Friday, April 5, 2013

Seriously? Really? AH-MAZE-ING

Three words I say more then any other words in the dictionary are "seriously" "really" and "AH-MAZE-ING" OK, so if we are going to get technical AH-MAZE-ING isn't in Webster's...YET!  "AIN'T" made it for goodness sakes, it should be there soon enough!

FYI: I will still sing "Ain't, Ain't a word because it ain't in the dictionary" because I disagree with the Webster family and should I find time, I will write them a letter concerning my displeasure!

P.S. You can use "ain't" if you are quote Sweet Brown. Example "A" My cousin, Sweet Brooklyn!


Speaking of bronchitis, I'm behind on my blogs because I've been sick. Who gets the flu in March? This girl! Oddly enough, it was the honest to God, good old fashion flu! It shocked me because I NEVER get anything "normal"! I had my first fever since I was like 10 years old! It knocked me out for over a week but I'm back (and snottier then ever)!  I need to give a shout out to mama and the dadster for taking care of my sorry a$$.


I hate to announce that my headaches are back! REALLLLLLLLLY? Can't I catch a break? I've doctors appointments lined up this next couple of weeks, in hopes to take care of it! FINGERS CROSSED? So, if I looked confused, I most likely am! Bare with me, at some point I'll start making sense...MAYBE!


What is AH-MAZE-ING! The line up for Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace! Make sure to stop by tomorrow (04/06/13) 9-5 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds- Ag/Hort Building! If you miss it, you'll be sad!

I'm going to add a couple links, but SERIOUSLY....This is a CRAP TON of vendors!

29 Palms-The Collector's Oasis
AB Independent Appraisals LTD
Across the Street Antiques
Affair Shake
All Glass Flowers
All My Musings
Almost Gemini
American Amardillo
American Farmscapes
Anastatia's Button Jewelry
Anatomy Vintage
Anna Bella Beads
Antique Helper
Armadillo Studios
B Loves C
Beads To Meet You
Bittersweet Memories
Boris Loved Natasha
Brandi Chapman
Brenda Kessler Designs
Brian Mercer
Briar Rose LLC
Brides Revisted
Buckley & Douglas
Bundy Ducks
Butter Beans Antiques
C. Foxx Designs
C'Bella Company
Circa Modern
Color is My Middle Name
Cord & Tassel
Covered Art and Design
Debra Walters
Decorative Design Works
Design by Deb
Dianne Passi
Donnibelle Studio
Dragonfly Garden
Eastown Antiques
Ella E Modern Vintage
Empty Vase
Fallout Shelter
Fatty Frog Pots
Finer Things
Friends Findings
Frittle Candy
Get Flasky
Get Lathered
Grace & Corazon
Herbs and Clay Pottery
Hundt No More
James Roush
Jan Lee Design
Jen Jen Stitchery
Joanne Hirata
Jojo and Sophia
Jonathon Stigler
Junk Situation
Junkey Monkeys
kelly barton art + design
Kreative Mindz
L&L Antiques/Collectibles
Las Casas LLC
Le Petit Sufi
Leaping Leopard Antiques
Lilly's Soap Kitchen
Lily in Flux
Lost and Found
Mama Jules Vintage LLC
Mari Leech
Mark Kennedy
Marshall Davis Antiques
Megan Martin Artisan
Millie & Myrtle
Mint Lilly
Moon Forest Studios
Morton Parker
My Unique Furniture
My Unlimited Vision
Nan's Treasures
Nancy Jones
Ohrstrom Photography
Passion Into Mission
Pink Grapefruit Style
Reloved by Shambora Studios
Retro 101
Retro Relics
Retro Revival
Rick Risser
Rita Jackson Sculptor
River Middaugh Designs
Ruffled Feathers
Sal Palmer
Sayger Antiques
Second Chance Chic
Shannon Moody
Sherry Pisockyj
Sherry's New Beginnings
Simple Perfections
Simply Refinished
Specifically Random
STC Finds
Stevie Sputnik Vintage Cool
Sue's Attic
T.J. Phillips
Ted Lyons
The Garden Gate
The Inventorialist
The Rose Room
The Tao of Restoration
True North Interior Design
Unique Chic
Urban Farmhouse
Vintage Chic
Vintage Jewels
Virginia Eckert
Walter Myers Modern
Weathered Willow
West Drenthe Antiques & Collectibles
Wood Be Memories

So there are a couple of links to facebook pages. I have NO clue why I can only write in this small space! I think this is a perfect time to say, REALLY? SERIOUSLY? I'm out!
I once had a rose named after me and I was very flattered. But I was not pleased to
read the description in the catalogue: no good in a bed, but fine up against a wall.
-Eleanor Roosevelt-

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