Thursday, April 11, 2013

What to do with it Wednesday! (On Thursday)-Room Makeover

It's been AGES since I've had a "What to do with it Wednesday on Thursday".

FYI: I had all intentions of posting this yesterday, but I didn't have it done yet! Better late then never? The Dadster pointed out that this is MY BLOG and I don't really have deadlines. He told me I can do "What to do with it any day of the week." I pointed out that "What to do with it Wednesday" sounds cute. He rolled his eyes!

The question of the $2 lounge chair has been solved! I have found the most AH-MAZE-ING cover for it.

The question

The Answer

My $5 large metal bin hasn't found it's forever home. Right now it's housing my garden hose. It's not really pretty, but it works! It has potential but I'm not sure what that potential is! I'm still open to suggestions. FYI: Sis wouldn't let me hang it from the house with plants in it! NOOOO FUN, I TELL YA!

It's pretty cool but can it be useful?

So, I have issues...speed dial number 1 for the therapist! JUST KIDDING, my therapy is RE-DECORATING! It's kinda an "obsession" I FOREVER want to switch things up around the house! It's not hard to imagine this would be a problem. We are forever finding new stuff! We always say we buy what we like, so it makes sense that we use it in our home. So out with the old (it's all old, it's VINTAGE for crying out loud) and in the with new (to us)!

Since I heard it was spring, (even though this crappy weather makes me second guess that) I need to revamp something! It's been TWO WHOLE YEARS, since I last redecorated my room! NOW, I have added and subtracted stuff over this time, but it's time to wipe the slate clean and do something different!

I love colors! I love bright and many colors! In 2010, my colors of choice were orange and green. (Still on top of Coco's color spectrum!)

I found these two AH-MAZE-ING fabrics at Joann Fabrics. Love at first sight! I instantly knew I was going to redecorate my room around them!

I'm super embarrassed of the pictures to follow. This was pre-blog, pre-new expensive camera that I'm still not 100% sure how to use. These will just give you an idea for what was, so you can help me figure out what will be!

I bought the lanterns and bottles at Hobby Lobby. Of course they were half off! I'm thinking both were maybe a combined $20! The dresser was mine from when I was little. Mama put a nice fresh coat of white paint! It looks pretty BAD ASS, if I do say so myself.

I used those fabrics to make a headboard. Sadly, that headboard didn't last..but happily sis made me these....

I now have these PERFECT pictures hanging behind my bed!

As you see, my oranges are bright and my "asparagas" paint is a little dark for a such a small room! I thought that I might lighten up my room....GASP. I don't know what has come over me. Since sis owns the house and mama is always saying "neutral colors sell a home"

******SIDENOTE: The house isn't for sale. Her house isn't for sale either. I have no clue why she says it, but she does.

ANYWHOOOO,  I thought to myself, "Self, what if you go back to the basics and then decorate around that".

Now, don't get cray cray, I'm not sure white is the exact color I would want to go. It'll probably take ONE MILLLLLLLLLION coats of light paint to cover it up! Should, I choose to go the lighter route, I've already made a Pinterst board of ideas! SHOCKER I KNOW!

My first love is from Pretty Little World. I just stumbled across this site, I'm thinking I'm going to need to dedicate hours of time to it this weekend.

So this would be painting the walls white, but what i LOVVVVVEEE about this is that I can change the fabric and accents ANYTIME.I.WANT. It would make my desire to redecorate all the time a little easier!

I'm loving the hot pink. It adds the BOLD element that is soooo me!

Let's take white walls off the table for now but still concentrate on LIGHT walls.

This bedroom is from Vintage Wren, another new to me blog that will be consuming my weekend! I love the blue walls which, dare I say, I would take maybe even a little lighter. (What is happening to me?) I love the bright colors of the pillows. Another VERY easy thing to change out when I get board of my room. I love the mirrors on the wall but I wouldn't use that headboard for my room. I guess I'm not sure if I would even use a headboard at all....Things to think about!

Mint is all the rage this year. I love the color but is it something I want to go to bed with every night and wake up to every morning? Nahh, but that doesn't make this bedroom any less AWESOME!

This room from Carbbean Living Blog would be PERRRRFECT for our Condo Re-do.

I'm head over heels in love with this bedspread from Anthropologie.

ARE YOU JOKING? How on earth are you supposed to get out of the fluffy amazingness every morning? IN-SAN-A-TEEE! I'm also digging that paint color and wood floors. I think I'm getting close!

Say, I go with this grey, what would you think with my "pop of bold"  should be?

Grey and purple?

I couldn't get the link for this picture but it is on my pinterest board if you are interested.

OR what about grey and pink. The mirror, lamp, and payphone = BAD ASS!

OR grey and yellow from What's Up Tine? It's bright and beautiful

Or grey with my trusted orange (and some other AH-MAZE-ING colors)...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this combo from Real Living. Did I mention that I love this?

I guess Coco has settle on grey (a light light grey) and that's about it. I KNOW I'm going to have BOLD elements. I KNOW,  I want a "pop" or "pops" of colors that will make me smile!

What color/colors do you pick?

Now, I just have to find the time to paint, who wants to help? I have a case of beer and a pizza for ya!

Create your own visual style... let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.
Orson Welles


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  1. Grey is my absolute favorite neutral. My master is yellow and grey, but I love that orange combo too.


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