Thursday, July 19, 2012

Life in the Fast Lane

I'm watching "The People's Court" and the judge keeps saying "Life in the fast lane". I'm thinking that kinda applies to our back to back shows, while working full-time, and trying to de-clutter our home. Life seems to be going by super fast these days.

Thankfully, today is my day off and it's raining (really it is, soooo exciting). I can slow down, reflect and write a blog post. 

We have met so many wonderful people while doing our shows. I hate to admit how much fun I'm having (minus set-up and tear down). 

First, I'll start with Indie Art and Vintage Market. It was only the second one in Indy and our first show with Jon and crew. Just so you know...they rock! The day was so hot that we thought we might actually melt but people still came! There was a tiny bit of rain, which made us scatter to make sure we covered everything but it wasn't enough to do damage. (or cool us off) We are planning on being at the next one 8/2 some come and see us!

 This is our go to "check out" It's more of a cute catch all. On this day, it held a sunscreen, pens, tissues and price tags. We flipped some of the boxes toward us (these are true vintage boxes) so we can put our bags and tissue paper in them! It's always a mess back there but no one is knows! 
 I love this green chair. It's one of the things in my "If I could keep everything" list. The green ottoman, the outdoor green chair and one of our 1800 signs sold that day! They all sold to really cool people. We like it when our stuff gets a good home!  We're glad they did b/c I have no clue how we got all of this stuff back in the cars. It always amazes me how we can get all this stuff into our car but on the way home, after selling half of doesn't fit anymore.
We only have the red suite case left. WAIT! LIGHT BULB MOMENT! We put everything in our suitcases on the way to the show, they sell we have to find other places to put stuff! I just got it! That is why we can't fit it all back in our cars! ANYWAY, there is amber glass in this picture. I'm always surprised that amber glass doesn't sell. It's hard to find and pretty awesome. 

We found two vintage card tables and I love them. They need work if you want to buy them, but until then they are great for staging. In the basket are 1950s tin ashtrays. They are the kind people used to pick up on road trips. For some reason, I always think of a family in a station wagon going across country. Think family vacation in the 1950s. 

***Side note: I've always called them cardboard tables not card tables...I have no clue why but I can't stop call them that. I had to make an effort to say card table! 

Our next stop was Horton's of Tipton! I do love me some Mr. and Mrs. Horton! They are such great hosts! It's a hardware store and a shabby chic store. Guys (or if your like me and love hardware stores) can check out the tools and supplies while the ladies can shop for home decor. It's a great but dangerous combo! 

****Side note:
I bought myself a circular saw and my mama kept it hostage until I returned it. I know I'm 30ish and I can have tools if I want.  When mama says something, you kinda got to listen b/c when I'm missing a hand she will say I told you so!

We put in a lot of work into our Horton's display.

We painted wine boxes grey and then sis glued some vintage wrapping paper on the inside. The wrapping paper was pink with off white flowers. They look really cool! The table is from my grandma/pa they've had it forever! It's normally down by my garden and was green before the fresh coat of paint.  

Of course we had Trudy's trusty ole sofa table with us. That thing travels and travels with us. We had gotten the shutters in the picture at a yard sale. They were yellow but we put a fresh coat of white paint. (Paint, paint not spray paint) I thought they turned out really nice! The tan in the background was another story! It is now the reason Lowe's went from my fave to most hated list! I kept telling sis we must look like we know what we are doing b/c no one is helping us. ANYWAY they are just plywood that we had cut to 6ft tall. Our fab friend Nicki from The Vintage Farmhouse gave us some grass wallpaper. (I don't think that's what its really called, I might have made that up!) We sprayed some sticking stuff (once again, I'm sure it's not call that) on the board and we got these really cool boards! I think we have a place for those in our laundry room! 

This is our other go to show piece. We got this shelve at Salvation Army. It was a stained wood which didn't go with our theme. So we painted it grey. Why is everything grey you ask? We got it at Ace in the mix match bin. A gallon for $5. YES PLEASE! I just bought some navy blue (laundry room) today! I can't wait to get started. 

We are going toBrownsburg Festival of the Arts this weekend. We've never been to this show before. So I've been googling and trying to find out what it's all about. I guess this is THE SHOW! I'm so excited to see what it's all about! 

We are also so busy re-decorating. The craft room, laundry room and my bathroom are on the short list. We are almost done with the outdoor living area. We just need to stain the new lattice wall and hang our stuff on it. I might just let you folks see it without it stained. I mean it's 90% done. That's good enough right? RIGHT?

Anyway, We just found out about a church sale, so I have to get going! We look forward to see you all in Brownsburg this weekend. We are going to update our where to shop page soon. We wish we could just pick on project and go with it...but that's not our style!

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