Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Five out of Four Stars

Here's the dealio. I've mentioned in a previous post about my trip to the ER due to my wheat allergy. Well when I was in the ER I started to have a headache. It has lasted for all this time. It's what has been making me a cranky old still very young and attractive lady. Yesterday, I went to a neurologist. We are thinking we have found a light at the end of the headache tunnel. I'll tell you more about when I can but I don't want to jinx it. ANYWAY: I can't think and at the end of the day, I don't really make sense. Which leaves us to who is Todd? :)

I want to thank Holly and SCOTT for the AH-MAZING show! I have no clue who Todd is or if he was even at the Hobnob Market. I'm sure my made up friend is a great guy, but SCOTT is the one that helped make the Hobnob Market go so smoothly!

We are lucky enough to be invited to some AH-MAZE-ING shows! Since this was the first Hobnob Market, I wasn't really sure what to to think and or expect. It was a really great show! Sis and I had a great time and we got to meet some cool people! Holly and Todd Scott are AH-MAZE-ING hostess/host! You can check out Holly's etsy shop Pink Grapefruit Style. I think Holly summed it up her booth with this sign! 
Another picture from Holly. These came off the Hobnob Market facebook page. I highly suggest you join!
Here are some pictures of our "store". We are still trying to find ways to "build-up" our spaces. We had painted my gardening table and wooden creates grey for Horton's French Flea Market this year. Since the garden is sadly done for the year, the table was available for this show. An added bonus is that this table is SUPER light!

We had a 10x10 space. Since we were on the end of an aisle, Holly and Todd  Scott let us take up a little extra space. We needed it since we brought a little of everything! We didn't have time to get really good/a lot of pictures. I'm not complaining about it! We were so busy the entire day, we didn't have a lot of time to play! 

BUT WHEN I DID PLAY, it was with my new best friend, Miss Linda! Linda's bizz-ness is called Morning Glory Collectibles. She will be partying it up with us the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace, this Saturday 11/24/12! I'm sure we are going to cause some sort of trouble, so stop by to see us! 

How cute are these snowmen! I know what you are thinking! You are thinking that I had to have them and you are right! This blue Santa didn't make the trip back to Indy with me. I was there to make some money not spend all of it! 
Now this Santa did make the trip back to Indy! He was from Mrs. Linda (not to be confused with Miss Linda but they are "The Lindas" AKA Besties) He is the cutest guy! I love Santa and might be a little addicted to him! 

Of course, one of my favorite people/blogger/vintager/just awesome person Nicki from The Vintage Farmhouse was on hand to help make the market fun and wintery white! That girl and her white. I love it but just don't know that white is something this messy gal could keep up with (even with all the bleach in the world).
I also want to give a big THANKSGIVING THANKS to Nicki for helping me with my blog (and for wondering who Todd was). She is so nice, I can't take it! She was trying to tell me that my blog needs help in the nicest way possible. Little did she know, I was WELLLLLLL aware of that fact! I accepted that help and am glad I did! Anytime you think something needs work...knock yourself out girlfriend!
This is also from the Vintage Farmhouse. Sadly, one of these hands were injured the packing up process. The ever so kind Nicki gave sis the broken hand. Sis was super excited! A broken hand is better then no hand!?

Now, I had a bunch of other pictures to show you.  Being the blexpert (blog expert) that I am, I managed to delete them! I was just trying to move the pictures in order by person and away they went!

So I'm hoping that Holly,Hobnob, and other various vendors don't mind if I take a couple off their facebook page!

Doug Rosen from HotHouse Market was on hand with out of this world 1940s-1970s finds.

This isn't from Hobnob, but I think you can see the awesomeness that is Hot House Market!

Handmade by Anne Potter was our neighbor at the Market. Not only did she have AH-MAZE-ING homemade jewels, but she had infinity scarves that were like the world's best hug! So soft and warm, I regret not buying one!

See a beautiful white cloud hug! So great!

I hope that everyone is getting ready to join their families for a HUGE Thanksgiving feast. My co-worker and I will be doing the Bolt Thanksgiving family walk/fun run! We will be walking, just in case you were wondering.

I should make it to mama and the dadster's house, just in time to check out the Macy's Day Parade! Now, for some reason not everyone knows this, but the Santa at the end of the parade is actually the real Santa. The ones at the mall, just helpers. I mean really how could he make all those toys and have multiple photo shoots a day?  The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is the only time THE REAL SANTA can be seen! It's on the list of things I want to see/do that would make my life even more AH-MAZE-ING!  Check out this old vintage Macy Day video. Santa shows up around minute 2 looking cuter then ever!

I hope everyone has a very blessed Thanksgiving and if you do go shopping on Black Friday, take mace and a body guard.


***I did preform spell check on this blog but that's about it. So Sorry for the errors, but Coco's head hurts!**** 11/20/12

***I went back today and did some corrections. My head still hurts so be kind**** 11/21/12


  1. I have some more photos of your booth and of Holly's I think. I will probably post tomorrow to share!

  2. Wooohooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You took off the captcha on the comments!! I love you!!!

  3. You two were so fun to have at the market - can't wait for more laughs at our spring/summer event! :) ~Holly


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