Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Project Runaway

I'm and blarty for this party! (blarty: CoCo for blog and tardy). I have a lot of excuses why I missed last weeks blog!  I'll skip that country song, put away my tiny violin and just tell you about my project that ran away!

After my kick brass blog, I thought FUR SURE I knew the topic of my next blog! WOOD! Woodn't that be a delightful blog topic. (Sorry, I can't help myself) I was going through the warehouse grabbing all kinds of wooden objects.    

I started with the circular wooden picture frame in the back. Mama had just gotten it for us and I was in L-O-V-E. The frame wouldn't stand up alone, so I had a wooden window screen that I added. This is an "after picture" but let me try to explain how I got there...If I can.

I (obviously) was looking for wood and I was (obviously) looking for goodies that I already had on hand.

I was thinking about some wooden beads and vintage wooden thread spools we had in the croftice (craft room/office). I had to wait a couple for the next break in "The Voice". Next commerical, I hauled it upstairs and find them. To my surprise, they were actually organized and I could find them right away. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! I took my trusty apothecary jars and filled one with the spools and one with the beads. I stepped back, shook my head and thought...I need my "pop" of color.

I remembered I had old thread spools with all kinds of colored thread. I went to the warehouse and found them FIRST TRY. I was on a ROLLLLL! You would think with all my stars being in alignment this blog would've been done on time last week.

There was even more cool thread and sewing paraphernalia in the box o' thread. I found these old swinger sewing needles, Holland silk gimp, and tailoring chalk (not pictured). I brought them all in to see if the would fit with what I was working on. Yep, I thought! (Do you agree?)  I used them on a cute wooden tray. I took a step back and that's when I realized that my project had "ran away" from me. I started to giggle to myself, as I often do, and thought "Project Runway".

Side note:  Project Runway is Lifetime TV channel's hit show were Hedi Klum and a panel of guest, judge what clothing designers have put together. Just click the the link above if you need more info. I do want to point out that I don't think Hedi would have to use her catch phrase "You're out" on my work thus far. I have been channeling Tim Gunn and trying to "make it work"!

 I love that guy! ANYWAAAAAYSSS, that got me thinking...Fashion (something which I know NOTHING about)! With all my "fashion designer" gear I already had on the table, I had yet another idea. This idea didn't go with my original theme, but at this point, I have no theme.

I have very limited modeling experience. I was once in a runway show for my elementary school and I also sat next to the "talent" on a math video in high school. Yes! Yes! Yes! I will sign autographs and you don't even have to pay $20 like Eddie Munster charges.

 I remembered having these two vintage cameras chillin' on a shelf. I added the vintage mirror that is AH-MAZE-ING! There is still the wooden box and the wooden drawer from last two weeks ago. (Seriously, I'm soooo sorry!) Those are two vintage light covers. I happened to have just bought them that day, washed them and they just happened to drying on the counter. Really? Have I mentioned I love my life?
Smile! This camera is pretty cool, not gonna lie!

TAAAAA DAAAAA! I was pretty pumped up with the final project! What do you think? Wood you like it at your house? Ahhhhh I think I am so funny!

Jarod Kintz
“With six pieces of wood, I’m building a life, and my coffin.
Jarod Kintz, This Book Has No Title


Don't for get to come out and see us this Saturday May 04th! The IAVM is back outside (which makes me INCREDIBLY NERVOUS) behind the Glendale Mall! I promise to be more entertaining then this blog!

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