Friday, February 1, 2013

Catching Up and the Original Dynasty

First a bit of biz-ness!

I've been soooo busy lovin' life, I haven't been the best blogger. Accept my sincere apologies, I'm still perfecting my blexpertness. (Blog expert with a ness on the end. I do enjoy making up words!)  So what I have been up to you ask/wonder/might not care but you are on my blog so you have to wonder a tiny bit?

We had an amazing show this past weekend at Indie Arts and Vintage Market. AH-FREAKIN-MAZE-ING! John and crew are tearing up the scene in Indianapolis! I'm glad we got in early, I'm sure they will be turning people away soon! It's going to be BIGGER next month. Make sure to follow them on Facebook so you can get all the details on the March 9th show!

One thing about these shows, they bring my girls to town! Miss Linda of Morning Glory Collectibles and her bestie Mrs Linda made my weekend. I love them and I love that they were right next to me! I'm not complaining (just sayin'), it was too busy and we didn't get to talk alot!  Just knowing they were next to me was fun!

Elizabeth from Ruffled Feathers was right across from us again. As the day went on I noticed her store was getting smaller and smaller. I think she even sold her check out! You go girl!

I was excited to meet and monkey around with Junkey Monkey. Get it monkey around! Ahhhh I need to do stand up! It was so fun to meet and talk with them! I looking forward to many, many more fun convos and shows!

O.K. Now for the actual bloggy blog!

I, like most Americans, am 1,000% obsessed with A&E's television show Duck Dynasty. I always say I'm half redneck, but really I'm pretty sure it's closer to 3/4!

****Side note: I always pronounce Dynasty, Dye Nasty. There was (and still may be) a Chinese restaurant that was called China Dye Nasty...I'm guessing what they meant was dynasty. I never ate there for obvious reasons!****

So, I'm in love with the show right?!

These guys are A-DOR-ABLE but the seem oddly familiar. So I started to think about where I know these guys from?  Then I remembered, I do have a connection to the them!

This is Jase Robertson. Who does he look like? Hummmmmm

 Ahhh, Its the dadster duck! Jase could be my father if the year was 1980!

Now Let's not forget Phil Robertson. If Phil had a late 1970s-early 1980s stunt double it would be....

My GRANDPA! I see a resemblance!

Will vs My Uncle Dan

He might look a little like Willie but, he is funnier then Si. 

My duck family got me thinking about what I would do if I was a "Rich Redneck". So, I made a pinterest board. Yep, that's my new thing, making boards for my blogs!

ANYYYYWAYYY, Classy Redneck was born! Being from Indiana, I feel like I would belong to more of a "deer dynasty" than a duck one. I'm sure my Janke's will disagree, but I'm just going with what's out my back door!

How AH-MAZE-ING is this "deer damask" wallpaper. You can find it at Barney Gates. I'm in redneck love! (And notice the link works, I'm getting pretty good at this?)

What would go perfectly in my redneck castle?

A HUGE Chandy! Really, this might be for SUPER RICH REDNECK!

This is more my speed! A bottle cap chandy would go GREEEEATTT in every room! ha

Well, go to my pinterest page to check out the rest of the awesomeness....

Right after I throw a couch on the fire, I'll be here, sipping on a tall boy if you need me. Try not to need me!


I don't know any redneck that's not into fun. That's their middle name. Red-Fun-Neck"!-Si Robertson

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  1. Holy duck bills! Your family could almost be famous...the resemblances are quackers (sad attempt at humor)....we, Junkey Monkeys (plural) were so happy to meet you chicks at the IVMA! Got our registration in for the March 9th show so we will be seein' ya again soon...take care and happy thrifting and creating. Junkey Monkeys, Dianne and Lisa


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