Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It Is Never To Late

This year has for sure had it's up and downs. At the end of the day, I always realize how blessed I am. I made up my mind a long time ago that I would never forget it and I don't!

You know I love me some Folk Magazine. Even though I've never met Hillary in person, I think she is a living doll. Hills (can I call ya that?) brought a challenge to Folk's readers. I know I'm late,  I'm still in vacay mode!  Folk and Hills are challenging their readers to journal/blog in 2013.
So I missed this (the first) week! I was supposed to write a letter to the 2012 me. Reflect on lessons learned in 2012 and how I will apply my new knowledge in 2013.

Before I start, I do have to explain something VERY IMPORTANT! When I talk about myself in third persons, I call myself CoCo. Since I'm writing this letter to myself, Courtney becomes CoCo!

My friend Richie started calling me Coco years ago. I showed up at his house with some super cheap, super big, (before big was in and the Olsen twins were still babies on Full House) drug store sunglasses. He fondly called me "Coco Channel" (as in turn the T.V. channel not Chanel the designer). This became my alter ego. Now when I talk about myself in third person (don't judge until you try out an alter ego), I call myself Coco. For example, "CoCo doesn't really think the cold weather is all that great." Anyway, it's spread around town and now I'm Coco to many. Including but not limited to, myself.

My Dearest CoCo,

This year will have a lot of challenges, but you still ooze awesomeness. (Sorry, sometimes I have WAYYYY to much self esteem!)

20-12 will start the same amazing way it ends, at the beach with your family! You will relax more then you think was possible. You will enjoy your family even more then the year before. Your family is the reason you will never forget you are blessed!

In February, you realize once again what an amazing place Indianapolis is. The Super Bowl will come to town for the first time! Since your parents are still in Marathon, you will consider renting their house out to Superbowl fans. Houses are going for over $10,000 a day?! You might think about it, but you won't actually do it. Yeah, it's because you are afraid of mama! You also know that if you did, the dadster would want half! You will enjoy the Super Bowl festivities.  People from around the world will fall in love with the place you call home! Of course, the Colts being in the Superbowl would've made it better, but if they can't be in it, it might as well be in Indy!

In May,  you FINALLY graduated college. You now are proud to have a bachelors degree from Indiana University! You have accomplished something that you worked hard for. You will spend most of the month patting yourself on the back! You will tell everyone you ever met that you just graduated. You will find ways to bring it up all year and in any conversation. It might be annoying to others but don't worry about it. You are allowed to be proud of yourself!

Mama and the dadster will throw you (and sis who graduated in Dec) a Cinco de graduation party! It will be sooo much fun! Friends from every chapter of your life will be there.  They all will get along PERFECTLY.  It once again reminds you,  your friends also ooze awesomeness!

May in Indy also means....THE INDY 500! Which is a yearly amazing Indianapolis tradition! Marty came into town which meant the Coke lot with Sis,Brandi,Carlos, and Karma! Be prepared to have the song "Call Me Maybe" stuck in your head for the rest of the year. Shit happens, and that song is shit! Just like the years past, you are going to witness things no human eyes should ever see. You realize that the stories you tell, people won't believe. If you hadn't seen them with five speechless witnesses, you wouldn't believe it either! You say you'll never go back again, but you know you will. (And super secretly look forward to it)

OMG, in June you turn 34! How did you get so old, so fast? As they say, it's better then the alternative. So why not celebrate! Martinis and cheese will make anyone feel young. Well at least until the next day when you are hung over, hating life, and swearing you won't do that again . Don't be silly, of course you are lying to yourself, you totally do it again...and again...and again!

In July, Almost Gemini will start doing more shows. We will meet Jon with Indie Arts and Vintage. Guy knows how to put on a show! You will have some non-IAVM shows which won't do so well.  You'll have other shows you rock. You might WILL get a little annoyed that you spent so much time, energy and money on the not so good shows. Always remember the amazing people you have meet along this journey! If you can remember that you will be O.K.

Nothing really exciting happens until October. In October someone's negligence will make you ill for the rest of the year. If I could, I really would warn you. I would tell you the drug rep Brian Howard from Allergan lied to you. (Yep, I just went there)  He didn't order your food gluten free, you will end up in the hospital more then once.

You will get angry and that's O.K. Be angry but don't let the anger be you! You swear you will never trust anyone again but that doesn't last. Always remember one person's actions aren't everyone's.

If there are positives to take from this, it's you get reminded of all the people that love, care and worry about you. Also, you will come across some really great people you wouldn't have met under other circumstances. (As I writing this, present day CoCo is still trying to convince herself these are positives)

P.S. It's O.K. to lie to mama and the dadster so they can go and enjoy their cruise. They've been through all this with you and they need an extra vacation. Eight weeks worth just isn't enough!

P.S.S. No matter what the Internet says you are not having cocaine withdraws (esp since the only time you've ever seen it was on Intervention), you don't need vitamin B12, and NO MATTER what the Internet says, NO MATTER how much you and mama discuss it, NO MATTER how desperate you are to feel better, putting garlic cloves in your ears is NOT a good idea!

CoCo, keep doing what you are doing, keep growing and making yourself better. Keep oozing awesomeness!


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