Sunday, September 30, 2012

All work and no play makes....


What an (I think I already said this) awesome and (did I mention, this before?) EXHAUSTING weekend we have had!!! Thursday- Saturday we were at the Restyled Barn Sale. Like I said in the last post, it was our first "3 dayer". (I love making up words). It was worth all the stress, work, and tonight's 7pm bedtime.

We've known Connie from Restyled forever and it is always nice to see her! She and her husband Dean crack me up. Although Dean was put to work with some of the other husbands, (Hi Roman!)  Connie and her daughter-in-law (and co-owner of Restyled) Saha, ROCKED at producing this event. The "preview" night was a ton of fun! Wine, cheese, good band! My three favorite things EVA!

Speaking of "good" band. It was actually an AH-MAZE-ING band. If you haven't checked out Marc Imboden, you really are missing out! Our booth was right beside them, so we had a "front row" seat. They are not only talent musicians, they cracked me up. I think it was their first time playing on a cart full of hay, but they rocked it. A stage is a stage right?!

Since Thursday is my day off and Sis had to work, Mama was kind enough to help us out. (We did pay her in wine!) We loaded up the Explorers, and I mean loaded them up! That is a door on top of the car. I was weary about driving with a door on top of a car that wasn't mind. Then mama reminded me of my RedBull days. Yep, I drove a car with a HUGE can of RedBull on the back. Sadly, there are no pictures of it on this computer. Her point was a good one. If I could drive that car, I could drive this one.

Here are some pictures from this weekend. It was busy the entire three days so we didn't get to many pictures. I'm not complaining I'm just sayin'.

What a whirl wind weekend!!! We will do it all again in two weeks, but more about that later.


I have the after pictures! Yep, your Kool-aid now has sugar. This is our $2 table.

And now this is our $2 table! The paint we've had forever, this is truly a $2 table. Looks pretty awesome doesn't it! I thought you would agree with me!
Another "before" I didn't have last time was this telephone table.

Not only does it look bad, it smelt HORRIBLE! A night outside, some fabreeze and TLC. You get this..

I KNOW. Pretty awesome! I know Sis always has had visions of greatness, but I'm starting to catch on. I can see past the "loved" part of it and see what it can be. The smell, that was hard! Thank goodness it's gone!

Now news and reminders.

Don't forget to check out us out October 13 at Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace. Jon stopped by the Barn Sale and fired everyone up about new vendors, food trucks, and the possibility of a November and/or December show!

We will be at Irvington Halloween Festival. If you LOVE Halloween, then you need to check this out. It's a really cool haunted week!

Then one of my favorite shows! November 14th, Special Olympics Hamilton County. This is another must! If you want to have an AH-MAZE-ING time and meet AH-MAZE-ING people, this show is worth your time. Great vendors and a great silent auction! Last year I left looking forward to this year. Just sayin' don't miss this one!

Then on November 29th we are having Almost Gemini's 3rd Annual Open house. I'm not going to post directions on the blog. Although,  if you want to come let us know!

Until we meet again,
(Still looking for a sign off)

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