Thursday, February 28, 2013

Green Oak....

Green Oak is the place for me!
Antiquing is the life for me!
AH-MAZE-ING goodness spreadin' out so far and wide
Keep your new stuff just give me a piece of old awesomeness?

After my Gilligan's Island tribute, it's only fair that I work in  Green Acres one too!

****Side note: ^^^^ This is what I meant by "antiquing".  I was looking for a synonym of "antiquing" to fill in the last line. I'm obviously not a lyrical genius (and obviously came up with nothing).  I "Googled" antiquing and this isn't really what I was talking about...

Antiquing is similar to cougar hunting except it involves the initiation of amorous liasions with women who are very much your senior. Sometimes it may be the case that you are after the older woman cougar but end up with her mom.

However, I do find that to be an interesting fact?! For someone reason, I kept thinking that "antiquing" would make a GREAAAAT Betty White's "Off Their Rockers"  episode.

ANYWAAAAAAYYYYSSSS!   One of my wonderful coworkers has been telling me about a place called Green Oak Antiques. She kept telling me that I would LOVE this store. Let's just say, Debbie did not disappoint!

So rewind to the start of for our AWESOME Saturday adventure! Deb, my now favorite co-worker, (all you gals have a chance to catch up, just show me amazing old stuff) lives in Tipton, Indiana. We met her by one of my favorite signs.

I've seen this A MILLION times, but "eat here and get gas" still cracks me up! Once we met Deb, we hit US31 North. Roughly, 1 hour and 15 mins later, we reached heaven Green Oak Antiques.

As we pulled up, sis grabbed my arm, looked over at me and said, "Is this place for real?" Since I hadn't touch anything yet, I couldn't respond "yes" or "no". I did pinch her (maybe a little harder then I should have) so we knew it wasn't a dream.

Now, I'm still learning to use my new camera. I did take pictures and I hope do it justice!

Here is a  small taste of what we pulled up to! Deb took home one of the ladders in the back. She had an idea to put it in her craft room and put her craft magazines on it. I LOVE that idea! If we had room, I might have bought one too!

I'm not sure what kinda traps these are, but it brings back memories of my vacation and lobster traps. I love them no matter what they are!

I loved all the old wood! This is just a small sample! In my mind, I had one ZILLION things I could make. Sadly, I don't have room in the warehouse (just yet).

These are two of my "girly" pictures! I've always been a silver kinda gal.  I'm starting to get into the gold/bronze!? Of course, "pink is my favorite color". I love this china. 

My heart broke into pieces when I left this! If my back porch wasn't already (WAY TO) full of furniture! This would be out my back door!

YES PLEASE! I LOVE.THIS! When I saw this, sis saw the look in my eyes.  She said "NO" automatically! After she looked at it a little longer, she said "O.K. but outside". Sadly this wasn't on our list!

We can't show you all the pictures we took because we totally stocked up on presents! Easter, Mama's day, Birthdays, we covered it!

So everyone needs to "like" Green Oak on Facebook! Make sure to have at least two-three hours to spend there! Make sure you tell Ann, Almost Gemini sent ya!

”How do you get a sweet little 80-year-old lady to say the F word? Get another sweet little 80-year-old lady to yell ‘BINGO!’”



  1. Green Oak has been on Junkey Monkeys "go to" list for a while. Glad you girls verified our need to road trip!

  2. I have always longed for vintage collection. Thanks for sharing the photos, I just might drop by this place. Really looks interesting. The bronze decors intrigued me a lot.


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