Friday, April 19, 2013

Brass, Bling or Both?

There has been a recent buzz about brass.  I personally, am not totally sold on it.  It might be because it's to close to yellow gold? I'm a silver/white gold/platinum kind gal! Maybe it's because it looks like what I think pennies taste like? What? Is that odd?  If it's going to be a world wide craze (and I happen to already have some) I'm going to blog about it!

*** I can't stop singing..."BRASS MONKEY, THAT FUNKY MONKEY"! By the AH-MAZE-ING Rock N Roll Hall of Fame's  Beastie Boys

FYI: First, while looking for those links, I found out that a "brass monkey" is a 40 oz of Olde English mixed the orange juice. To bad I'm gluten free because I would mix one of those up right now and tell ya what it tastes like!

Second, I'm now on the hunt for a brass monkey! Maybe one that drinks Olde English? hummmm Nahhh, forget about it. A brass monkey sounds scary!

ANYWAYYYYYSSSS, Trophy tops are all the rage right now. While I was going through all of our tops, I noticed a couple that were heavier then others....Dare we say BRASS! (WE DARE) So I pulled those out of the bunch and hid them from sis. I didn't want her to put them in with the plastic ones! She doesn't pay much attention to what I'm talking about and I didn't want her to include them!

I'm in love with the tractor!  I'm self proclaimed "First place farmer", it's a keeper! I should've taken a picture of just him.

Oh well, Rome wasn't built in a day! BABY STEPS COCO! I'm kinda getting better at my camera and I can now hyperlink (Still doesn't make your hyperlink joke funny, Jenny B). Also, I found out how to put on the pictures! I hope you noticed!

Here are some close up pictures of the little brass ladies! The bottom says "Avant Freeman Products 1972" I took a picture of that, but FORGOT a close up of my tractor guy! My priorities are total messed up! :)

I wasn't sure were to put my little brass goddesses. I took a trip out the warehouse and this clear glass beauty was smiling at me. So I grabbed it and very carefully put in the trophy tops. The tops are oddly heavy and the glass was SUPER thin!

I had picked up these brass candle holders over time. I'm not sure where but I'm guessing they weren't to expensive. I would say .50-$2.00 each? The table isn't really shown but its our $2 table from a garage sale last year. It's black with all kinds of white paint dripped over it. It's really cool. (In my opinion at least)

Sis had the small wooden box and the tin box on the table for our Easter decor. The other wood "box" is actually an old drawer. It has a really cool knob on the front but it's missing its bottom! If you can't store stuff in it...decorate with it.

I thought this globe looked cool on a brass candle stick. Sis not so much! I told her to leave it, I'll be redecorating this weekend anyway! HA  I "ha"ed that statement but it's true! I already have plans! Can you guess what is next?
Mama did NOT raise fools! Us "U" women love the bling! (shiny objects)
Our neighbor Amy, came over and asked us if we could use these crystals for anything. UMMMMMM YESSSSSSS!  I knew INSTANTLY what I was going to use them for! 

SWEET LAMP EH? (That's a shout out to one of my favorite Crazy Canucks Debbie). I've had this lamp in the warehouse FOREVA! I hadn't totally figured out what/when/how/why I was going to use it. My co-worker Dana had given me these AH-MAZE-ING vintage medicine bottles the same day. The vintage fates had came together to make this beautiful display. We placed the bottles on a super cute mirror! TA DAAAAAA

We have had this chair in our house forever. We had a tulle (I think that's what sis called it? I hope you know what I'm talking about!) chair cover. Sis said, "I wonder what that chair looks like?" I said, "No clue...wanna see?" So sis lifted up the cover to reveal this cute white chair. Now for the record, I would've done it in a more dramatic fashion. I would go all magician on it. Grab a vintage cane, waved it in front of the chair, said "abracadabra" then yanked off the cover.

****Side note 2: I've been re-watching Arrested Development recently. I LOVE Will Arnett as Gob! Since Gob is a magician, until I'm finished watching it, you might get some magical references.

ANYWAYYYYS, I'm sure it's no surprise that we already had those pillows at home! I have NO CLUE where all this stuff comes from!

Captain: How are you?
Gob: Incredible. I'm having an incredible year.
[High Fives the Captain

We too are having an incredible year! HIGH FIVES TO EVERYONE!

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