Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Religion, Politics and Money

My Facebook news feed has been lit up with optimistic catholics and frustrated taxpayers.

With the appointment of the new Pope Francis, Obamacare , and all the talk of paying more taxes and furlongs, I'm reminded of the dadster's wise words. "If you never talk religion, politics or money, you will never get in an argument".

Growing up sis and I were taught that it's rude to ask people who they voted for. If you were supposed to know, they would do a show of hands and not a ballot. What was in other's bank accounts is none of our business. Worry about what you have. We were encouraged to seek religion on our own. If you believe, what you believe and how you go about it are your personal choices.

***SUPER EMBARRASSING SIDE NOTE: I know NOTHING about picking a new Pope! I know your super surprised but no one has ever asked me to help pick one. So when I saw the headline, "Black Smoke Coming from the Vatican", I told my co-workers it was on fire. Yep, yelled, "OMG the Vatican is on fire". I didn't realize that black smoke meant they hadn't picked the new Pope yet! You DO learn something new everyday!

***FYI: When I told mama that, she replied, "Even I know that"? I'm not sure if that was a slam on her, me or both?

ANNNYYYWAYS, I think those are great words to live by and still live by those words today. That being said, as I have grown up, I realized there is more behind it. Those topics aren't just unspoken to save an argument!

We have a saying in the U family "shiny objects." It's been passed down many generations of U's. We start a thought and get easily distracted (AKA "shiny objects"). We lose said thought, and move on to the next thought. You can only imagine what its like when we all get together! 

That being said, I'm guessing the REAL reason we don't talk religion,politics or money because we are just that easily distracted. 

"Did you read that because of Obamacare...OMG look at that squirrel! It's so fat! I can't believe it's not breaking that branch! What was I saying? Oh yeah, what's for dinner?"

"I can't believe how much money is coming out for taxes now. If they would just cut...(play a round of words with friends, look up) Ha ha, fat squirrel is back!"

"How about the new Pope, I really hope that he....Shhh be quite the weather is coming on. Ahhh Chuck Lofton, looks so cute today!"

The moral of my story is, fat squirrels trump religion, money and politic conversations in the U family. Jewelry on the other hand, The U women have always considered jewelry a FAB-U-LOS topic and a religion of sorts. So RELIGIOUS JEWELRY, is a respectable conversation for all us to have at the dinner table! I'm not sure the dadster will agree but he has perfected pretending to pay attention to "girl talk" over the years!
You can't talk about religious jewelry without talking about Annie Kruse de Jongh, the owner and designer of Grace And Corazon.   I got the chance to met and hang out with her at our last market. She is not only EXTREMELY talent, she is HI-LARRY-OUS. 

"Grace and Corazon" features an Eclectic Line of Jewelry that is Quirky and Fun rather than Serious and Predictable!

I've been admiring her jewelry (and AH-MAZE-ING flippin boots, which I'll get to in a minute) for awhile. She is always at the fabulous Indie Arts and Vintage Market. The IAVM is always insanely busy (NOT COMPLAINING JUST SAYIN') so we don't always get time to chat up other vendors unless they are right next to you (and sometimes that doesn't even happen, right Linda). It was nice to be able to grab a drink and learn from the Marketplace pros!

Here are some samples of Annie's jewelry!

Her cuffs are da bomb

Check out her Angel and Saint Earrings

This St Christopher cuff would look AWESOME on my wrist!

If religion isn't your choice of jewelry Annie as other AH-MAZE-ING stuff! 


So, I know what you're thinking! You are in love too! You are also thinking, what about these "flippin' boots" you mention earlier?! This talented young lady doesn't just make AH-MAZE-ING jewelry she make THEEEE COOLEST "flippin' boots" EVA!

Example A. I'm not sure who to give photo credit to but the boots are all Annie!



Ms Kruse de Jongh,  might be from Minnesota, but she crosses the United States on the hunt for cowboy boots (I'm sure there are other reason, such as meet nice people like us). When she finds the right boots, she then "flips" them as shown in the photo above!
Ok, so they are already looking pretty cool, right? She has just begun, yet and I know you are eyeing a pair! She hand dyes and then adds her flair to each pair of boots. The outcome are stylish boots that are made for walking (and looking AB FAB while doing so)!

Coco and these boots = True Love Always
Make sure to "like" Grace and Corazan on facebook and check out her Etsy!  Tell her Almost Gemini sent ya!
FYI: She does do custom orders SOOOOO if you already have something in mind let her know!
"If there is no God, who pops up the next Kleenex?"
Art Hoppe

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