Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's the Situation?

I can tell you that this....

is "The Situation" at the Jersey Shore.

****Sidenote:                     ^^^^^^That is a Wikipedia link. I always think about one of my teachers telling my class to never to use Wikipedia as a reference. For today's purposes, I used it anyway! OHH how disappointed he would be! (For more reasons then just that!) I couldn't find  didn't look for any peer reviewed articles. It's the freakin' Jersey Shore for goodness sakes!

FYI...I'm not a Sitch fan. I think if I was going to go guido, it would be Pauly!

I love me some DJ Pauly D!! A close second would be Vinny. He's the cutest in my opinion but way to much of a mama's boy!

On Saturday, I did have a situation. This one was closer to Kokomo,Indiana then New Jersey! Sis and I went to Junk Situation's Barn Sale! Tammy is a gal that we have been getting to know from around "the scence" (for lack of better word). I've seen her stuff and I KNEW that it was going to be GREAT!

The sale was on Friday and Saturday. We didn't make it until almost 2:00pm on Saturday! Sis let me sleep in! (Whooop! Whooop!) Also, our GPS cut out with only two turns to go! We found our way (that goodness). Sis, me, directions? We would be lost for days before anyone found us! When we got there Tammy said  alot of stuff had already sold. We were not disappointed in what was left! Of course, I sniffed out some vintage Christmas! I know I have problems, but I'm not sure who to call. Would it be hoarders or invention? It's really to close to call!

I had my camera in the car but forgot to bring it in. Yeah, you know the camera I obsessed over for months! The camera that I spent a lot of money on?! Yeah, that the car...right outside the barn...didn't even think about it! That being said, I had to borrow some pictures from Tammy. Thank you for letting me borrow them!

Those cute little, red trays were still there when we got there! Sis is now the proud owner of them. Girl has never found a tin tray that she can pass up! Hummmm maybe she should also sign up for hoarders-intervention with me. We can call it hoardavention or inhoardvention! OHHH YEAH, inhoardvention is PERFECT!

Make sure to "like" Junk Situation on facebook. Also make sure to check out her booth at The Original Treasure Mart! Don't miss out! She always has great stuff!

That was the situation for this past weekend...Now on to

Almost Gemini's Show Situation!

Wanna hang out with two wild and crazy gals?

February is a no show month! Don't worry, just because there are no shows, doesn't mean you can't shop AG!

You can find us all the time at
940 Logan Street, Noblesville, Indiana
and online

email us at

March 9th (and TBA in April/May/June/July/August...etc)
The Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace will be back in Carmel at The Fountains. Make sure to "like" them on facebook! I'm sure they will be giving out details about the next show. If it is even 1/8th like it was last time, expect it to be AH-MAZE-ING!

June is going to be a CRAZY month for AG. We found out years ago that good things happen in June. I was born June 23 and Sis on June 26!
We will be headed to Danville, Ill on June 7&8 for the Hobknob Summer Market. Make sure to "like" them on facebook to get all the details. I know, I know...I want you to "like" everyone but all these people are truly likable! Hobknob's winter market was a HUGE and fun success! I can't wait to see what Holly has up her sleeves for this one!



June 13-15 2013

We will once again be a ReStyled barn sale! Check out their barn sale website for more details. If you want to read our blog from the September show, click here to check it out!

July 12-13

We will be back at Horton's Of Tipton for the 5th Annual French Flea Market. They haven't actually invited us yet, but I'm sure when it gets closer to time! We always have a blast at Horton' HERE for proof!

I'm sure we have more stuff to discuss, but I let Sis be in charge of finding shows!

Also you will be happy to know that my editor will be back in town soon! That should cut down on the number of grammar and spelling errors!  Am I  the only one that can still have spelling errors after using spell check?!

"I mean this situation is gonna be indescribable, you can't even describe the situation that you're about to get into the situation."- The Situation


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