Thursday, May 30, 2013

Miss me?

I've missed you!

Sorry, I missed doing a blog last week but I was distracted by my two favorite men! Maury Povich and Jerry Springer, Lee Child and Jack Reacher. If you don't know about them you must check them out! Lee Child is an AH-MAZE-ING (now also known as AMI) writer and his Jack Reacher novels are non-stop thrillers. The last book I read was on vacation in last winter. I needed some book time and I got it! 

I opened up Lee's novel "61 Hours" and couldn't put it down. I actually ignored the "U" family until it was done. It only took me two days which is just enough time to annoy the "U"s. 

I bet you are wondering why it took me so long to blog! It had a sequel! I just can't read one and walkaway! That my dears, is what I call CA_RAZ-Y talk! Since the dadster just happened to have "Worth Dying For". 

FYI: We have all but three Child books. (I know this because I keep a list in my wallet.) I started to read it and a week and two books later here I am! 

ANNNNYYYYWHOOOOO! I did do some Almost Gemini fun stuff, which I will get to later. First I want to do a have re-cap of what I would've blogged about if I blogged!!!!!!

Monday was Memorial Day! We want to thank all the women and men that serve in our Military! Not just on Memorial day but every day! Almost Gemini can't thank you and your families enough! 
Meet Martin, Almost Gemini's Favorite Army man! Thanks Marrrrrrtttttyyyy! 

I LOVE Memorial Day in Indianapolis. (The super bowl was awesome but that's not every year,it should be)!

Why is it so awesome? It's race weekend! The month of May is fast and furious in Indy! The Indianapolis Motor speedway comes alive for the race of all Indy Car races, THE INDY 500. It's not only the fan's favorite race, it's the drivers too! Even though I drive like a grandma, I love fast cars!

I also took sometime out to work and enjoy my garden! I told you its my obsession!

Our babies are growing up so fassssssstttt! I keep calling them Mama's "grandchildren" and she keeps rolling her eyes!

Our tomatoes are now taller then a wine glass! Mama and I are kinda like MacGyver  in a sense. MacGyver uses a "trusty paperclip" to diffuse a bomb when he has nothing else are to use. Mama and I use a wine glass to measure our tomato plants when we don't have a ruler!

I took this picture of a flowering tree by the garden! I'm trying to get sis to paint this for me! Stay tuned!

This month is going to be SUPER DUPER BUSY for Almost Gemini! We will be at the Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace this Saturday (June 1, 2013) We are excited to announce that we will have some AH-MAZE-ING friends joining us and bringing some midcentury (and other fun stuff)!  You have to stop by and meet Toni and Seth of Mursday Design. The not only have a talent for finding goodness they are HI-LARRY-OUS! It's going to be an out of control show...

I think I forgot to mention Toni is a super talented graphic desginer...I think you can tell by her tags!

I want this!

I love how it looks! I think the C is there for Coco! TEASE! 
Sis and I will have more hair flair, rings, lines, and tins. If it blings it will be there! We are also working hard on a couple of other shows that I will be pimping out in the next blog! It looks like its about to rain and ironically I have to grab stuff I have outside drying!

A paperclip can be a wondrous thing. More times than I can remember, one of these has gotten me out of a tight spot.- MacGyver



Friday, May 17, 2013

A Year of Gambling!

Today is mama's birthday!  I want to pay a little tribute to her! As I'm sitting here, at her house waiting to celebrate, my phone rang. I guess the "We will be home in 45 Minutes" text was before the stop off at Indiana Grand Casino. Before she won the bonus. So I sit here with a pile of presents waiting....(and drinking the last of her wine).

So instead of the usual singing of "Happy Birthday", I'm going to suggest we all join in on another song we all know and love.

Kenny Rogers' The Gambler. Mama knows when to hold them and knows when to fold them. Hitting the bonus is not one of those times! You go girl, win big..Coco needs a new pair of shoes  bottle of wine!

This picture of Dolly and Kenny was taken last week at the Grand Ole Opry. JUST KIDDING but I do wonder how much those two have spent on plastic surgeries. Anybody want to guess?

A couple of years ago, my grandparents gave me these old wooden boxes they found in the their barn. Ironically(?!) they are painted barn red.

Remember this from Halloween?

The barn red boxes worked PERFECT for Halloween and I kept them that color for awhile. I was wanting something brighter (of course) and something different.

SOOOO, I painted the boxes my favorite blue/teal/whatever you want to call it color. I had been counting down the days until I could plant flowers for MONTHS!

Sis likes the red showing through, what do you thinking? I also put a fresh coat of paint on Mr. Frog. Lookin' good Mr. Frog.

Earlier this year, I was having cabin fever and gave a new coat of paint to some of my other lawn frogs. The yellow one has recently lost his leg courtesy of my three year old neighbor.

This is my NEWEST obsession! Let's pretend you needed another reason to visit Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace, you HAVE to check out JunkFx! Stay tuned for my next lawn ornament! I already have one (or more) picked out!

I don't just love frogs, look at this cute little gnome hidden in the strawberries. This picture reminds me of the fact...I need to mulch.

I had both the colander and the sifter to sell at shows. I love and wanted to keep them! When I was painting my frog, I painted the sifter because...well why not!?

Around the flowers is metal that was once a a mirror. Seven years of bad luck later, it looks cute surrounding flowers. Maybe since they look so pretty, I can get back a couple of those years. 

FYI: This is one of the three mirrors I've broken already this year and I'm still buying lottery tickets! 

I had plans to use this tool box for my gardening tools. Sis came outside and had the idea to use it as a planter. We punched holes in the bottom of it so it would drain. We found out later from our good friend, HC-G that we could've just put rocks on the bottom. She learned that from Pinterest. I felt full of shame! Why would I even venture into a new project without consulting Pinterest first?  We were in the moment, that's my only excuse! 

We already had this wooden shelf that we use at shows we just moved it outside. We added another cute little box with flowers in it. We topped it off with this REALLLLLLLLLLLY cool metal bowl sis found, somewhere or the other. I loves it! 
For the record, we don't always have the Almost Gemini sign outside our house but when we do.....It looks AH-MAZE-ING! (and we are taking pictures for this blog and/or to show grandma) 

This is really just a small taste of my obsessive need to plant stuff.  Look forward to a (fingers crossed) summer of flowers and garden pictures. 


Next week, it will be A YEAR ago that I posted our first blog!  I'm going back to the beginning and quote Evelyn again! "I never saw this as your life path, but I love". Ev also said, (after my story of a bird flying into a window and then flying away) "It's a lesson. Sometimes we fail in life but like the bird we have to dust ourselves off and fly again. Blog that". 

It's odd how many times your path can change, yet stay the same. (DEEP, there Coco!?) This past year we have met some AH-MAZE-ING new people and had to move on from some not so amazing people! 

I do love me some Dolly!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

And it's a great day to be alive....

"I know the suns still shinin' when I close my eyes
There's some hard times in the neigborhood
But why can't every day be just this good?"

You know life is good when...for TWO DAYS STRAIGHT you've been humming Travis Tritt's "Great Day To Be Alive". 

Gratuitous mullet/canadian tuxedo/just chilling here on this deck pic of T.T. YOU'RE WELCOME! 

SIDE NOTE: I would like to point out that the sun is no longer shining but the fact I got my garden planted SECONDS before the storm...."I'm doin' alright". 

It might be the blue sky but recently, I've been feeling blue (in a good way).

The day I rode my bike to garage sales (Yep, I did and I won't be doing it again), I found this blue platter at an estate sale. ONLY $2 and it fit in my already over-full basket. It should've been free since they got a comedy show, I had two picnic baskets full of goodies and was trying to balance.

These two swans I found at the SR 38 sales. Mama looked at me like I was CRAY-ZEE. I'm still trying to convinence everyone I know what I'm doing!? Fake it until you make it! 

I put them together with an old yet AH-MAZE-ING cabinet door and it was ON! I found those glasses (glasses only) at the Lion's Club Sale...A NICKLE EACH. I can tell you what I paid because they are keepers!

I think this tin is cool but it didn't make the "final cut". Obviously I tried many ways to make it perfectly imperfect. OHHHH NEW WORD ALERT! Blerfect (Coco for blog perfect). 

SPEAKING OF PERFECT/BLERFECT or just something AH-MAZE-ING that I love....

The before pictures of my garden. It has been tilled and planted but like I mention above it's raining AGAIN! I'm sure it will be in a couple of blogs this summer! I'll try not to be too obsessed but no promises! 

I hope at least some of you will enjoy my "plant and pray" gardening method. Mama and I just throw the seeds down and pray we get something. HA We also coined the term "Surprise Plants."  NEVER A DULL MOMENT in the U house! 
Of course and shiny owl...I mean why not!

Wanna know what we will be up too? (Besides no good) Here is a rundown of what we are working on.

You know we are rocking' at an AH-MAZE-ING store in Noblesville, IN called Whimzy. I'm going to start profiling the vendors! I know! SOOOO MUCH FUN! There is sooo much goodness in there it needs to be shown. Make sure to click HERE and "like" them on Facebook.

THIS SUMMER IS GOING TO BE OUT OF CONTROL! You have no reason not to stop by at least one of our shows!


We are starting the Month off at the Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace on June 1st

The we are headed to Danville, Il for THE ONE AND ONLY Hobknob Market on June 7th and 8th. Mark your calendars because it's off the hiz-ook!

Another of our favorite shows is in June! ReStyled Barn sale is June 13-15th! Click HERE to like them on Facebook.

In July we will be at Horton's Of Tipton and back to Indie the first week of August.

I'm sure I'm missing stuff, but Sis is the show chick and she is still at work...Stinks to be her! ha

"If you are going to sing, sing loud"-Travis Tritt

Don't think my co-workers would agree with that one....but I'm going to do it anyway!


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