Saturday, November 10, 2012

No Christmas Before Thanksgiving

For most (as the dadster just pointed out all) of my life, I have refused to accept the holiday season was approaching until the day after Thanksgiving. It could be that growing up we always put up our tree the weekend of Thanksgiving. Thursday was turkey day, Friday was shopping day and Saturday was decorating day.

Now don't for one second think I'm a Grinch! I love Christmas. It is the most hap-happiest season of all. We don't even celebrate in town but I deck the heck out of my halls!

I'm just trying to pinpoint when we (as a culture) stopped taking time to celebrate Thanksgiving. When did we (as a culture/nation what have you) start going from Halloween straight to Christmas.

My Aunt Ellen sent me this pictures. I'm not sure where she got it so if you know, let me know. I want to give credit were credit is due. 

It seems like even before it's time for fall. Before the first leaves even change color or fall from the tree, Christmas decor is out in all the stores. Well not all the stores.

I like Nordstrom's  prefer to celebrate one holiday at a time. I don't want to skip Thanksgiving. I love hanging out with my friends the night before, doing the Turkey Trot in the morning, before going to my parents house to watch the parade and smell the turkey. I don't want to miss going shopping at midnight, and coming home filling up on leftovers, then taking my fourth nap in two days. Thanksgiving my dears is one my favorite holidays! (I bet you're by now getting the impression that I love EVERY holiday and you would be right. This girl loves to celebrate!)


This thinking about Christmas before Halloween is all new to me. NEVER, EVER in a MILLION, TRILLION years would I be sitting here thinking about what projects I need to start working on for the holiday season. Not only did I think about it before Thanksgiving, thanks to Pinterest, I started to think about it even before football season started! GO COLTS!!!!!!!

Since we have a bunch of shows and are in Whimzy, we needed to plan ahead.  Something I dreaded at first, but kinda am starting to get into. Now, first I started working on "gifts" or non Christmas/Hanuka stuff. Gifts that can be given at to anyone at anytime. That really wasn't so bad until November 1st snuck up on me.

November 1st is the day we were to deck the halls of Whimzy. I had my ideas pinned but that is as far as we had gotten. I had not executed any thing Holidayish. I had however, gone through my 8 boxes and two shelves of mostly vintage holiday decor. When I was done, I had two bags and 1 box of stuff I was willing to part with. I had a huge smile on my face until I looked at sis. She had a look of "THIS IS IT"? Then she said, "This is it?" It was "it" and I thought "it" was alot. I also am still standing by "it" being alot! Tomato/tomato right?

I'm not going to lie, mama and I have been kinda excited to set up my "new" Christmas tree. We found it at a garage sale this fall. It was at the same sale that we bought all the awesome/cheap furniture we re-did.  Anyway, we have been REALLY wanting to see what it looked like out of the box and we thought since it isn't a traditional tree, there was no time like the present.

***Side note: I know this picture is HUGE, but I wanted you all to really enjoy her like I do! 

Don't you love her? I know it's not the same as a real tree but she is pretty awesome! Since the "tree stand" is turquoise, I decided that we would use the turquoise ornaments. It seemed a little to plain and I had some magenta tress (which you will see soon).  I thought I would add some pink and magenta ornaments to the tree. 

Aren't they beautiful. Mama found an entire box full of vintage ornaments at a church sale this summer. For one whole dollar, we got 70 some of them. I've also been waiting to use these for months. Now that I think about it, I'm really surprised this tree hasn't been up for since Septmeber!

This is one of my favorite things sis has made. It's kinda like a snow globe without the mess. She took tule, tiny deers, and a tiny tree and put them into an old fishbowl. You can find these bowls all around Goodwill. I think a lot of people use them for their weddings then donate them.

*****Side note: I have no clue what color is actually magenta but I'm thinking this is it or close to it.

I got these magenta and turquoise trees at a impromptu trip to Oldtime Pottery. I also bought them in green and red, but haven't found the perfect place for them yet. Don't worry, I will find the perfect place!

Here is a close up of my cute, sweet, little elf friends. I found these at good will. They are so cute, I couldn't believe no one had them in their cart already.

I guess you could say that mama and I kinda got on a roll with the decorations. One thing you will learn about me this holiday session is, I love me some Santa. That jolly, fat man in red is dear to my heart. I even have his autograph. When we were little we would put out our autograph books and Santa (sometimes Rudolph) would sign them for us. Maybe I haven't seen him, but I know he's there because he signed my book!

I was trying to figure out what was going to be my "Santa" room and the kitchen won.

 When it comes to cookies, my santa doesn't mess around! Yes he is an outdoor lawn ornament, but I like him on top of the fridge. 

Mama and I decorated the bulk head in the kitchen with vintage Santas. I still have more left, so we will have to see where they will end up!

I have a snowman wall I'm working on and an angel bathroom. When I get my stuff together, I'll will show you what's new.



Sis- she is down 17 pounds which is very exciting for her. She is doing really well and choose dairy to reintroduce into her diet this week.

Me- I'm down 9 pounds but am still having the headaches. I called the doctor and he said that it could take 30-60 days to get the wheat out of my system. Another reason to take food allergies seriously. I added almonds b/c I wanted some pesto and pine nuts are just too expensive. :) So far the only change for me is that I am wearing a size smaller pants. I'm not mad about it, I just want to feel better. Having month long headache is no fun! 

Don't forget to check us out next week at the special olympics event. I can't tell you enough how fun this is. It is a great way to start the holidays!

If you can't make it this week, check us out next weekend at the Hobnob Market

We also partnered with  Folk Magazine and are waiting to get it so we can share with you all. 
Don't forget you can always also check us out at Whimzy in Noblesville, IN. 

We have a lot up our sleeves, so stay tuned to find out what's going on!

Ta-Ta for now!

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