Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Project Runaway

I'm and blarty for this party! (blarty: CoCo for blog and tardy). I have a lot of excuses why I missed last weeks blog!  I'll skip that country song, put away my tiny violin and just tell you about my project that ran away!

After my kick brass blog, I thought FUR SURE I knew the topic of my next blog! WOOD! Woodn't that be a delightful blog topic. (Sorry, I can't help myself) I was going through the warehouse grabbing all kinds of wooden objects.    

I started with the circular wooden picture frame in the back. Mama had just gotten it for us and I was in L-O-V-E. The frame wouldn't stand up alone, so I had a wooden window screen that I added. This is an "after picture" but let me try to explain how I got there...If I can.

I (obviously) was looking for wood and I was (obviously) looking for goodies that I already had on hand.

I was thinking about some wooden beads and vintage wooden thread spools we had in the croftice (craft room/office). I had to wait a couple for the next break in "The Voice". Next commerical, I hauled it upstairs and find them. To my surprise, they were actually organized and I could find them right away. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! I took my trusty apothecary jars and filled one with the spools and one with the beads. I stepped back, shook my head and thought...I need my "pop" of color.

I remembered I had old thread spools with all kinds of colored thread. I went to the warehouse and found them FIRST TRY. I was on a ROLLLLL! You would think with all my stars being in alignment this blog would've been done on time last week.

There was even more cool thread and sewing paraphernalia in the box o' thread. I found these old swinger sewing needles, Holland silk gimp, and tailoring chalk (not pictured). I brought them all in to see if the would fit with what I was working on. Yep, I thought! (Do you agree?)  I used them on a cute wooden tray. I took a step back and that's when I realized that my project had "ran away" from me. I started to giggle to myself, as I often do, and thought "Project Runway".

Side note:  Project Runway is Lifetime TV channel's hit show were Hedi Klum and a panel of guest, judge what clothing designers have put together. Just click the the link above if you need more info. I do want to point out that I don't think Hedi would have to use her catch phrase "You're out" on my work thus far. I have been channeling Tim Gunn and trying to "make it work"!

 I love that guy! ANYWAAAAAYSSS, that got me thinking...Fashion (something which I know NOTHING about)! With all my "fashion designer" gear I already had on the table, I had yet another idea. This idea didn't go with my original theme, but at this point, I have no theme.

I have very limited modeling experience. I was once in a runway show for my elementary school and I also sat next to the "talent" on a math video in high school. Yes! Yes! Yes! I will sign autographs and you don't even have to pay $20 like Eddie Munster charges.

 I remembered having these two vintage cameras chillin' on a shelf. I added the vintage mirror that is AH-MAZE-ING! There is still the wooden box and the wooden drawer from last two weeks ago. (Seriously, I'm soooo sorry!) Those are two vintage light covers. I happened to have just bought them that day, washed them and they just happened to drying on the counter. Really? Have I mentioned I love my life?
Smile! This camera is pretty cool, not gonna lie!

TAAAAA DAAAAA! I was pretty pumped up with the final project! What do you think? Wood you like it at your house? Ahhhhh I think I am so funny!

Jarod Kintz
“With six pieces of wood, I’m building a life, and my coffin.
Jarod Kintz, This Book Has No Title


Don't for get to come out and see us this Saturday May 04th! The IAVM is back outside (which makes me INCREDIBLY NERVOUS) behind the Glendale Mall! I promise to be more entertaining then this blog!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Brass, Bling or Both?

There has been a recent buzz about brass.  I personally, am not totally sold on it.  It might be because it's to close to yellow gold? I'm a silver/white gold/platinum kind gal! Maybe it's because it looks like what I think pennies taste like? What? Is that odd?  If it's going to be a world wide craze (and I happen to already have some) I'm going to blog about it!

*** I can't stop singing..."BRASS MONKEY, THAT FUNKY MONKEY"! By the AH-MAZE-ING Rock N Roll Hall of Fame's  Beastie Boys

FYI: First, while looking for those links, I found out that a "brass monkey" is a 40 oz of Olde English mixed the orange juice. To bad I'm gluten free because I would mix one of those up right now and tell ya what it tastes like!

Second, I'm now on the hunt for a brass monkey! Maybe one that drinks Olde English? hummmm Nahhh, forget about it. A brass monkey sounds scary!

ANYWAYYYYYSSSS, Trophy tops are all the rage right now. While I was going through all of our tops, I noticed a couple that were heavier then others....Dare we say BRASS! (WE DARE) So I pulled those out of the bunch and hid them from sis. I didn't want her to put them in with the plastic ones! She doesn't pay much attention to what I'm talking about and I didn't want her to include them!

I'm in love with the tractor!  I'm self proclaimed "First place farmer", it's a keeper! I should've taken a picture of just him.

Oh well, Rome wasn't built in a day! BABY STEPS COCO! I'm kinda getting better at my camera and I can now hyperlink (Still doesn't make your hyperlink joke funny, Jenny B). Also, I found out how to put www.almostgemini.com on the pictures! I hope you noticed!

Here are some close up pictures of the little brass ladies! The bottom says "Avant Freeman Products 1972" I took a picture of that, but FORGOT a close up of my tractor guy! My priorities are total messed up! :)

I wasn't sure were to put my little brass goddesses. I took a trip out the warehouse and this clear glass beauty was smiling at me. So I grabbed it and very carefully put in the trophy tops. The tops are oddly heavy and the glass was SUPER thin!

I had picked up these brass candle holders over time. I'm not sure where but I'm guessing they weren't to expensive. I would say .50-$2.00 each? The table isn't really shown but its our $2 table from a garage sale last year. It's black with all kinds of white paint dripped over it. It's really cool. (In my opinion at least)

Sis had the small wooden box and the tin box on the table for our Easter decor. The other wood "box" is actually an old drawer. It has a really cool knob on the front but it's missing its bottom! If you can't store stuff in it...decorate with it.

I thought this globe looked cool on a brass candle stick. Sis not so much! I told her to leave it, I'll be redecorating this weekend anyway! HA  I "ha"ed that statement but it's true! I already have plans! Can you guess what is next?
Mama did NOT raise fools! Us "U" women love the bling! (shiny objects)
Our neighbor Amy, came over and asked us if we could use these crystals for anything. UMMMMMM YESSSSSSS!  I knew INSTANTLY what I was going to use them for! 

SWEET LAMP EH? (That's a shout out to one of my favorite Crazy Canucks Debbie). I've had this lamp in the warehouse FOREVA! I hadn't totally figured out what/when/how/why I was going to use it. My co-worker Dana had given me these AH-MAZE-ING vintage medicine bottles the same day. The vintage fates had came together to make this beautiful display. We placed the bottles on a super cute mirror! TA DAAAAAA

We have had this chair in our house forever. We had a tulle (I think that's what sis called it? I hope you know what I'm talking about!) chair cover. Sis said, "I wonder what that chair looks like?" I said, "No clue...wanna see?" So sis lifted up the cover to reveal this cute white chair. Now for the record, I would've done it in a more dramatic fashion. I would go all magician on it. Grab a vintage cane, waved it in front of the chair, said "abracadabra" then yanked off the cover.

****Side note 2: I've been re-watching Arrested Development recently. I LOVE Will Arnett as Gob! Since Gob is a magician, until I'm finished watching it, you might get some magical references.

ANYWAYYYYS, I'm sure it's no surprise that we already had those pillows at home! I have NO CLUE where all this stuff comes from!

Captain: How are you?
Gob: Incredible. I'm having an incredible year.
[High Fives the Captain

We too are having an incredible year! HIGH FIVES TO EVERYONE!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

What to do with it Wednesday! (On Thursday)-Room Makeover

It's been AGES since I've had a "What to do with it Wednesday on Thursday".

FYI: I had all intentions of posting this yesterday, but I didn't have it done yet! Better late then never? The Dadster pointed out that this is MY BLOG and I don't really have deadlines. He told me I can do "What to do with it any day of the week." I pointed out that "What to do with it Wednesday" sounds cute. He rolled his eyes!

The question of the $2 lounge chair has been solved! I have found the most AH-MAZE-ING cover for it.

The question

The Answer

My $5 large metal bin hasn't found it's forever home. Right now it's housing my garden hose. It's not really pretty, but it works! It has potential but I'm not sure what that potential is! I'm still open to suggestions. FYI: Sis wouldn't let me hang it from the house with plants in it! NOOOO FUN, I TELL YA!

It's pretty cool but can it be useful?

So, I have issues...speed dial number 1 for the therapist! JUST KIDDING, my therapy is RE-DECORATING! It's kinda an "obsession" I FOREVER want to switch things up around the house! It's not hard to imagine this would be a problem. We are forever finding new stuff! We always say we buy what we like, so it makes sense that we use it in our home. So out with the old (it's all old, it's VINTAGE for crying out loud) and in the with new (to us)!

Since I heard it was spring, (even though this crappy weather makes me second guess that) I need to revamp something! It's been TWO WHOLE YEARS, since I last redecorated my room! NOW, I have added and subtracted stuff over this time, but it's time to wipe the slate clean and do something different!

I love colors! I love bright and many colors! In 2010, my colors of choice were orange and green. (Still on top of Coco's color spectrum!)

I found these two AH-MAZE-ING fabrics at Joann Fabrics. Love at first sight! I instantly knew I was going to redecorate my room around them!

I'm super embarrassed of the pictures to follow. This was pre-blog, pre-new expensive camera that I'm still not 100% sure how to use. These will just give you an idea for what was, so you can help me figure out what will be!

I bought the lanterns and bottles at Hobby Lobby. Of course they were half off! I'm thinking both were maybe a combined $20! The dresser was mine from when I was little. Mama put a nice fresh coat of white paint! It looks pretty BAD ASS, if I do say so myself.

I used those fabrics to make a headboard. Sadly, that headboard didn't last..but happily sis made me these....

I now have these PERFECT pictures hanging behind my bed!

As you see, my oranges are bright and my "asparagas" paint is a little dark for a such a small room! I thought that I might lighten up my room....GASP. I don't know what has come over me. Since sis owns the house and mama is always saying "neutral colors sell a home"

******SIDENOTE: The house isn't for sale. Her house isn't for sale either. I have no clue why she says it, but she does.

ANYWHOOOO,  I thought to myself, "Self, what if you go back to the basics and then decorate around that".

Now, don't get cray cray, I'm not sure white is the exact color I would want to go. It'll probably take ONE MILLLLLLLLLION coats of light paint to cover it up! Should, I choose to go the lighter route, I've already made a Pinterst board of ideas! SHOCKER I KNOW!

My first love is from Pretty Little World. I just stumbled across this site, I'm thinking I'm going to need to dedicate hours of time to it this weekend.

So this would be painting the walls white, but what i LOVVVVVEEE about this is that I can change the fabric and accents ANYTIME.I.WANT. It would make my desire to redecorate all the time a little easier!

I'm loving the hot pink. It adds the BOLD element that is soooo me!

Let's take white walls off the table for now but still concentrate on LIGHT walls.

This bedroom is from Vintage Wren, another new to me blog that will be consuming my weekend! I love the blue walls which, dare I say, I would take maybe even a little lighter. (What is happening to me?) I love the bright colors of the pillows. Another VERY easy thing to change out when I get board of my room. I love the mirrors on the wall but I wouldn't use that headboard for my room. I guess I'm not sure if I would even use a headboard at all....Things to think about!

Mint is all the rage this year. I love the color but is it something I want to go to bed with every night and wake up to every morning? Nahh, but that doesn't make this bedroom any less AWESOME!

This room from Carbbean Living Blog would be PERRRRFECT for our Condo Re-do.

I'm head over heels in love with this bedspread from Anthropologie.

ARE YOU JOKING? How on earth are you supposed to get out of the fluffy amazingness every morning? IN-SAN-A-TEEE! I'm also digging that paint color and wood floors. I think I'm getting close!

Say, I go with this grey, what would you think with my "pop of bold"  should be?

Grey and purple?

I couldn't get the link for this picture but it is on my pinterest board if you are interested.

OR what about grey and pink. The mirror, lamp, and payphone = BAD ASS!

OR grey and yellow from What's Up Tine? It's bright and beautiful

Or grey with my trusted orange (and some other AH-MAZE-ING colors)...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this combo from Real Living. Did I mention that I love this?

I guess Coco has settle on grey (a light light grey) and that's about it. I KNOW I'm going to have BOLD elements. I KNOW,  I want a "pop" or "pops" of colors that will make me smile!

What color/colors do you pick?

Now, I just have to find the time to paint, who wants to help? I have a case of beer and a pizza for ya!

Create your own visual style... let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.
Orson Welles


Friday, April 5, 2013

Seriously? Really? AH-MAZE-ING

Three words I say more then any other words in the dictionary are "seriously" "really" and "AH-MAZE-ING" OK, so if we are going to get technical AH-MAZE-ING isn't in Webster's...YET!  "AIN'T" made it for goodness sakes, it should be there soon enough!

FYI: I will still sing "Ain't, Ain't a word because it ain't in the dictionary" because I disagree with the Webster family and should I find time, I will write them a letter concerning my displeasure!

P.S. You can use "ain't" if you are quote Sweet Brown. Example "A" My cousin, Sweet Brooklyn!


Speaking of bronchitis, I'm behind on my blogs because I've been sick. Who gets the flu in March? This girl! Oddly enough, it was the honest to God, good old fashion flu! It shocked me because I NEVER get anything "normal"! I had my first fever since I was like 10 years old! It knocked me out for over a week but I'm back (and snottier then ever)!  I need to give a shout out to mama and the dadster for taking care of my sorry a$$.


I hate to announce that my headaches are back! REALLLLLLLLLY? Can't I catch a break? I've doctors appointments lined up this next couple of weeks, in hopes to take care of it! FINGERS CROSSED? So, if I looked confused, I most likely am! Bare with me, at some point I'll start making sense...MAYBE!


What is AH-MAZE-ING! The line up for Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace! Make sure to stop by tomorrow (04/06/13) 9-5 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds- Ag/Hort Building! If you miss it, you'll be sad!

I'm going to add a couple links, but SERIOUSLY....This is a CRAP TON of vendors!

29 Palms-The Collector's Oasis
AB Independent Appraisals LTD
Across the Street Antiques
Affair Shake
All Glass Flowers
All My Musings
Almost Gemini
American Amardillo
American Farmscapes
Anastatia's Button Jewelry
Anatomy Vintage
Anna Bella Beads
Antique Helper
Armadillo Studios
B Loves C
Beads To Meet You
Bittersweet Memories
Boris Loved Natasha
Brandi Chapman
Brenda Kessler Designs
Brian Mercer
Briar Rose LLC
Brides Revisted
Buckley & Douglas
Bundy Ducks
Butter Beans Antiques
C. Foxx Designs
C'Bella Company
Circa Modern
Color is My Middle Name
Cord & Tassel
Covered Art and Design
Debra Walters
Decorative Design Works
Design by Deb
Dianne Passi
Donnibelle Studio
Dragonfly Garden
Eastown Antiques
Ella E Modern Vintage
Empty Vase
Fallout Shelter
Fatty Frog Pots
Finer Things
Friends Findings
Frittle Candy
Get Flasky
Get Lathered
Grace & Corazon
Herbs and Clay Pottery
Hundt No More
James Roush
Jan Lee Design
Jen Jen Stitchery
Joanne Hirata
Jojo and Sophia
Jonathon Stigler
Junk Situation
Junkey Monkeys
kelly barton art + design
Kreative Mindz
L&L Antiques/Collectibles
Las Casas LLC
Le Petit Sufi
Leaping Leopard Antiques
Lilly's Soap Kitchen
Lily in Flux
Lost and Found
Mama Jules Vintage LLC
Mari Leech
Mark Kennedy
Marshall Davis Antiques
Megan Martin Artisan
Millie & Myrtle
Mint Lilly
Moon Forest Studios
Morton Parker
My Unique Furniture
My Unlimited Vision
Nan's Treasures
Nancy Jones
Ohrstrom Photography
Passion Into Mission
Pink Grapefruit Style
Reloved by Shambora Studios
Retro 101
Retro Relics
Retro Revival
Rick Risser
Rita Jackson Sculptor
River Middaugh Designs
Ruffled Feathers
Sal Palmer
Sayger Antiques
Second Chance Chic
Shannon Moody
Sherry Pisockyj
Sherry's New Beginnings
Simple Perfections
Simply Refinished
Specifically Random
STC Finds
Stevie Sputnik Vintage Cool
Sue's Attic
T.J. Phillips
Ted Lyons
The Garden Gate
The Inventorialist
The Rose Room
The Tao of Restoration
True North Interior Design
Unique Chic
Urban Farmhouse
Vintage Chic
Vintage Jewels
Virginia Eckert
Walter Myers Modern
Weathered Willow
West Drenthe Antiques & Collectibles
Wood Be Memories

So there are a couple of links to facebook pages. I have NO clue why I can only write in this small space! I think this is a perfect time to say, REALLY? SERIOUSLY? I'm out!
I once had a rose named after me and I was very flattered. But I was not pleased to
read the description in the catalogue: no good in a bed, but fine up against a wall.
-Eleanor Roosevelt-
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