Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Expos and Anniveries

I feel like it's Christmas in October!  I know what you're thinking, "Coco seriously?! Are you already dragging out your nine boxes of AH-MAZE-ING vintage Christmas? It's just barely October." Slow your roll, I'm not doing that just yet!

I have seriously pondered bringing out my yard decorations earlier this year. My neighbor never took his Christmas lights down from last year. (Who am I kidding, it's been years) I really don't see it being a problem.

The Christmas I'm talking about this weekend's Gluten Free Living Expo. It's the one time a year that my B/GFF (best/gluten free friend) Jess and I can go and eat ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! No worries for us!

Maybe using Trick or Treating would have been a better and more seasonal analogy. Hummm, yeah to late now! B/GFF and I get to fill our bags with AH-MAZE-ING free samples for some AWE-SOME companies.  We are also able buy and taste things we wouldn't have the chance to other wise.

It couldn't come at better timing. Next week will be one year since Brian Howard and Allergan made me sick! You can read that blog here!  I am planning a "tribute" to them in the up coming weeks! Make sure to check back for that!

ANYYYWHOOOO, every year this expo gets better and better. The food gets better and better. There are more and more vendor and more information and tips! I've been gluten free for 5 years and man it's came along way!

A couple of my favorites from last year! (Fingers crossed they will be back)

Kinnikinnick donuts- I've never been a donut super fan but these are good!

Two Fat Guys BBQ sauce- A must try!

Truly Wize Bakery- I'm not lying when I say, I almost cried when I ran out of their coffee cake. Since I'm telling the truth.... There MAY or MAY have been tears of joy when I found a "miracle" cake in my parents' freezer.

This year, the expo is having a gluten free Beirgarten! I just texted the B/GFF about it! I used so many exclamation points, one sentence turned out to be two texts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I found out I had to give up beer and pizza I was deflated, now having a GF Beirgarten, I'm elated!

OK, so enough of my gluten free gibber for some gluten full news.

Here is a picture of  my BEAUTIFUL parents after their "1st" dance. If you know them they are dancing machines! I couldn't even begin to think what number dance this would've really been!

I'm not sure if Tiff is in the cake making biz for strangers but she should be. Look how beautiful the cake turned out! Rumor has it, the cake tasted just as good as it looks!

Here is a picture of the cake table. "An Old Fashioned Love Song" by Three Dog Night was Mama & The Dadster's wedding song. Sis added a pic of their actual wedding, two "K"s for their names.
I love this picture! What cuties! Mama still had their original cake knife and server thing. (No clue if it has a real name). 
It might be their 50th anniversary before I get all the pictures edited and blogs done....if you read flower blog you know the quote. If not here we go!
Mama, "Can't wait to see what you are going to do for our 50th"
Coco, "Ummm...NO"

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