Friday, May 17, 2013

A Year of Gambling!

Today is mama's birthday!  I want to pay a little tribute to her! As I'm sitting here, at her house waiting to celebrate, my phone rang. I guess the "We will be home in 45 Minutes" text was before the stop off at Indiana Grand Casino. Before she won the bonus. So I sit here with a pile of presents waiting....(and drinking the last of her wine).

So instead of the usual singing of "Happy Birthday", I'm going to suggest we all join in on another song we all know and love.

Kenny Rogers' The Gambler. Mama knows when to hold them and knows when to fold them. Hitting the bonus is not one of those times! You go girl, win big..Coco needs a new pair of shoes  bottle of wine!

This picture of Dolly and Kenny was taken last week at the Grand Ole Opry. JUST KIDDING but I do wonder how much those two have spent on plastic surgeries. Anybody want to guess?

A couple of years ago, my grandparents gave me these old wooden boxes they found in the their barn. Ironically(?!) they are painted barn red.

Remember this from Halloween?

The barn red boxes worked PERFECT for Halloween and I kept them that color for awhile. I was wanting something brighter (of course) and something different.

SOOOO, I painted the boxes my favorite blue/teal/whatever you want to call it color. I had been counting down the days until I could plant flowers for MONTHS!

Sis likes the red showing through, what do you thinking? I also put a fresh coat of paint on Mr. Frog. Lookin' good Mr. Frog.

Earlier this year, I was having cabin fever and gave a new coat of paint to some of my other lawn frogs. The yellow one has recently lost his leg courtesy of my three year old neighbor.

This is my NEWEST obsession! Let's pretend you needed another reason to visit Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace, you HAVE to check out JunkFx! Stay tuned for my next lawn ornament! I already have one (or more) picked out!

I don't just love frogs, look at this cute little gnome hidden in the strawberries. This picture reminds me of the fact...I need to mulch.

I had both the colander and the sifter to sell at shows. I love and wanted to keep them! When I was painting my frog, I painted the sifter because...well why not!?

Around the flowers is metal that was once a a mirror. Seven years of bad luck later, it looks cute surrounding flowers. Maybe since they look so pretty, I can get back a couple of those years. 

FYI: This is one of the three mirrors I've broken already this year and I'm still buying lottery tickets! 

I had plans to use this tool box for my gardening tools. Sis came outside and had the idea to use it as a planter. We punched holes in the bottom of it so it would drain. We found out later from our good friend, HC-G that we could've just put rocks on the bottom. She learned that from Pinterest. I felt full of shame! Why would I even venture into a new project without consulting Pinterest first?  We were in the moment, that's my only excuse! 

We already had this wooden shelf that we use at shows we just moved it outside. We added another cute little box with flowers in it. We topped it off with this REALLLLLLLLLLLY cool metal bowl sis found, somewhere or the other. I loves it! 
For the record, we don't always have the Almost Gemini sign outside our house but when we do.....It looks AH-MAZE-ING! (and we are taking pictures for this blog and/or to show grandma) 

This is really just a small taste of my obsessive need to plant stuff.  Look forward to a (fingers crossed) summer of flowers and garden pictures. 


Next week, it will be A YEAR ago that I posted our first blog!  I'm going back to the beginning and quote Evelyn again! "I never saw this as your life path, but I love". Ev also said, (after my story of a bird flying into a window and then flying away) "It's a lesson. Sometimes we fail in life but like the bird we have to dust ourselves off and fly again. Blog that". 

It's odd how many times your path can change, yet stay the same. (DEEP, there Coco!?) This past year we have met some AH-MAZE-ING new people and had to move on from some not so amazing people! 

I do love me some Dolly!


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