Sunday, September 8, 2013

Flowers for the 40

Not gonna lie, I was trying to think of a way to make flowers cooler!

This is more of a plant!

This just looks like a weed with sunglasses on!

I thought that I could do The Dadster and Mama's 40th wedding anniversary in one blog! I'm two weeks and half weeks through the pictures....It's not gonna happen! 

I thought the first best blog would be about the center pieces and flowers. I don't want to toot AG's horn but TOOT TOOT TOOT! They turned out pretty cool! 

This was on the "bride and grooms" table. We had tables of four and six but put the love birds at a table for two!
AH-MAZE-ING flowers and great use of wine corks...Just sayin'
The BESTEST part...the scale, cigar boxes and vases all came from the warehouse! 


Incase you wanted to take a load off (pass out) we had the pool chairs waiting! 
Mama and The Dadster's neighbor brought these flowers over! LOVE THEM! 

That's Dadster sis and I at the Janke's boat! We had pics in a couple of the center pieces.
Seriously, I'm having a hard time trying to piece this party together in photographs. It meant so much to Sis and I to be able to have their buddies over and celebrate the rents! I'm still looking for the ones that's capture the moment! Well, the moments I'm allowed to share! 

(This is going to be the end quote for all the anniversary blogs...)

Mama, "Can't wait to see what you are going to do for our 50th"
Coco, "Ummm...NO"


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