Saturday, June 22, 2013

I Hate The Circus

I really do! Clowns have always scared the crap out of me. Elephants and lions are supposed to be wild not trained and in cages. Let's be honest, cotton candy is way to expensive!

When I was sitting down to write this blog, I kept thinking our lives have been a three ring circus lately. We have been so busy and all over the place. Loading, unloading, buying, selling, celebrating, cleaning, etc. Of course, with my distaste for the circus, I had to think of something else...

I came up with ALMOST GEMINI'S SUMMER TOUR 2013! I much rather be a rock star then a carnie. Although, I have to admit there are lots of times that I'm the tallest person in the room!

I'm finally not hungover from Hangover 4 (for now), I have my camera gear back and have been in full edit mode and still not close to done! Our house is in the best shape it's been in a long time. If there is a fire in the warehouse we have a path to safety! I'm felling pretty good about life.

I was told by the Hangover 4 writers/sponsors that I wasn't allowed to post pics of them. After said person was surprised that I can "really that photographs". Thanks Regs! Here is a picture I CAN show.
One of the beautiful drag queens of Talbott St.

I also need to give a HUGGGGGGGGGE thank you, thank you, THANNNNK YOU, to April and Craig of Royal Limousines! The are AH-MAZE-ING! The not only found my camera case with all my goodies, the kept it in a safe place until I could get there! If you are in Indianapolis and need a car service, they have quality buses and above quality services!

I had mentioned earlier about Hobknob Market in Danville, IL. I now finally have some pictures ready to share!

Neighbor Amy helped us pack for the show! All this in one car! Chick is good!

I have now clue how we got a little farmy but we have sold it all! 

HC-G, Sis and I couldn't figure out how we wanted this later! 

This is windmill at the park! I just loved the way it looked!

I have a 1,000 more pictures that I need to upload to a picture sharing site...maybe one day!

It wasn't all work and no play, that would make Almost Gemini dull gals! TWO of our favorite people (best hair dresser EVA) HC-G and our bestest Bree friend came along for the trip!

Our bestest Bree Friend admiring her new pink boots and working an AG headband!

The newest and cutest face of AG! 
The Beautiful HC-G and Bree! 

Our next stop on AG Summer 2013 was Restyled Barnsale! I'm still editing those (of course). First we have two birthdays and Jimmy Buffet to celebrate! Until there, I'll be at the pool, playing in my garden, editing photos or taking a nap! Most likely at the pool taking a nap!

I had a friend who was a clown. When he died, all his friends went to the funeral in one car.
Steven Wright 


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"It's Like Pinterst Live"

Those were words spoken by a shopper at last weekend's Hobknob Market! I had to agree. Once again, we had a BLAST with Holly and Scott (who will always answer to Steve, Todd and I'm guessing Mike too? Maybe?)! Once again those two pulled out the red carpet for their guests and vendors!

I did take a couple of pictures. Due to a 35th Birthday party that became a rough draft for Hangover 4,  I lost (and found but have not picked up yet) my camera case. The adaptor cords and my long lenses were in the case. A drag show, an arrest (not mine), and a bar that will now be forever known as "White Hell" lead to this "loss". I left my camera on the party bus AKA the crazy train!

God love our driver Craig! Bless his pea picking heart for not leaving us! (or pawning my camera lens to cover his pain and suffering)!

FYI...DON'T LET A PREGNANT GIRL MIX DRINKS! I'm so excited for April and Brandon (can't wait to spoil that little cutie) but someone that can't taste the drinks might make them a little to deliciously strong!

That being said, I'm having my birthday party at MCL and we will be playing BINGO! Coco can't handle all that!

Speaking of Birthdays Grandma of Grandma's lotion fame celebrated her 83rd Birthday this weekend!

How cute are my grandparents? Grandma is stylish in her Channel sunglasses and newly manicured nails! Grandpa looks ADORABLE in this is 1 million watt smile and Colts (best team in the NFL) SUPERBOWL t-shirt! I couldn't love these two more if I tried!

This weekend we will be at Restyled Barn Sale. Click here for the details. The also have a great vendor line up!

Studio Adams

Sandy Mills

Herbgirl & Vintage

Griffon Fabrics

Jilly Jack Designs

Shambora Studios

Fancy That!

Time & Again

Unexpected Elegance

For the Love of Letters

Dick & Jane Spencer

Repurposed thru Grace

UpCycled Interiors

La Poire

Bizzy Buckets

Almost Gemini

New Beginnings

Vintage Jewels

Three Angels

Sandcreek Sisters

Carriage House Antiques


Junk Situation

I know quite a few of these vendors and they don't disappoint! Sis and I will have a lot of different awesomeness then we did last week, and even some cool "NEW" stuff! Fingers crossed the weather will hold out!
We are also sad to announce that we are moving out of  Whimzy. We still love the store but we found something closer to home. We didn't feel that we were giving it the attention that its deserved. We both are working full-time and doing a trillion shows! This gives us very little downtown to drive to Nobelsville.
THAT BEING SAID....We are excited to announce that we will now be in a new store much closer to home. By closer meaning, basically on the same street as us. The new store is called Vintage Shoppes of Carmel. It's basically in the Carmel Arts and Design District.  The Address is 301 Rangeline Road, Carmel, IN 46032. We are so excited to be part of this and will give you more details next week. Maybe even pictures!?
July 6th we will be back at Indie Arts and Vintage Market. It would be nice to have a normal not to hot, not down pouring day for this market! Unless it's flooding or lightening we are planning on being there!
July 12-13- We will be at Horton's of Tipton for their French Flea Market! That is always a AH-MAZE-ING time! We love us some Horton's and once again, the vendor list is incredible.
We have a couple shows in August but I'm hoping to take a break from shows and enjoy the pool!
Conch Republic flag means the "U" pool is now open!
Let's not also forget I need time to enjoy my babies before the get all grown up and leave the....

the garden! I spy my grandpa playing in my garden! Do you see him?
Make sure to come and visit us at the barn sale this weekend! Don't make me tell ya "I told ya so!"
We spend the first half of our lives trying to grow up and the other half trying to figure out how we got so old!

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