Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Modern Family

I'm in my mid-30s (Sis is in her late 30s, just sayin'). Neither of us have children and that's the way we want it. I don't know if I ever want kids. Sis could take them or leave them. I know we would both have B.E.A.-U-TIFUL children. Pretty is not a reason to have a child.

I just recently had someone ask me if I had any children. When I responded "No, I don't".  She did "sad eyes" and replied, "You don't have a family"?  

This is "sad eyes". If I had kids, they would totally be this cute! 

I couldn't BE-LEE-EVE she just said that!  I explained to her (snapped at her) "I have a lot of family, What I don't have is kids".

Oddly enough, that was the second time in TWO DAYS!  I was told having family = having children.    "They have a family, first priority" aka kids. 

What makes a family a family in the year 2013? There are WAYYYYY to many family dynamics to ever start naming.

One of my all time favorite T.V. shows = Modern Family. (I actually got the idea for this blog while watching my fourth episode of the day). 

This picture is a couple years old (but will make my point)

Modern family is described as:

Three different, but related families face trials and tribulations in their own uniquely comedic ways.

I honestly can't pick which of the families I love the most.

Is it the Prichett's? 
Jay, Gloria, Manny and baby Joe (not pictured) are HI-LARRY-OUS! Jay is the older man whose family consist of his young columbian wife and her child from a different relationship, and a newborn baby. The age and cultural difference makes me laugh every time! 

How about the Dunphy family?
Phil, Claire, Haliey, Alex and Luke are the always funny Dunphy family. Claire is the daughter of Jay Prichette. That makes the younger Gloria her step-mom and Manny her "brother". Phil is THE PERFECT quirky, yet charming dad/husband . Claire (played by one on my long time favorite actresses Julie Bowen) is his sweet, yet control freak of a wife. Hailey is attractive yet simple. Alex is a nerd (she wears glasses after all) and socially akward. Luke is what every kid should be...odd! (Love that kid)

Tucker/Prichett trio?
Cameron Tucker and Mitchell Prichett (son of Jay, step-son of Gloria, step-brother of Manny)are proof that opposites can attract! The Tucker/Prichett family includes the gay parents raising an adorable, sassy, wise cracking, adopted daughter Lilly.  Cam and Mitchell are great fathers, put up with each others "crazy" and loving to each other. 

If you have never seen the show you might be confused. I'm just talking about it's main characters. I'm not talking first wives, in-laws, etc. 

 My point is what is a "Modern Family"?

This is my modern family. This who I was planning on spending time with when I was told I that people with "families" come first. 

Sis is funny, quite, repsonible, and an AH-MAZE-ING artist. Mama is HI-LARRY-OUS, kind, fair, sometimes(most times) a neat freak (her floors, house) but always up for something new/fun/exictiing. The Dadster is super intelligent,punny,thoughtful, hardworking and great with words! 

This is a start of my AH-MAZE-ING family. I have grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. I have great aunts/uncles and second/third cousins.  My family range from age two to 84. 

This is about my 20th rewrite of this blog. It's been my toughest one to write. There is so much more I want to say to "those" people. BUUUUUTTTT I'm in the middle of making dinner and the dryer went off. I still need to pack my lunch for tomorrow, answer some emails, notify people their products have been shipped and edit pictures. (All while trying to solve the puzzle of wheel of fortune) 

Haley: You’re like that guy from the movie who wishes he was never born.
Alex: It’s a Wonderful Life.
Haley: You say that but do you mean it? - See more at:

Because of my family, I have a wonderful life and I mean it! 

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