Thursday, December 19, 2013

Keagan and Kindness

I'm a big believer in fate. I believe no matter what fork in the road you take its the right one for you. Not to get all deep and weepy but I think people are placed in your life for some reason or the other. Some for good reasons, some for bad reasons, but they are there to inspire.

I met Sally on a random day through an old friend I had just started to reconnect with. (A good thing about Facebook)

When I met her, she was so friendly and funny.  She was very proud of her two children, Jordan and Keagan. She was also very open about her journey with Keagan and his struggles with autism. She had such an optimism and drive that you knew she was going to do what it takes. 

I've since seen Sally a couple times, but being Facebook friends I feel like I get to enjoy Keagan's achievements along side all her other friends. 

Last month I noticed one status mentioned that her work was doing a bake sale fundraiser to help with Keagan's medical bills. I knew I wanted to help. Being gluten free, I know not everyone wants cookies...well I want them, can't eat the good ones. I talked to sis and some friends and we thought we would donate some fun stuff to help raise money. I knew there would be no way to write their story in a couple words or paragraphs but I asked her to try. She sent me this in an email-

When asked to summarize “our story” or journey if you will, I find it short not to write a novel. So I think I’ll try to summarize best with more of a high level view of our milestones, some of our pit falls, and alas our hope… not to be confused by our faith.
Keagan was diagnosed with autism very young, prior to his second birthday. Within the same breath the woman at Riley Hospital told me my son was autistic, she also told me that 80% of marriages of parents of autistic children end in divorce. She told us to immediately get on the Medicaid waiver list that may be a 15 year wait but by the time our son needed long term care services, the waiver should cover it.
We spent the next three years in a tornado of therapies, medication, biomedicine, homeopathics… you name it. There are a billion “treatments” for our kids. Fast forward a year or two, the divorce takes place, jobs were lost, terrible car accidents resulting in injuries and major expenses hit us, hearts were broken, survival skills set in, and my focus on Keagan dwindled. Not my focus on him as my son, but my focus on what I knew in my heart to be true… that Keagan can recover.
Through my tornado I came into my own. I came to a place where I could simplify my life and my children were my only focus. I came to a place where I was empowered to trust in my faith, complete hundreds of hours of research, collaborate with other parents, and inevitably understand that autism…. was a symptom. Over the last few years we have uncovered mitochondrial dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, a myriad of auto immune disorders, toxic effect of metals, gut dysbosis and several other things. All of these things combined have resulted in Keagan’s diagnosis of Autism. So the mainstream media will lead you to believe that autism is a neurological disorder that can be made better with antipsychotic drugs and therapy. I am here to tell you that autism is medical. Autism is epigenetic and in most cases autism is iatrogenic.
The being said, what you likely don’t know is that autism is treatable. It is. I know many kids that have recovered from autism. Due to Keagan’s age and the amount of destruction I continued to let wreak havoc on his body our recovery may not look like that of those fully recovered… but it damn sure looks MUCH different than a little boy that in the past ate chicken nuggets, pretzels, and applesauce… spoke a repertoire of maybe 20 words that were all demands or items he wanted, rocked all day, flapped his hands so hard that it looked like he had horns on his head, bit his hands so hard when he was frustrated that they looked like leather… and all while on the doctor ordered antipsychotic medication.
Through extensive nutritional evaluations, toxin load analyses, a variety of foreign labs, and various other non-mainstream medical tests… I learned what was at the root of my son’s illness. This empowered me to begin to understand how to heal him.
With a year of bio medical interventions Keagan is eating a strict diet of meats, vegetables, and a bit of fruit. Keagan is sleeping through the night. Keagan can tolerate and even enjoy short outings. Keagan is beginning many independent acts such as getting dressed and brushing his teeth. Keagan also just this year became 100% toilet trained, at 10 years old. He is constantly taking three steps forward a week and 2 steps back the next, and I’ll take it!! He is resilient.
For parents like myself that are focused on healing their children’s underlying conditions, we are mainly doing so outside of the relm of mainstream medicine which is covered by insurance. Per the AustismOne presentation from 2013, the average cost a parent is spending on their child with autism and underlyingconditions per year is $45,000. In 2013 so far approximately 70% of Keagan’s costs are not covered by insurance. The FDA does not mandate nutritional supplements, only drugs and they therefor or not covered by insurance. The doctors that we see are like states away (ours is in Chicago) and insurance does not cover them. All that being said, I’ve never in my life been so overwhelmed by the support of Keagan’s village.
My colleagues alone single handedly paid for Keagan’s first visit to his new doctor in Chicago who is one of the leaders in biomedical treatments. She has quickly reshaped my son’s protocol. We make continuous changes. Changes are made based on behavior observations, physical changes (rash, coloring), multiple tests, and other lab work.
We are on a very long journey, and I for one cannot wait to see what this kid has in store for me. I do not accept autism, I do not support autism. I fight autism, for my son.

What an AH-MAZE-ING story! I've already mention above how fate has brought some good great people in my life! I asked some of my vintage loving friends if they would be interested in donating for the non-cookie eaters of the world!

SIDENOTE: They had never met Sally, Jordan or Keagan but were more then happy to donate to them.

My first stop was to a lovely lady named Allison and her goodness that is Time & Again Shop. She uses old pillowcases (the nice soft cuddly ones) and makes pillow case dresses. She also makes sweet "Ellie" the elephants and super cute Indiana Christmas ornaments. (Which is what she donated) Check out her goodness!

Allison told me that I should ask her friend Danie if she would be interested. Danie owns one an AH-MAZE-ING shop in Fishers called Best of What's Around. Not knowing Danie I reached out to her about a donation. Without and hesitation she said "yes". I was excited that I made another new friend!

This is only a tiny little bit of the stores awesomeness! I'm going back on Tuesday to see what's new the inventory is ALWAYS changing!

When I told Jackie from ReLoved by Shambora studios I need to "ask her a question" she laughed and said "Now what"? Which is a TOTALLY fair answer!  She has been in the business longer then AG. I'm always asking her questions! When I told what we were doing for Sally she said "Grab what you want". No questions asked, just what can I do to help. She ended up picking out a Hope necklace which couldn't be more perfect!

I never doubted for a minute the big hearts of Junkey Monkey's  wouldn't be in for a giveaway! These AH-MAZE-ING chickies totally had the "What can we do" attitude! They so kindly donated a super cute wooden Christmas tree! (Similar to the one pictured on the left) Great eyes and great taste!

Once again, I'm VERY thankful to everyone that helped out! I'm also thankful that Sally agreed to share her story with me! If you would like to help off set the cost I do have her paypal address. (I just don't know how to put it on here.
Isn't he cute?! I'm looking forward to following their journey and can't wait to see what Keagan will be up to next.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Modern Family

I'm in my mid-30s (Sis is in her late 30s, just sayin'). Neither of us have children and that's the way we want it. I don't know if I ever want kids. Sis could take them or leave them. I know we would both have B.E.A.-U-TIFUL children. Pretty is not a reason to have a child.

I just recently had someone ask me if I had any children. When I responded "No, I don't".  She did "sad eyes" and replied, "You don't have a family"?  

This is "sad eyes". If I had kids, they would totally be this cute! 

I couldn't BE-LEE-EVE she just said that!  I explained to her (snapped at her) "I have a lot of family, What I don't have is kids".

Oddly enough, that was the second time in TWO DAYS!  I was told having family = having children.    "They have a family, first priority" aka kids. 

What makes a family a family in the year 2013? There are WAYYYYY to many family dynamics to ever start naming.

One of my all time favorite T.V. shows = Modern Family. (I actually got the idea for this blog while watching my fourth episode of the day). 

This picture is a couple years old (but will make my point)

Modern family is described as:

Three different, but related families face trials and tribulations in their own uniquely comedic ways.

I honestly can't pick which of the families I love the most.

Is it the Prichett's? 
Jay, Gloria, Manny and baby Joe (not pictured) are HI-LARRY-OUS! Jay is the older man whose family consist of his young columbian wife and her child from a different relationship, and a newborn baby. The age and cultural difference makes me laugh every time! 

How about the Dunphy family?
Phil, Claire, Haliey, Alex and Luke are the always funny Dunphy family. Claire is the daughter of Jay Prichette. That makes the younger Gloria her step-mom and Manny her "brother". Phil is THE PERFECT quirky, yet charming dad/husband . Claire (played by one on my long time favorite actresses Julie Bowen) is his sweet, yet control freak of a wife. Hailey is attractive yet simple. Alex is a nerd (she wears glasses after all) and socially akward. Luke is what every kid should be...odd! (Love that kid)

Tucker/Prichett trio?
Cameron Tucker and Mitchell Prichett (son of Jay, step-son of Gloria, step-brother of Manny)are proof that opposites can attract! The Tucker/Prichett family includes the gay parents raising an adorable, sassy, wise cracking, adopted daughter Lilly.  Cam and Mitchell are great fathers, put up with each others "crazy" and loving to each other. 

If you have never seen the show you might be confused. I'm just talking about it's main characters. I'm not talking first wives, in-laws, etc. 

 My point is what is a "Modern Family"?

This is my modern family. This who I was planning on spending time with when I was told I that people with "families" come first. 

Sis is funny, quite, repsonible, and an AH-MAZE-ING artist. Mama is HI-LARRY-OUS, kind, fair, sometimes(most times) a neat freak (her floors, house) but always up for something new/fun/exictiing. The Dadster is super intelligent,punny,thoughtful, hardworking and great with words! 

This is a start of my AH-MAZE-ING family. I have grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. I have great aunts/uncles and second/third cousins.  My family range from age two to 84. 

This is about my 20th rewrite of this blog. It's been my toughest one to write. There is so much more I want to say to "those" people. BUUUUUTTTT I'm in the middle of making dinner and the dryer went off. I still need to pack my lunch for tomorrow, answer some emails, notify people their products have been shipped and edit pictures. (All while trying to solve the puzzle of wheel of fortune) 

Haley: You’re like that guy from the movie who wishes he was never born.
Alex: It’s a Wonderful Life.
Haley: You say that but do you mean it? - See more at:

Because of my family, I have a wonderful life and I mean it! 

Thursday, November 28, 2013


This is #TBTTE edition of Almost What does #TBTTE mean you ask? Throwback Thursday Thanksgiving Edition. 

According to Urban Dictionary:

Throwback Thursday
When you put a picture from a "while" ago on your social media sites

You can't have a TBT, or in this case TBTTE without the hashtag. I'm going back to the Urban Dictionary for the meaning! I mean why not?!

1. Hashtag
If you have been on Twitter, you may have seen a "hashtag." To put it simply, a hash tag is simply a way for people to search for tweets that have a common topic and to begin a conversation.
I'm sure you have seen on TBT on Facebook and Instagram. An "old" picture (most likely embarrassing to one if not more) with the caption #TBT. 

Mama, sis and I have spent the morning watching the parade and realizing how little pictures we have of Thanksgiving. It seems like all the pictures go from Halloween to Christmas to Easter. We have always had a Thanksgiving feast. I guess it's just not impressive enough to take photos of. 

Here is what I did find! I hope you enjoy AG's first #TBTTE!

I'm hoping this for a school play but considering the next picture....

Sissy the Indian and Coco the Pilgrim would've been a normal day at the "U" house. 

I love this picture not only because I'm with my cuzzies. NOT just because cuzzy #1 is strangling Sissy, but because grandma is the background looking like she is ready to send us all home with our parents! 

This is the most recent but not that recent! The wallpaper and my bib overalls have been gone for years!

I wasn't always a pilgrim! In 1979 I was an Indian. 

Ain't that the truth!

PS: Sorry Cuzzy #5 (Val) that you didn't make the #TBTTE BUT you did make my "Duck Dynasty" blog! 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hobnobbing with Mullets

I'm calling this my "mullet blog". Business in the front (aka short beginning of my blog) party in the back (aka the long flowing part of my blog)


We are no longer at Vintage Shoppe of Carmel. We are currently exploring new opportunities and are planning on selling on-line.

GOOD  AH_MAZE ING NEWS- Are you a fan of AG's Grandma's Lotion? Can't make it to our markets to buy it? Want to know what everyone is RAVING about?  It is now being sold at Restyled: painted furniture & vintage home decor, Chalk Paint® retailer. Stop by 21 S Rangeline Rd in Carmel. Don't let your skin get chapped from the cold weather!

NOVEMBER 30- We will once again be part of "Small Business Saturday" with Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace. Its back at the Fountains in Carmel. Make sure to stop by and say HI.

I was looking for a picture of Santa with a mullet (why not). I stumbled across this guy and fell in love! I'm going to call him Lars and add him to my Christmas list!


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary to "hobknob" is to "spend time with someone (such as a famous or wealthy person) in a friendly way" or "to drink socially".

I'm still trying to convince people I'm famous and I love to drink socially...(and un-socially, which I don't think is a word. I'll have to check the dictionary)

FYI the "word of the day" is

  • cubit

  • any various ancient units of length based on the length of the forearm from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger and usually equal to about 18 inches (46 centimeters)

    AG blog is VERY educational! Dare I say it's a CUBIT of info?


    This weekend Sis and I will Hobnobbing at Hobnob

    Click HERE to like them on facebook or HERE to check out their website. This will be AG's THIRD time at this AH-MAZE-ING market!

    Wanna read about our first time? OR Maybe you would like to read about the second show. The one  shoppers called "Pinterest live"

    We are so busy in the sweat workshop getting ready! I lit-er-ly can only show you a itty bitty glimpse of what is making it to the market!

    We have some super duper duper duper cute pastel bottle brush trees that we "planted" in vintage measuring cups. I think we only have three in pastels so you'll have to come early for those! I'm not sure how many brain cells I've killed this week?! All the glue and spray paint, I've been using might be taking its toll BUT I think we also have white and green trees. Stop by to check them out!

    SIDENOTE: I can not say measure/measuring or any form of that word.

    I know you don't think I lost all those brain cells on those little trees! I lost them gluing THIS!

    Well, four of these! Well six of these. Only four I'm willing to part with! I'm letting this "settle" before putting on the final touches! Want to know what those touches might be?...STOP BY OUR SPACE AND CHECK IT OUT!

    These babies will be for sale this weekend! We BOUGHT OUT a store in the Florida keys last winter. This is just a small sample! FYI: These are vintage INSPIRED designs.

    It's back to work for the U sisters! All vintage and no play make us...AWESOME! ha

    I wanted to send you something AMAZING for Christmas but the mailman told me to get out of the mailbox- unknown

    How did he fit in the mailbox to begin with?

    See ya Friday and/or Saturday

    Tuesday, November 12, 2013

    Giving Thanks With the Family.

    It's that time of year again. Last year, I shared the U family Traditions. As always, traditions can changed. Since my darling grandpa still isn't feeling 100%, this year we are bring Thanksgiving to him! The "A" side of the family will be rolling into town and setting up Thanksgiving at the g-rents house. (With all the trimmings and a Birthday Cake for Brock). Anytime we can all get together makes me thankful! We truly are blessed with an AH-MAZE-ING family! BOTH the A's and the U's are truly awesome! Hold on while I take a time out to be Thankful........

    Yep, THANKFUL!

    Now here is a picture of my FAVORITE TURKEY...

    Oops! That's The Dadster!!

    Source Sadly, I have yet to go there!
    This is my second FAVE TURKEY! The one and only Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade turkey!

    Now ya'll need to make me and/or my blog famous! Coco NEEEEEEEDDDSSS to be in the parade. Dare I saw I would even dress as a clown and hold one of their GI-NORM-OUS balloons, if it meant that I could walk down Central Park West on my way to Harold Square. I DARE...but I would rather not! 

    As promises, I am not skipping Thanksgiving decorations this year. Sis once again took this weeks pictures. She couldn't figure out the camera and I was upstairs snug and a bug in my bed, so we opted for the Iphone route. Don't fault her kids...She is learning!

    We reused the burlap from Mama and The Dadster's 40th anni party and made PUMPKINS! So cute!

    This is a little cart in my the kitchen that sis arranged with cute white pumpkins and gourds.
    FYI We bought these mercury pumpkins to sell but changed our mind. Another occupational hazard! The are so cute so I'm sure you don't blame us.
    This is a half globe. Yep, I bought half of a globe at a market AND  I was totally made fun of for buying it. Now please add to the record that after I bought this, sis said she saw something like this at Pottery Barn.
    FYI I couldn't find the pictures but sis did show it to me. I believe her, so you should too! :)
    Since we are having the turkey and the trimmings a week before the actual day, the U's came up with another non-tradition.
    Don't get me wrong WE WILL BE WATCHING THE PARADE but what should we do for dinner. A call to our go-to holiday restaurant Benihana ended in bitter disappointment. Benihana is only closed ONE DAY A YEAR. Yep you guessed it, it's Thanksgiving Day.
    Mama and I put our heads together and thought.
    A. We need someplace with a gluten free menu
    B. We need booze
    Cooper's Hawk fit both of those categories. I'll let you know how both next weekend and Thanksgiving turn out!
    As soon as I see this blog has been posted, I will declare the Christmas season to have started and the decorating will begin in FULL FORCE! Also check back for that action!

     If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is 'thank you', that would suffice.
    Meister Eckhart
    Thank you to everyone that takes the time to read our blog. Thank you to everyone that stops by our shows to say "Hi". Thank you to all our new and old facebook "likes". (Haven't liked us yet? Click HERE)  

    Thursday, October 31, 2013

    Scary Good TImes....

    I'm SOOOOOO excited to announce that Sis FINALLY dressed up with me for last weekends Halloween parties! It wasn't easy to talk her into it but once I did, she was in FULL character. Dare I say I think she had fun?! I DARE.

    To know me is to know I LOVE LOVE LOVE Molly Shannon! She is one of my all time funny ladies!

    Not to be creepy but if we ever met, I'm sure we would be Best Friends Forever.

    In my opinion she is one of the best Saturday Night Live (from now on known as SNL) Actors/Actresses. She was on the show when the show was HI-LARRY-OUS!

    ANYWHOOOOOO... Molly along with an another AH-MAZE-ING comedic actress Ana Gasteyer had a SNL skit called "The Delicious Dish"

    Here is a little description that really doesn't do the skit justice but you get the idea!

    An Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon sketch. Debuted November 16, 1996. Margaret Jo McCullen (Gasteyer) and Teri Rialto (Shannon) host a fictitious show on NPR called "The Delicious Dish" on which they discuss cooking and culinary issues. They both speak in extremely bland monotone voices and imply that their greatest joys in life are derived from absurdly simple things such as purchasing a new funnel. (full link here)

    Obviously the top is the "real" Margret Jo McCullen and Teri Rialto. I think we did pretty much "nail it" Pretty close huh?

    Sis and I even tried the skit "live".

    The "real" Dish....

    The U Sister's "Dish"

    I told you Sis was in FULL character! This was take 20 for Sis and I. Even Jenny B the camera operator couldn't stop laughing! 

    Now onto the "scary" part. We all know Coco LOVES HALLOWEEN! So when Toni Mursday of Mursday Designs recently told me that my house looks like "fall threw up in it". It might have been the nicest thing she has ever said to me. FYI: The U sisters and Mursdays are about to have a HUGE Christmas decorating contest! Maybe if Toni asks nicely, the Mursdays can guest blog their (less impressive) decorating experience! :)

    Now onto the "scary". The photos to follow are all Sissy's! She did a great first time of taking pictures! Well, once she took off the lens cap, they all came out GREAT! Love ya sissy! 

    Last year, I painted some milk glass orange and black! I picked up the black cats from who knows where! :) 

    BOO! Scary huh! The "boo" ghost is supposed to be outdoors. You know Coco loves to use lawn ornaments for inside decor!  

    I'm kinda proud of the the "eye" balls. I thought it would be soooo easy to glue googly eyes on Styrofoam balls. Not the case but they are cute!

    Sis added a spider to one of the mirrors! Its a cute, non-scary one! 

    I like to call this our "happy pumpkin" table!

    This might be my favorite! Sis IS getting better at Halloween! She did all this (except the mustache, I was being "hipster" that day. HA) 

    Another sis idea! She got me these feet when I was having a no good, very bad day! I was thinking about putting them outside! Sis pointed out how PRETTY they are. She made a great point, these shouldn't be out in the elements! We decided to have our rug "fall" on the wicked witch! 

    Sis might have turned me to her crafty sidekick but she is coming around to my Halloween obsession! Now I just have to get her to watch sports....Baby steps folks! 

    We do have some Thanksgiving decor but it seems like we are supposed to just skip it?! BOOOO (not the scary kind)!  I wonder if Mama and the Dadster will let put decorate their house for T-giving? 

    Linus: Each year, the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch that he thinks is the most sincere. He's gotta pick this one. He's got to. I don't see how a pumpkin patch can be more sincere than this one. You can look around and there's not a sign of hypocrisy. Nothing but sincerity as far as the eye can see.

    We are going to stay up late waiting for "the Great Pumpkin"....and enjoy a sugar high!


    Tuesday, October 22, 2013

    Pink is The New Grr

    Pink is my FAV-OR-ITE Co-l-or

    Pink is my new obsession
    Pink it's not even a question..

    Earlier in my blog-o-sphere, I wrote Hope and Inspiration. The story of my friend and breast cancer survivor  Tricia of Tricia's Hope fame.

    This year to celebrate "Pinktober" AG joined forces with Sara of Portobello Road and Amy from Vintage Shoppe of Carmel for a "Pink Pumpkin Patch"

    Isn't' that sign cute? Of course, it's all Sissy! I shouldn't say ALL Sis, I totally primed and painted the first coat of chalkboard paint. Hey, Coco needs credit too!

    Here is the "Before" window.  Sis found four of these babies on the side of the road. We painted two and kept two "Natural"


    The weather wasn't as good as we hoped. It was cold and rainy, boo! AG did find a ray of sunshine on the gloomy day in form of a new friend!

    A very lovely, crafty and creative (newly) Mrs Murphy! How cute is she and her pumpkins! She loves all things Murphy and love how she used the tiles to spell her new name!

    Here is Sister's Pumpkin...She claims that "GRR" is the new "BOO". Let's see if that catches on!

    I of course, picked a pink pumpkin to pretty! Say that ten times fast! I added the seashell b/c I love the beach, a little horseshoe because I love the Colts (Did you see the game this week? OMG We beat the Broncos. I knew we would...Colts ROCK!) and a little angel because I'm an angel....the last part I made up!

    Ms. Sarah opted for the beautifully scary look! I love the pearls. A pumpkin can't have enough pearls FUR SURE!

    Make sure to stop my Vintage Shoppes of Carmel @ 301 N Rangeline Carmel IN because until the end of the month  buy your pumpkins and register to win an AH-MAZE-ING AG giveaway, Think flair,candle AND GRANDMA'S LOTION!

    We also have these wood signs (made of our an old wooden box that broke) and 100% will go to Tricia's Hope.

    So make sure to check your breast this month and every month! Early detection is the key! SAVE THE TA TAs!


    Wednesday, October 2, 2013

    Expos and Anniveries

    I feel like it's Christmas in October!  I know what you're thinking, "Coco seriously?! Are you already dragging out your nine boxes of AH-MAZE-ING vintage Christmas? It's just barely October." Slow your roll, I'm not doing that just yet!

    I have seriously pondered bringing out my yard decorations earlier this year. My neighbor never took his Christmas lights down from last year. (Who am I kidding, it's been years) I really don't see it being a problem.

    The Christmas I'm talking about this weekend's Gluten Free Living Expo. It's the one time a year that my B/GFF (best/gluten free friend) Jess and I can go and eat ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! No worries for us!

    Maybe using Trick or Treating would have been a better and more seasonal analogy. Hummm, yeah to late now! B/GFF and I get to fill our bags with AH-MAZE-ING free samples for some AWE-SOME companies.  We are also able buy and taste things we wouldn't have the chance to other wise.

    It couldn't come at better timing. Next week will be one year since Brian Howard and Allergan made me sick! You can read that blog here!  I am planning a "tribute" to them in the up coming weeks! Make sure to check back for that!

    ANYYYWHOOOO, every year this expo gets better and better. The food gets better and better. There are more and more vendor and more information and tips! I've been gluten free for 5 years and man it's came along way!

    A couple of my favorites from last year! (Fingers crossed they will be back)

    Kinnikinnick donuts- I've never been a donut super fan but these are good!

    Two Fat Guys BBQ sauce- A must try!

    Truly Wize Bakery- I'm not lying when I say, I almost cried when I ran out of their coffee cake. Since I'm telling the truth.... There MAY or MAY have been tears of joy when I found a "miracle" cake in my parents' freezer.

    This year, the expo is having a gluten free Beirgarten! I just texted the B/GFF about it! I used so many exclamation points, one sentence turned out to be two texts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I found out I had to give up beer and pizza I was deflated, now having a GF Beirgarten, I'm elated!

    OK, so enough of my gluten free gibber for some gluten full news.

    Here is a picture of  my BEAUTIFUL parents after their "1st" dance. If you know them they are dancing machines! I couldn't even begin to think what number dance this would've really been!

    I'm not sure if Tiff is in the cake making biz for strangers but she should be. Look how beautiful the cake turned out! Rumor has it, the cake tasted just as good as it looks!

    Here is a picture of the cake table. "An Old Fashioned Love Song" by Three Dog Night was Mama & The Dadster's wedding song. Sis added a pic of their actual wedding, two "K"s for their names.
    I love this picture! What cuties! Mama still had their original cake knife and server thing. (No clue if it has a real name). 
    It might be their 50th anniversary before I get all the pictures edited and blogs done....if you read flower blog you know the quote. If not here we go!
    Mama, "Can't wait to see what you are going to do for our 50th"
    Coco, "Ummm...NO"

    Wednesday, September 11, 2013

    Letter to myself, 09-11-01

    I thought I would share a letter I wrote on September 11, 2001. It's kinda long. I'm always long winded or I guess in this case long penned. This is how 23 year old Coco saw the world on that day.


    I'm writing this for my future. For my children, grandchildren, etc. For everyone after me so when you read about "The Day Death" or "Attack on America" you will know what it's like through my eyes. 

    I'm 23 years old and living in Indianapolis, Indiana. Before we talk about 9-11, let me tell you about life just days before. You never realize how safe you fell until it is all taken away from you. You could travel anywhere in the world anytime you wanted. I never thought of terrorism in the U.S. It never crossed my mind. Saturday, I went to a college friends party. We all sat around talking and laughing. On Sunday, sis and I went downtown and out to eat. 

    On Monday, I laid out by the pool all day and went to a bar for drinks at night. The biggest problem that day (the day before) was that we didn't think there were enough cute guys at the bar. Now, our biggest problem is how to feel safe again.

    When we look back and people ask me where were you when...I have to honestly answer that I was asleep. I woke up and never turned on the T.V. or the radio. Like most days, I gathered my laundry, grabbed a bathing suit and headed over to mama's house. 

    I got into the car and turned on the radio. The voice said, "Brownsburg's schools have been locked down." I had no clue why. At the time I was only 2 miles away and I was trying to figure out what they were talking about. 

    The voice kept saying, "Everything will be O.K." Later I would find out how NOT O.K. everything would be. 

    Today, terrorists hijacked four planes. It was the most terrifying sight. Everyone keeps saying it looks like a scene from a movie and it does. The plane just ran right into the World Trade Center. It left a huge whole. 

    The first plane hit Tower One and everyone just thought it was a horrible accident. While all the news camera were on the first tower, another plane crashed into the second tower. We sat there and watched a second plane come around the corner and just plow into the building. 

    While still in shock and trying to sort out what just happened, another plane crashed in to the pentagon in Washington D.C. Even more people were dead. The nation was on edge as we found out a fourth plane had crashed in Pennsylvania. 

    At this time, no one knows why the plane was in Pennsylvania.  There were 266 passengers, pilots and crew members on those four flights. 

    Everyone is baffled on how four planes took off about the same time an all got hijacked. They used three airports and two airlines, nothing makes sense. This had taken a lot of planning. Years and years of planning. 

    President Bush has ordered all flights grounded. Sixty planes had to landed at Indianapolis airport in 90 mins. People basically are stranded where their plane landed and will be until we resume flying. All the planes coming in from other countries had to turn around or land in Canada. 

    I'm sitting out side now looking up at the most beautiful clear sky, an empty sky.  What clouds that are in the sky are so thin and so white. The sky is such a deep blue shade and it looks different today. We are by a small airport and would normally seen many planes and helicopters. It just oddly silent. 

    I sit here and I feel guilty. I'm 1,000s of miles away. It doesn't seem fair that I'm going on with my day and so many people have been killed. Lives have been lost and turned upside down.

    At this point, we don't know how many have lost their lives. The amount of missing could be more then 1.000. There are so many missing police and many liven taken for no reason. 

    People are saying it's "The end of the world". Do I believe that? Would I be writing this if I did? It's not the end of the world but it is for sure the beginning of a new one. 

    My letter was five pages long, so I edited it. I'm going to put it back in it's folder. The folder with magazine covers and postcard my boyfriend at the time sent me from Italy. I'll put it back in its proper place, so I can read it again next and remember! ALWAYS REMEMBER! 

    Time is passing. Yet, for the United States of America, there will be no forgetting September the 11th. We will remember every rescuer who died in honor. We will remember every family that lives in grief. We will remember the fire and ash, the last phone calls, the funerals of the children.
    -President George W. Bush, November 11, 2001

    Sunday, September 8, 2013

    Flowers for the 40

    Not gonna lie, I was trying to think of a way to make flowers cooler!

    This is more of a plant!

    This just looks like a weed with sunglasses on!

    I thought that I could do The Dadster and Mama's 40th wedding anniversary in one blog! I'm two weeks and half weeks through the pictures....It's not gonna happen! 

    I thought the first best blog would be about the center pieces and flowers. I don't want to toot AG's horn but TOOT TOOT TOOT! They turned out pretty cool! 

    This was on the "bride and grooms" table. We had tables of four and six but put the love birds at a table for two!
    AH-MAZE-ING flowers and great use of wine corks...Just sayin'
    The BESTEST part...the scale, cigar boxes and vases all came from the warehouse! 


    Incase you wanted to take a load off (pass out) we had the pool chairs waiting! 
    Mama and The Dadster's neighbor brought these flowers over! LOVE THEM! 

    That's Dadster sis and I at the Janke's boat! We had pics in a couple of the center pieces.
    Seriously, I'm having a hard time trying to piece this party together in photographs. It meant so much to Sis and I to be able to have their buddies over and celebrate the rents! I'm still looking for the ones that's capture the moment! Well, the moments I'm allowed to share! 

    (This is going to be the end quote for all the anniversary blogs...)

    Mama, "Can't wait to see what you are going to do for our 50th"
    Coco, "Ummm...NO"


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