma and the weenie mobile. Just because she is cute and typing weenie mobile made me giggle just a little bit!

What's happening in your neck of the woods? I'm still working on my "sign off".



Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Logo and New Store!

It has been over the top crazy for Almost Gemini. It feels like our heads just spun around as we took on even more adventures! You've seen it on Facebook, but know you know it's true because I'm blogging about it! :)

We have a logo! Guess what? I think it's AH-MAZE-ING!

My best friend Brandi's co-worker Janelle made it for us! (Larry, Larry and his other cousin Larry) If you need a logo and want more info, just let us know! Janelle and her boyfriend work together and do it amazingly! It was so easy and so fast...Once again, so fast our heads spun!

We are also excited to announce that we are now part of an AH-MAZE-ING new store in Noblesville, IN called Whimzy! We went   their open house last Friday, met the wonderful Donna, she sent us a contract on Wednesday and moved into the upstairs on Thursday! I always say time flies when you are having fun! THIS IS FUN!

This pictures is borrowed from Angela @ Unexpected Elegance
Whimzy is located @ 940 Logan St. Nobelsville, IN 46060. You can stop by and shop our booth #34 (and others)Tues-Sat 10-6, Sunday 1-5. The store is closed on Mondays to give Donna a break and let her work on her own amazing art!

This is not our first store, but it's our first time being able to have all our Vintage and Vintage inspired designs in one place. We only had one day to "get it together" I made an outline of our space on in the house and went to town. Guess what? Not only did we forget stuff but, I was off on the size of the space. Which seems odd, because we need more stuff for the store but we have less room then we did at home. It's crazy but that is how it somehow worked out.

This is how it's going to work until I can make it back there on Tuesday! We will be adding all our flair, more jewelry, and some other surprises. Surprises to you and ME b/c I'm not sure what yet! HA

As mama and I brought home some amazing garage sale finds on Thursday, the dadster said "I thought you didn't do furniture". We don't but we bought 5 (of course, AH-MAZE-ING) antique pieces. They needed ALOT of TLC and most already have places in our house! AND of course, I'll show you all when I'm done! Which honestly makes me excited that I haven't shown you pictures of the house yet b/c these pieces are totally going to add to it!

We spent most of this weekend painting furniture and getting ready for Horton's of Tipton. Stop by this weekend (Sept 22). I can't believe it's already that late in September. We are working on some really cute fall decor! I just hope we can make it all come together!

Then Sept 27- 29 we will be at the Restyle Barn Sale. Check out their website for more information and hours.

We will be back at Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace on October 13.

Irvington Halloween Festival on October 27. This is always a great time! I love Irvington!

Other then that...Whimzy! Don't forget to stop by and check it out. Once I get to know other Vendors, I'll make sure to share with you what they are doing too!

Thanks for reading,  (still working on the tag line and this one is NOT IT!)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Share and Share Alike

Sorry to say (not really all that sorry) that we have not been crafty this past week. We have projects in the que but just haven't been able to get to them. I'm blaming it on a short week and allergies kicking our a$$! That is my story and I'm sticking to it!

We have the laundry room done and the croftic is just needing a tad of organization. I want to share with you all the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears we put into these rooms! I have a problem (just one in this case). I'm currently researching new cameras. Do I take an O.K. picture of our awesome job and do the blog now or do I wait until I have the new awesome camera that will totally display the awesomeness of those two rooms.  I voted and I came up with wait!

So since I am not going to share our laundry room and croftic just yet, I thought I would share some other things I'm totally digging right now.

Number 1


I love her and her easy peasy make-up tutorials. I went and bought everything on her favorites list. It was all under $100. If you run out by Sunday most of the make-up is buy one get one 50% at Walgreens. If not it will probably be the same deal at CVS next week. :)

She also teaches you how to make your own eye shadow primer. I made it and I'm totally digging it right now. Not only is she making me look good, she is saving me money! GO CARA!

I accidentally bought the "wrong" mascara, but it was WAYYYYYY to right to be wrong.
Which leads me into my number 1 thing I'm obsessed with right now. L'Oreal Vouminous Million Lashes-Carbon Black. It makes me look like I have on falseys. I can't help but sing, "I look pretty, oh so pretty"!

Number 2

Nicki @ The Vintage Farm House is having a giveaway. Now I should be keeping this to myself b/c I really want to win, but all is fair in love and blog giveaways. The winner will receive one doily bunting, one crochet bracelet, and one VINTAGE GLOVE MOLD. Rumor also has it that if you win, she also throws in surprises! I.LOVE.SURPISES!

I also love, love, love her vintage glove molds! On the off chance I don't win, I'm going to have to buy one! :)
Number 3
Jule Photography 
She took this picture of a suitcase we sold her...please take a minute to check out the suitcase how cute this child is!! Not only do I want to keep this cutie, I love that Julie put the flags up in the background! Of course, Almost Gemini loves it....Vintage and Vintage Inspired...It's our thing, YO!  She does family, senior, weddings, engagement. Make sure to check out her website.
Julie also leads me to another "thing" I'm obsessed with! Since I'm looking for a new camera, I asked a professional what I should get. She recommended Canon Rebel. I'm in love! I just have to go to the camera shop and check it out in person. Look at this beauty. I feel like a grown-up just looking at her! 

Last and least, I realized I don't have a "sign off". I just end a blog without saying "goodbye".  And I really want one. It feels like I'm ending the blog short. I want you to feel warm and want to come back. ha

Blogs and kisses (I know I suck at this)
Stay Classy (0pps that's already taken)
Be Inspired (so cheesy, so not us)

Any suggestions?

Well, I have to run. One of my little cousins is getting married today! SOME BODY'S GETTING MARRRRRRIED! I can't wait to see my family! We always have so much fun together! 


Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

How did we get talked into laboring on Labor Day weekend? Since sadly the rain choose to RUIN our plans of the pool and grilling out, Mama and I got bored. (Something that happens easily)!  She and The Dadster have been talking about downsizing for YEARS! As we say good bye to summer, the talk of "never spending another winter in Indiana" is again a top topic at the U household! I would like to add that this will be the 8th year the rents have been gone to Florida during the winter. I guess November to Dec 1st and March to May is too much for them to handle! HA

Moral of the story, it was Friday, it's raining and we are bored. I (still pondering why) asked mama if she wanted to clean out her closet. This didn't come out of the blue, mama had told me she wanted to do it before she left for the winter. She is wanting to get rid of some Christmas stuff since we haven't been home for the holidays in years. We also have a lot childhood toys at her house and she wanted us to go through them.

It took six hours, we had three rooms filled with stuff.  Just as we learned from watching many episodes of "Clean House", (hosted by non other then one of my faves Niecey Nash!) we had a keep room, a sorting room, and a get rid of room.

So the cleaning part wasn't as fun as the sorting part. We found letters and cards we had written and received. We laugh so hard about a post-it Sis wrote, telling mama that she had left to go corn detassling and would clean her room when she got home. If she was "still alive". Or when I listed my three favorite places in the world as Maui, Target, and Caselton Mall?!

I thought I would share with you (and hopefully bring back some memories) of what we found!

Of course, I didn't have my camera with me, so I had to use my phone which means smaller, not so great pictures. Sorry, but s*&t happens!

So I ask all you! Do you remember these?

The magical musical thing! Not a guitar, not a piano, not even a keyitar. Just a thing! We didn't' have batteries so we are not sure if it works but it was a keeper! Next time we go through our stuff, I'm going to make sure to have a 9 volt battery on hand!

If you know something better then "The Muppet Show!" and "Talk-To-Me" please let me know! We did find D batteries and the DOES work! It was so fun!
I would like to put a vicious, vicious, rumor to rest. As we were going through all of our stuff, I found all my Cabbage Patch Kids birth certificates.  I did not REPEAT. DID NOT, name all my CPKs after myself. I only had one Courtney Nicole, Jr. and a boy named Corey Nicholas. So for all of those sis has told I named all 9 of them Courtney Nicole, It is not the truth! I can even produce the birth certificates if Congress should ever ask.
 We had EVERYTHING Strawberry Shortcake. This was a swing that we had, we also had the picnic strawberry, the butterfly that the dolls could fly on and the snail that pulled the strawberry carriage. FYI, they all still smell. I know I thought it was amazing too!
I would please like a show of hands for everyone that had and loved charm necklaces. I would never sell these but I bet I could get a lot of money! Brandi, Jamie, Val and I collected these at the Bluffton Street fair! Mostly likely, right after we ate a zum stick and fish sandwich!
 Look who loves me! My mon chi chi.

We still have all our Pretty Ponies. They still have their hair braided and the same "outfits" on  as the last time had we played with them. We still have the big stable and the stable carrying cases. 

Annie was my FAVORITE! I WAS Annie. Along with these figures, I still have Annie tape (yep tape as in scotch) bookmarks (which I now have one in the book I'm currently reading) and many other fun things!

These are just a few of my favorite things.

We also have Carebears, Carebear Cousins, Hello Kitty, Twin Stars, and much much more!

Dadster and sis got bored with us and our toys shortly after we started. As they sat on the couch, watched the DVR and played on their cell phones, mama and I were lost in the past. We played dolls and ponies.

We read letters that we wrote, we teared up missing people of our past and can't wait to share the funny stuff with people in our present. Due to being pack rats aka sentimental saps, we still have some ALOT an insane amount of fun stuff to go threw. If sometime in the future you get a package from me...Open it up, it might just be some shared memories!

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