Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Suggestions Not Resolutions and A Condo- (dream) Makeover

First, I am in full and total "I hate Indiana" mode. It was 60 degrees and sunny yesterday! Today it's 30 with freezing cold rain. As I was walking out of the supermarket, I was caught in a (freezing cold) downpour! I didn't even have to walk far but I was DRENCHED (in ice cold rain)! I came home changed as fast as possible, grabbed my electric blanket and started warming up. Now for some reason I really want ice cream. Odd?!

Let's take a look on a the bright side, the mass snow mountains are starting to melt. Yep....the bright side?!

Last week I started the Folk Magazine journaling challenge. To know me is to know...I have A.D.D. I find it a small miracle I write one blog a week!  Really, I don't think you are coming here to read about my resolutions, etc anyway! You are looking for vintage and vintage inspired fun. (As well what other craziness comes up in my life)

So I'm just going to touch on the Hillary's challenge this week! This weeks question is.....

What are my short and long term goals to achieve this year? How are my resolutions holding up?

First, I don't believe in New Years Resolutions but i do believe in the power of suggestion. I make suggestions to myself throughout the year, not just on new years.

So I would say my suggestions so far this year would be the usual. Lose weight, get into shape, look younger, save money,etc, etc. I haven't done anything about those. I'll most likely bring those topics up again throughout the year. I'll let you know how that goes!

What I have done so far this year is, laid out in the sun (tanning check), kayaked (worked out check?), drank beer (among other types of alcoholic beverages), drank diet coke, bought a iPad & an iPhone (opps there goes the savings) and ate at some AH-MAZE-ING restaurants. So how is 2013? So far, so good!

My long term goal is brought to you by the letter "I". Not "I" as in me "I". "I" as in inspiration! I want to be inspired, look for inspiration, and maybe be inspirational. I'm going to pay attention to what is going on around me and always look for inspiration in everything, everyday.

Now since, I'm sitting here still freezing (and still wanting ice cream?) I started to dream of my vacation that I just left a week ago. Yep, one week your in paradise, the next you are in...well here! We have been going to same condo for six out of the last eight years. The view is AH-MAZE-ING!  Really it's why we keep coming back.  The pool the beach GORGEOUS but the inside of the place, is less then desirable.

Eight years ago we drove up to the condo and saw this!

Really?! It's was/is heaven on Earth! It AWEEEEEE-MAZE-ING!

These are both untouched pictures from our parking garage. This is seriously how beautiful it is. You can't top this.

This is our view from inside the condo looking out. It's beautiful anywhere you look! Sis and I started to day dream about how we would re-decorate the condo. Of course, we had two totally different ideas. Sis's ideas are more "soft coastal". My ideas are more "bold Caribbean". Now the condo's current style could be considered, "I think every wall needs something on it and I don't really care because it's a rental property. LOOK VIEW"

 These are three on the many mismatched fish that are throughout the condo.

Pelicans join the fish. 

 These are what the U family fondly call the "humping dolphins" The are in the "guest bath".

 I've never understood why the fisherman caught the thermostat!

These are some of the beautiful (scaraism) and outdated curtains. The top are in the second bedroom and the bottom picture is in the kitchen. Both are...are...are..(you fill in the blank)

 This is also in the second bedroom. Its a grapevine,stick heart wreath? The sail boat ornament is from 2000. I guess that means its been 13 years since the last update!?

I case of a fire, meet at the crab?

The lovely couch. It's not as uncomfortable as it looks (but isn't very comfortable).

For our dream desiging ideas we went to Pinterest (of course). You can follow the entire board at Condo Redo. As of yesterday, I was still pinning on the board. There are just so many great ideas out there!

But here are some of pictures we pinned.

 This is sis's pin but I love it too! I'm not saying no to white. I'm not as anti-white as I seem. I just feel my personality is shown better in bold colors!

Below is the perfect soft coastal bedroom for sis's house! 

COLOR!  I love these colors! I'm doing to declare them the most beautiful colors EVA!
This goes perfect with my colors and love of the keys! 
 This is a picture that sis and I totally agree on! I love the grey with the bright blue and silver! Sis thinks it would work perfect in an office or den. I have to agree or maybe a boys room.

I was trying to give credit where credit is due but for some reason I can't. My computer won't let me link the pictures to a website. SOOOOOO if you like (or love) what you see, make sure to check out our Pinterest board to get all the details! It wouldn't be a CoCo blog if it all worked out perfectly!

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” 
 Marilyn Monroe


P.S. Don't forget to stop by Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace on 1/26/13 at the Carmel Fountains! It's going to be the biggest and best show yet.

Also Sis and I are working on a total re-vamp of Whimzy. It's going to be exciting...at least for us!

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