Monday, November 26, 2012

Move over Oprah

Here are a few of Coco's favorite things!

Also, I just wanted to tell you (and hope just maybe someone does the same thing), I can not spell Oprah without spelling it backwards. For some reason, I always have to think Harpo (like her production company). Odd?!

Before we start you need to know, I'm not of a fan of Harpo spelled backwards. I did go to her show. Not worth the hype! I went with THE one and only Jenny B. She got last minute tickets and invited me everyone on Facebook me. The show we went to was about Ted Kennedy's book ( FYI he had already past on. It was his second wife Vikki and son). Now JB being Irish Catholic, heard  the name Kennedy and fainted. (Just kidding but that would've entertaining). Now if JFK Jr. was still alive and on this episode, I would be singing a totally different tune! He was super easy on the eyes!

ANYWAY, the entire experience annoyed me. There was so much wrong with the Harpo show, but I'll just list a few. Now this isn't my full list of annoying Oprah shiz, just a random sampling.

  1. The chick walked out onto stage in house slippers and sat down. Now had this been then end of my story, it would be reasons I love her column, but its not. Someone (with the oddest job that most likely makes WAY TO much cash) came out with and put on her Louboutins. Yep, Harpo doesn't even put on her own shoes nor does she walk on them? WHAT EVS. All I could really think was that she didn't want to walk on them b/c she was going to return them right after the show. :) 
  2. When we were seated, there were boxes of tissues under our seats. Kleenex = tear jerker.  I thought maybe some deserving single mom, war vet or a super student would be on the show. I was going to be part of a new home, a much needed family vacation or a scholarship for a deserving child that is beating all odds.  YES THIS IS GOING TO ROCK! Nope, not even close
  3. Every show I've even seen, Miss O gives the audience a parting gift. I think everyone remembers, You get a car! You get a car! YOU GET A CAR! So we are sitting there for two plus hours, listening to Kennedys talk about themselves the book.  Guess what?! We don't get it.  Really, I wasn't asking for a car, a new house or even $$$ from the angel network. I should've grabbed the box of Kleenex stood up and in true Jerry McGuire style, yelled "You can call me sentimental, but the Kleenex are coming with me. WHO'S COMING WITH ME"?.  I'm sure I would've ended up in a Chicago jail for theft! 
  4. This episode you would have never known Oprah had an audience.  The queen bee didn't even look at us. I had heard that  O does a Q and A. N.O.P.E, not today. I know that Jenny B and I drove over three hours each way and I thought that was a waste of my time. The people next to us in line flew in last minute from Colorado. I could only imagine the cost/disappointment factor on that! OH, my friends and I DVRed the show. They didn't show one audience member. I guess the look of disappointment was on everyone's face. 
  5. At the end, she just got up and left. NO...Thank you, NO without people like you I wouldn't be a billionaire, NEGATIVE. Not even a goodbye. Just a half wave while talking to VK and Teddy the 10th. POOF they were gone! 
I did however have a ton of fun with Jenny B thus moving me to her favorite U sissy, if only for a short time!

So now a few of Coco's favorite things. My obsessions per say!

After paying an outrageous amount of cash on cable, Sis and I thought no more. We do of course have the Internet. I couldn't entertain you and sis couldn't do homework without it. This summer being cable free meant getting a lot done, and being outside as much as possible. Being cable-less in winter means, hulu. You don't even have to pay for this one! Now it has your new shows, which is awesome but I don't know of any cable/direct TV that I could watch some Quantum Leap any.time.I.want.

Now for a picture of THE ONE, THE ONLY, Sexy Scott Bakula. Hunk-a- Hunk of Quantum Leaping love! I wonder what Ziggy would think of the picture!

I found another one of my fave shows! One I might even like a tiny, itty, bitty better the QL (I know, I'm to confused, too. Is that even possible?). Once I tell you the show and let you in, I think you will be once again, AH-MAZED!

Ladies and Gents, The Greatest American Hero. YEP FOR FREE! In all his glorious red jumpsuit, flowing cape and co star Connie Sellecca.
I want to challenge you to find a better theme song to a T.V. show. Believe it or not in my personal opinion is THE.BEST.THEME.SONG to date.

In the winter my toes always get cold. Isotoner Classic Ballet Slippers = AWESOME. For years, these have been my go to house slippers. These are comfy and not bulky. You can find them from $10- $15 depending on how fancy you want to get. I like the traditional ones.

These slippers most likely won't score you a roll in the Nutcracker Ballet, but if you buy them in satin pink, you will at least look the part! Fake it til you make it?!

Now, this is kinda pricey but well worth it. As you all know, I've been having some headache issues. (I'm writing a blog on that and will put it up on soon,when I'm hopefully, fingers crossed, say your prayers, better) so my sis bought me THE MOST PERFECT FEEL BETTER GIFT! An 8ft blow up Santa. He was $34 ish at Walmart. (The price was on the outside of the box.)

Look how cute! It looks like he is waving but he is actually offering all our neighbors high fives. He is a very positive jolly man! 

Sadly, I spent way to much time on Oprah and my annoyance of her. My head is starting to get foggy and I better end it before I start making up names for people! 

Don't forget you can check Almost Gemini out at Horton's of Tipton this Saturday Dec 1st from 9-5.

As always you can find us in Whimzy and our hair flair will be in Handmade Promenade until late December. 

Now one of my many favorite Christmas Vacation quotes.

Clark: 'Tis the season to be merry.
Mary: That's my name.
Clark: No shit.



  1. OMG!! Sittin here reading and just about clutching my stomach I am laughing so hard! ♥ P.S. I greatly dislike reason for it, I just do.

  2. Thanks! I was on the cusp when I went but that trip cemented my dislike!


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