Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Logo and New Store!

It has been over the top crazy for Almost Gemini. It feels like our heads just spun around as we took on even more adventures! You've seen it on Facebook, but know you know it's true because I'm blogging about it! :)

We have a logo! Guess what? I think it's AH-MAZE-ING!

My best friend Brandi's co-worker Janelle made it for us! (Larry, Larry and his other cousin Larry) If you need a logo and want more info, just let us know! Janelle and her boyfriend work together and do it amazingly! It was so easy and so fast...Once again, so fast our heads spun!

We are also excited to announce that we are now part of an AH-MAZE-ING new store in Noblesville, IN called Whimzy! We went   their open house last Friday, met the wonderful Donna, she sent us a contract on Wednesday and moved into the upstairs on Thursday! I always say time flies when you are having fun! THIS IS FUN!

This pictures is borrowed from Angela @ Unexpected Elegance
Whimzy is located @ 940 Logan St. Nobelsville, IN 46060. You can stop by and shop our booth #34 (and others)Tues-Sat 10-6, Sunday 1-5. The store is closed on Mondays to give Donna a break and let her work on her own amazing art!

This is not our first store, but it's our first time being able to have all our Vintage and Vintage inspired designs in one place. We only had one day to "get it together" I made an outline of our space on in the house and went to town. Guess what? Not only did we forget stuff but, I was off on the size of the space. Which seems odd, because we need more stuff for the store but we have less room then we did at home. It's crazy but that is how it somehow worked out.

This is how it's going to work until I can make it back there on Tuesday! We will be adding all our flair, more jewelry, and some other surprises. Surprises to you and ME b/c I'm not sure what yet! HA

As mama and I brought home some amazing garage sale finds on Thursday, the dadster said "I thought you didn't do furniture". We don't but we bought 5 (of course, AH-MAZE-ING) antique pieces. They needed ALOT of TLC and most already have places in our house! AND of course, I'll show you all when I'm done! Which honestly makes me excited that I haven't shown you pictures of the house yet b/c these pieces are totally going to add to it!

We spent most of this weekend painting furniture and getting ready for Horton's of Tipton. Stop by this weekend (Sept 22). I can't believe it's already that late in September. We are working on some really cute fall decor! I just hope we can make it all come together!

Then Sept 27- 29 we will be at the Restyle Barn Sale. Check out their website for more information and hours.

We will be back at Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace on October 13.

Irvington Halloween Festival on October 27. This is always a great time! I love Irvington!

Other then that...Whimzy! Don't forget to stop by and check it out. Once I get to know other Vendors, I'll make sure to share with you what they are doing too!

Thanks for reading,  (still working on the tag line and this one is NOT IT!)

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