Saturday, September 8, 2012

Share and Share Alike

Sorry to say (not really all that sorry) that we have not been crafty this past week. We have projects in the que but just haven't been able to get to them. I'm blaming it on a short week and allergies kicking our a$$! That is my story and I'm sticking to it!

We have the laundry room done and the croftic is just needing a tad of organization. I want to share with you all the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears we put into these rooms! I have a problem (just one in this case). I'm currently researching new cameras. Do I take an O.K. picture of our awesome job and do the blog now or do I wait until I have the new awesome camera that will totally display the awesomeness of those two rooms.  I voted and I came up with wait!

So since I am not going to share our laundry room and croftic just yet, I thought I would share some other things I'm totally digging right now.

Number 1


I love her and her easy peasy make-up tutorials. I went and bought everything on her favorites list. It was all under $100. If you run out by Sunday most of the make-up is buy one get one 50% at Walgreens. If not it will probably be the same deal at CVS next week. :)

She also teaches you how to make your own eye shadow primer. I made it and I'm totally digging it right now. Not only is she making me look good, she is saving me money! GO CARA!

I accidentally bought the "wrong" mascara, but it was WAYYYYYY to right to be wrong.
Which leads me into my number 1 thing I'm obsessed with right now. L'Oreal Vouminous Million Lashes-Carbon Black. It makes me look like I have on falseys. I can't help but sing, "I look pretty, oh so pretty"!

Number 2

Nicki @ The Vintage Farm House is having a giveaway. Now I should be keeping this to myself b/c I really want to win, but all is fair in love and blog giveaways. The winner will receive one doily bunting, one crochet bracelet, and one VINTAGE GLOVE MOLD. Rumor also has it that if you win, she also throws in surprises! I.LOVE.SURPISES!

I also love, love, love her vintage glove molds! On the off chance I don't win, I'm going to have to buy one! :)
Number 3
Jule Photography 
She took this picture of a suitcase we sold her...please take a minute to check out the suitcase how cute this child is!! Not only do I want to keep this cutie, I love that Julie put the flags up in the background! Of course, Almost Gemini loves it....Vintage and Vintage Inspired...It's our thing, YO!  She does family, senior, weddings, engagement. Make sure to check out her website.
Julie also leads me to another "thing" I'm obsessed with! Since I'm looking for a new camera, I asked a professional what I should get. She recommended Canon Rebel. I'm in love! I just have to go to the camera shop and check it out in person. Look at this beauty. I feel like a grown-up just looking at her! 

Last and least, I realized I don't have a "sign off". I just end a blog without saying "goodbye".  And I really want one. It feels like I'm ending the blog short. I want you to feel warm and want to come back. ha

Blogs and kisses (I know I suck at this)
Stay Classy (0pps that's already taken)
Be Inspired (so cheesy, so not us)

Any suggestions?

Well, I have to run. One of my little cousins is getting married today! SOME BODY'S GETTING MARRRRRRIED! I can't wait to see my family! We always have so much fun together! 


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