Thursday, May 30, 2013

Miss me?

I've missed you!

Sorry, I missed doing a blog last week but I was distracted by my two favorite men! Maury Povich and Jerry Springer, Lee Child and Jack Reacher. If you don't know about them you must check them out! Lee Child is an AH-MAZE-ING (now also known as AMI) writer and his Jack Reacher novels are non-stop thrillers. The last book I read was on vacation in last winter. I needed some book time and I got it! 

I opened up Lee's novel "61 Hours" and couldn't put it down. I actually ignored the "U" family until it was done. It only took me two days which is just enough time to annoy the "U"s. 

I bet you are wondering why it took me so long to blog! It had a sequel! I just can't read one and walkaway! That my dears, is what I call CA_RAZ-Y talk! Since the dadster just happened to have "Worth Dying For". 

FYI: We have all but three Child books. (I know this because I keep a list in my wallet.) I started to read it and a week and two books later here I am! 

ANNNNYYYYWHOOOOO! I did do some Almost Gemini fun stuff, which I will get to later. First I want to do a have re-cap of what I would've blogged about if I blogged!!!!!!

Monday was Memorial Day! We want to thank all the women and men that serve in our Military! Not just on Memorial day but every day! Almost Gemini can't thank you and your families enough! 
Meet Martin, Almost Gemini's Favorite Army man! Thanks Marrrrrrtttttyyyy! 

I LOVE Memorial Day in Indianapolis. (The super bowl was awesome but that's not every year,it should be)!

Why is it so awesome? It's race weekend! The month of May is fast and furious in Indy! The Indianapolis Motor speedway comes alive for the race of all Indy Car races, THE INDY 500. It's not only the fan's favorite race, it's the drivers too! Even though I drive like a grandma, I love fast cars!

I also took sometime out to work and enjoy my garden! I told you its my obsession!

Our babies are growing up so fassssssstttt! I keep calling them Mama's "grandchildren" and she keeps rolling her eyes!

Our tomatoes are now taller then a wine glass! Mama and I are kinda like MacGyver  in a sense. MacGyver uses a "trusty paperclip" to diffuse a bomb when he has nothing else are to use. Mama and I use a wine glass to measure our tomato plants when we don't have a ruler!

I took this picture of a flowering tree by the garden! I'm trying to get sis to paint this for me! Stay tuned!

This month is going to be SUPER DUPER BUSY for Almost Gemini! We will be at the Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace this Saturday (June 1, 2013) We are excited to announce that we will have some AH-MAZE-ING friends joining us and bringing some midcentury (and other fun stuff)!  You have to stop by and meet Toni and Seth of Mursday Design. The not only have a talent for finding goodness they are HI-LARRY-OUS! It's going to be an out of control show...

I think I forgot to mention Toni is a super talented graphic desginer...I think you can tell by her tags!

I want this!

I love how it looks! I think the C is there for Coco! TEASE! 
Sis and I will have more hair flair, rings, lines, and tins. If it blings it will be there! We are also working hard on a couple of other shows that I will be pimping out in the next blog! It looks like its about to rain and ironically I have to grab stuff I have outside drying!

A paperclip can be a wondrous thing. More times than I can remember, one of these has gotten me out of a tight spot.- MacGyver



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