Thursday, February 28, 2013

Green Oak....

Green Oak is the place for me!
Antiquing is the life for me!
AH-MAZE-ING goodness spreadin' out so far and wide
Keep your new stuff just give me a piece of old awesomeness?

After my Gilligan's Island tribute, it's only fair that I work in  Green Acres one too!

****Side note: ^^^^ This is what I meant by "antiquing".  I was looking for a synonym of "antiquing" to fill in the last line. I'm obviously not a lyrical genius (and obviously came up with nothing).  I "Googled" antiquing and this isn't really what I was talking about...

Antiquing is similar to cougar hunting except it involves the initiation of amorous liasions with women who are very much your senior. Sometimes it may be the case that you are after the older woman cougar but end up with her mom.

However, I do find that to be an interesting fact?! For someone reason, I kept thinking that "antiquing" would make a GREAAAAT Betty White's "Off Their Rockers"  episode.

ANYWAAAAAAYYYYSSSS!   One of my wonderful coworkers has been telling me about a place called Green Oak Antiques. She kept telling me that I would LOVE this store. Let's just say, Debbie did not disappoint!

So rewind to the start of for our AWESOME Saturday adventure! Deb, my now favorite co-worker, (all you gals have a chance to catch up, just show me amazing old stuff) lives in Tipton, Indiana. We met her by one of my favorite signs.

I've seen this A MILLION times, but "eat here and get gas" still cracks me up! Once we met Deb, we hit US31 North. Roughly, 1 hour and 15 mins later, we reached heaven Green Oak Antiques.

As we pulled up, sis grabbed my arm, looked over at me and said, "Is this place for real?" Since I hadn't touch anything yet, I couldn't respond "yes" or "no". I did pinch her (maybe a little harder then I should have) so we knew it wasn't a dream.

Now, I'm still learning to use my new camera. I did take pictures and I hope do it justice!

Here is a  small taste of what we pulled up to! Deb took home one of the ladders in the back. She had an idea to put it in her craft room and put her craft magazines on it. I LOVE that idea! If we had room, I might have bought one too!

I'm not sure what kinda traps these are, but it brings back memories of my vacation and lobster traps. I love them no matter what they are!

I loved all the old wood! This is just a small sample! In my mind, I had one ZILLION things I could make. Sadly, I don't have room in the warehouse (just yet).

These are two of my "girly" pictures! I've always been a silver kinda gal.  I'm starting to get into the gold/bronze!? Of course, "pink is my favorite color". I love this china. 

My heart broke into pieces when I left this! If my back porch wasn't already (WAY TO) full of furniture! This would be out my back door!

YES PLEASE! I LOVE.THIS! When I saw this, sis saw the look in my eyes.  She said "NO" automatically! After she looked at it a little longer, she said "O.K. but outside". Sadly this wasn't on our list!

We can't show you all the pictures we took because we totally stocked up on presents! Easter, Mama's day, Birthdays, we covered it!

So everyone needs to "like" Green Oak on Facebook! Make sure to have at least two-three hours to spend there! Make sure you tell Ann, Almost Gemini sent ya!

”How do you get a sweet little 80-year-old lady to say the F word? Get another sweet little 80-year-old lady to yell ‘BINGO!’”


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Your Hot and Then You Are COLD!

It's about that time of the year again. The snow is still falling. The weather is still freezing. Mama and the dadster are on back to the great white north! No matter how loud I scream "DON'T DO IT! STAY SOUTH"!  They never listen! Kids these days! They.just.don't.listen.

Here is warm dadster.....

He took Almost Gemini on the high seas! If I couldn't be there, I'm glad he brought his AG shirt along. Wait, I'm not glad. That's a flat out lie, I wish I was there! I could spell Almost Gemini in the sand or something. AG and CoCo could both be in St. Maarten, in perfect harmony!

 That was a picture of the dadster at the end of last week!

The dadster at the end of this week! HA! It does feel that way, but this is a picture from Mikael Strandberg. He is an explorer and a crazy one at that! I couldn't imagine and don't want to! To each their own!

Since, I'm "in charge" of the Other U's house while they are O.O.T. (Out Of Town Not to be confused with O.O.C. Out Of Control). BTW, my bffaeaeaeae and I used these terms way before (b4) and OMG (my have), TTLY. But of course we always did, LLAS (love ya like a sis).

The arrival of the upper case Us means that "spring" cleaning comes early for CoCo! Oddly enough, it has nothing to do with my stuff!  It doesn't matter if the groundhog sees his shadow or not, but toward the end of February, I had to have mama's house CLEAN!

She is SO.TIRED.AFTER. (12 weeks vacation) DRIVING. HOME. I do admit it's not all vacation, the dadster writes and mama edits.  As I listen to the news today, they said that your children might freeze at the bus stop tomorrow morning. (see picture above of Mikael)  Welcome home!

In the words of Mrs. Hannigan from Annie. I made their house "SHINE LIKE TOP OF THE CHRYSLER BUILDING"! I can't believe I can't find a video clip of that?! It was supposed to be super dramatic with Carol Burnett. That's crap!

I have to tell you Annie was and still might just be my favorite movie! I wanted to be Annie AKA Aileen Quinn. Mama bought me the movie, the dress, and the red wig (In 1982, but if she is looking for Easter basket suggestions?) Another reason she is the BEST.MAMA.EVA!

ANYWAYYYYYYSSSS! I cleaned the HECK out of the house I only use TWO rooms when I live there and I cleaned more then that.  After all that hard work, it only took them 10 seconds to destroy it! I thought paybacks came in the form of your own children, not your own parents!

In Mama's defense she did tell me not to worry about it! She said she hadn't done laundry on the trip home.  She also said they had to move everything back in. When will I ever learn to listen to her?! Maybe in my next 34 years?

The moral of the story! I'm SOOOOO PUMPED UP, my parents are home! I missed them more then I can tell you! Now I think I'm going to have to spend everyday, all day with them! I'm sure mama and the dadster will be soooooo excited!

They say it can land on a dime... whatever that may be.- Daddy Warbucks


So, I've already started on my next blog! I'm so excited to share Green Oak Antique with you!

I put some pictures on Facebook if you want a sneak peek! Or look below for three pictures of awesomeness!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wine, Lipgloss and Mascara

Last week when joyful vacationers boared Carnival's cruise ship "Triumph", they were clueless to the fact it was actually the S.S. Minnow from Gilligan's Island!

Thankfully, unlike the S.S. Minnow, there was someone aboard the Triumph that could build a coconut radio. The four day tour (four day tour) left from a port in Texas and was supposed to return on Monday. An electrical fire on Sunday left the boat and it's passengers stranded at sea until Thursday!
(Did you sing it like Gilligan's theme song..Three hour tour, three hour tour)

Carnival bills itself as the "Fun Ship". I'm guessing the approx. 4,000 people on that ship beg to differ. By now they have run out of lobster dinners, martinis and even clean underwear! The cruisers have minimal power and few working restrooms. The fun never ends! These people were only planning on listening to steal drums for four days!  I can only imagine the outrage when it came time to burn the B.I.N.G.O cards so they could cook hot dogs. The "daily bulletin" that is slipped under their doors reads "day at sea, again and until further notice".

Besides "That would sooooo suuuuuuuuuck" the only other thing that pops into my mind is,  "If you were stuck on a desert island what three thing would you bring?"

Not to long ago, I had asked Mama,

"If you were stuck on a deserted Island, what three things would you take with you?"

With out any hesitation, she said, "Wine, Lip gloss, and Mascara." I shot her a look of disappointment. "HELLLLLLLO, why wouldn't you bring me?! I'm TOTALLY FUN"! Also, why aren't sis and the dadster invited to "Kay's Spa and Wine Bar Island?

FYI...You need at least three people if you are going to pass the time with limbo contests and Congo lines! EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT!

She replied, "If I was stuck on the deserted Island it's most likely your fault to begin with." After giving her the my "your mean" look, I shrugged my shoulders because she is probably right. (Although, I'm guessing the wine had something to do with it too!) Add the dadster and sis to the mix, I'm not sure a tug boat would find us.

That got me thinking (DANGER DANGER). She totally knew, exactly what she would bring with her. I have NO CLUE what I would bring. Just so you know, my desert island also includes mama, the dadster and sis. AND on my island, when you pick something there is enough to share with everyone! Ohhh and of course, there is enough for as long as you are on the island. Moral of the story, I don't need wine, lip gloss or mascara.

OMG****Side note- I was going to put a picture a guy on a "deserted island" here. I went to get the link and tt was a porn site! YEP, not gonna take porn with me on a family deserted island!

Since, I really don't want porn guy to be on the island with us, I would take another guy with me. It didn't take me long to figure out who that would be....

Pat Sajak

I know you are thinking. "WHAT? WHAT?" but hear me out. He is A-DOOR-ABLE, he is funny, and knows the alphabet. Could you imagine the stories this guy would tell! All the behind the scences gossip. I'm guessing after all these years, Vanna White comes as a set. You just look at Vanna and know, she will take advantage of the unlimited wine! When we get bored of the doing the limbo, he (or they if Vanna comes too) could draw prize puzzles in the sand. The dude totally looks like he would enjoy a glass (or 12) at sunset.

Added bonus, Marine wildlife loves him! I bet fish just swim up to him and jump in his arms. We will never starve! 

Since really this is MY desert island, I should mention that it is full of oranges, mangos, lemons, and limes. You know the normal island staples. OHHHH let's not forget the coconuts! (And avocados but I don't need them for this! 

I bet you thought I would say Bud Light, but not this time. Why smirnoff?  I'm not sure when these tugs boats are going to reach us. Smirnoff has so many different flavors and with all my fruit bearing trees on the island, it would take awhile to make every combination. Look at those options! 

Also, mama loves Smirnoff Ice. She is supplying unlimited lip gloss, it's really the least I could do! 

I know it just my family and Pat Sajak on this island but mama says you should always look your best because you never know who you are going to meet.What if the people that finally come to rescue us are hot? I don't want to be looking like this when the show up! 

So I take....

I would love to have shampoo, conditioner, soap, tweezers, razors, deodorant etc. Except Pat S. I've been kind vague. So let's IF I had to pick my favorite form of hygiene I would pick...

To know me, is to know I LOVE to brush my teeth and/or go to the dentist. So if I can only pick ONE, I'm gonna to have to give up my Big Sexy gel, hair spray and root lift. I will miss my Dove shampoo, conditioner, body wash AND deodorant. I'm guessing since it's just mama, the dadster, sis, Pat and I, I don't really need any of my MAC make up. (HINT HINT SIS bring some face wash) I do declare that I get everything dental care! I want a toothbrush that 5 out of 5 dentist recommend. I want pre mouth wash, mouth wash, after mouth-mouth wash! An added bonus would be if  a(hot, single, male, age appropriate) dentist shows up when it's time for a cleaning! 

I know that everyone is thinking your desert island is the exact opposite of one. I'm more Gilligan's Island and not at all castaway. I think most people will understand! 

What three things would you bring?


Professor: Ginger, I've got no time for Tom Foolery.
Ginger:    I've got time for Tom, Dick and Harry Foolery too!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's the Situation?

I can tell you that this....

is "The Situation" at the Jersey Shore.

****Sidenote:                     ^^^^^^That is a Wikipedia link. I always think about one of my teachers telling my class to never to use Wikipedia as a reference. For today's purposes, I used it anyway! OHH how disappointed he would be! (For more reasons then just that!) I couldn't find  didn't look for any peer reviewed articles. It's the freakin' Jersey Shore for goodness sakes!

FYI...I'm not a Sitch fan. I think if I was going to go guido, it would be Pauly!

I love me some DJ Pauly D!! A close second would be Vinny. He's the cutest in my opinion but way to much of a mama's boy!

On Saturday, I did have a situation. This one was closer to Kokomo,Indiana then New Jersey! Sis and I went to Junk Situation's Barn Sale! Tammy is a gal that we have been getting to know from around "the scence" (for lack of better word). I've seen her stuff and I KNEW that it was going to be GREAT!

The sale was on Friday and Saturday. We didn't make it until almost 2:00pm on Saturday! Sis let me sleep in! (Whooop! Whooop!) Also, our GPS cut out with only two turns to go! We found our way (that goodness). Sis, me, directions? We would be lost for days before anyone found us! When we got there Tammy said  alot of stuff had already sold. We were not disappointed in what was left! Of course, I sniffed out some vintage Christmas! I know I have problems, but I'm not sure who to call. Would it be hoarders or invention? It's really to close to call!

I had my camera in the car but forgot to bring it in. Yeah, you know the camera I obsessed over for months! The camera that I spent a lot of money on?! Yeah, that the car...right outside the barn...didn't even think about it! That being said, I had to borrow some pictures from Tammy. Thank you for letting me borrow them!

Those cute little, red trays were still there when we got there! Sis is now the proud owner of them. Girl has never found a tin tray that she can pass up! Hummmm maybe she should also sign up for hoarders-intervention with me. We can call it hoardavention or inhoardvention! OHHH YEAH, inhoardvention is PERFECT!

Make sure to "like" Junk Situation on facebook. Also make sure to check out her booth at The Original Treasure Mart! Don't miss out! She always has great stuff!

That was the situation for this past weekend...Now on to

Almost Gemini's Show Situation!

Wanna hang out with two wild and crazy gals?

February is a no show month! Don't worry, just because there are no shows, doesn't mean you can't shop AG!

You can find us all the time at
940 Logan Street, Noblesville, Indiana
and online

email us at

March 9th (and TBA in April/May/June/July/August...etc)
The Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace will be back in Carmel at The Fountains. Make sure to "like" them on facebook! I'm sure they will be giving out details about the next show. If it is even 1/8th like it was last time, expect it to be AH-MAZE-ING!

June is going to be a CRAZY month for AG. We found out years ago that good things happen in June. I was born June 23 and Sis on June 26!
We will be headed to Danville, Ill on June 7&8 for the Hobknob Summer Market. Make sure to "like" them on facebook to get all the details. I know, I know...I want you to "like" everyone but all these people are truly likable! Hobknob's winter market was a HUGE and fun success! I can't wait to see what Holly has up her sleeves for this one!



June 13-15 2013

We will once again be a ReStyled barn sale! Check out their barn sale website for more details. If you want to read our blog from the September show, click here to check it out!

July 12-13

We will be back at Horton's Of Tipton for the 5th Annual French Flea Market. They haven't actually invited us yet, but I'm sure when it gets closer to time! We always have a blast at Horton' HERE for proof!

I'm sure we have more stuff to discuss, but I let Sis be in charge of finding shows!

Also you will be happy to know that my editor will be back in town soon! That should cut down on the number of grammar and spelling errors!  Am I  the only one that can still have spelling errors after using spell check?!

"I mean this situation is gonna be indescribable, you can't even describe the situation that you're about to get into the situation."- The Situation


Friday, February 1, 2013

Catching Up and the Original Dynasty

First a bit of biz-ness!

I've been soooo busy lovin' life, I haven't been the best blogger. Accept my sincere apologies, I'm still perfecting my blexpertness. (Blog expert with a ness on the end. I do enjoy making up words!)  So what I have been up to you ask/wonder/might not care but you are on my blog so you have to wonder a tiny bit?

We had an amazing show this past weekend at Indie Arts and Vintage Market. AH-FREAKIN-MAZE-ING! John and crew are tearing up the scene in Indianapolis! I'm glad we got in early, I'm sure they will be turning people away soon! It's going to be BIGGER next month. Make sure to follow them on Facebook so you can get all the details on the March 9th show!

One thing about these shows, they bring my girls to town! Miss Linda of Morning Glory Collectibles and her bestie Mrs Linda made my weekend. I love them and I love that they were right next to me! I'm not complaining (just sayin'), it was too busy and we didn't get to talk alot!  Just knowing they were next to me was fun!

Elizabeth from Ruffled Feathers was right across from us again. As the day went on I noticed her store was getting smaller and smaller. I think she even sold her check out! You go girl!

I was excited to meet and monkey around with Junkey Monkey. Get it monkey around! Ahhhh I need to do stand up! It was so fun to meet and talk with them! I looking forward to many, many more fun convos and shows!

O.K. Now for the actual bloggy blog!

I, like most Americans, am 1,000% obsessed with A&E's television show Duck Dynasty. I always say I'm half redneck, but really I'm pretty sure it's closer to 3/4!

****Side note: I always pronounce Dynasty, Dye Nasty. There was (and still may be) a Chinese restaurant that was called China Dye Nasty...I'm guessing what they meant was dynasty. I never ate there for obvious reasons!****

So, I'm in love with the show right?!

These guys are A-DOR-ABLE but the seem oddly familiar. So I started to think about where I know these guys from?  Then I remembered, I do have a connection to the them!

This is Jase Robertson. Who does he look like? Hummmmmm

 Ahhh, Its the dadster duck! Jase could be my father if the year was 1980!

Now Let's not forget Phil Robertson. If Phil had a late 1970s-early 1980s stunt double it would be....

My GRANDPA! I see a resemblance!

Will vs My Uncle Dan

He might look a little like Willie but, he is funnier then Si. 

My duck family got me thinking about what I would do if I was a "Rich Redneck". So, I made a pinterest board. Yep, that's my new thing, making boards for my blogs!

ANYYYYWAYYY, Classy Redneck was born! Being from Indiana, I feel like I would belong to more of a "deer dynasty" than a duck one. I'm sure my Janke's will disagree, but I'm just going with what's out my back door!

How AH-MAZE-ING is this "deer damask" wallpaper. You can find it at Barney Gates. I'm in redneck love! (And notice the link works, I'm getting pretty good at this?)

What would go perfectly in my redneck castle?

A HUGE Chandy! Really, this might be for SUPER RICH REDNECK!

This is more my speed! A bottle cap chandy would go GREEEEATTT in every room! ha

Well, go to my pinterest page to check out the rest of the awesomeness....

Right after I throw a couch on the fire, I'll be here, sipping on a tall boy if you need me. Try not to need me!


I don't know any redneck that's not into fun. That's their middle name. Red-Fun-Neck"!-Si Robertson

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