Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What's Happening in Our Neck of the Woods!

I know I shouldn't be surprised at all the "first" Almost Gemini is having. I mean, we are kinda still the new kids on the block (and we are hanging tough)! I'm still trying to figure out this bloggy bloggy stuff. I'm never sure what to write about. I don't know how many times I should update. (I don't want to be annoying, but I don't want to be stand offish). I still don't know if I truly want to spend $500 on a camera that I will most likely never really figure out but am head over heels in love with? (Holy long sentence. I should totally be taking writing classes!)

I'm going to start off by saying we had another wonderful, yet windy show at Horton's of Tipton! I'm pretty sure I saw Dorothy on her bike flying past us. Thank God for Mr. Horton and his 2 tons of bricks and cement! Without him, our tent would've been following Dorothy to the land of Oz. Since I have a VERY RATIONAL fear of flying monkeys, Sis would've had to find the courage,heart, and brain to go after it!

Here are some shots that we captured before the wind storm of 2012.

Staying true to my dishevelled self , I have failed the four of you reading my blog. (Let's all welcome my cousin, Jamie! Say "Hi" to Jamie kids.) I have my "before" pictures but only one "after" . I know, I know! It's like having Kool-aid, no sugar or peanut butter no jelly. Since I drink sugar free Kool-aid and have never liked jelly on my sandwiches, I'm going to give you a sample of our finds "before" and our one "after".

Round Table-Since I'm keeping this AWESOME round table, I can tell you it only set me back $2. I know, I should have asked her to take less! HA I painted it a turquoise color and it will be headed straight to my family room after this weekend! Right after I take an "after" picture for my next post!
Antique Telephone Desk-  This is for sale. I have stained the wood and mama recovered the seat with vintage fabric. Speaking of the seat, it lifts up so you can put your telephone book (If you still have one) under the seat. It is really one of our best finds.

Cute Blue Chair-  Now you get to see an actual "before and after". We got this cute chair at a yard sale. We loved the color and chippiness so we kept it.
We (as in mama) recovered this chair for us with some vintage fabric that Sis was hording. Don't you just love it? It is also for sale. We won't be taking it to the barn sale since furniture is more Restlyed less Almost Gemini. It's just when we find a cute piece of furniture, we have to have it!

We also got an antique dresser that we hoped to be able to re-finish but was way past it's prime. We (once again mama) ended up painting it yellow. It's staying at our house! We needed something to put our towels and such in. It's perfect size for that!

So I know you are wondering where you can find us! Lucky for you I'm here to tell you!

This weekend (Sept 27-29) is the Restyled Barn Sale. It will be our first "3" dayer! Make sure to come out and visit us! We will have new stuff everyday!

 You don't want to miss the last Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace of the year. Well, at least last outside one!

Also we will be at Irvington Halloween Festival is October 27.

Don't forget if you can't make a show we are at Whimzy! 940 Logan St. Noblesville, IN 46060. The store is open Tues-Sat 10- and Sunday 1-5. We are there at least once a week switching stuff up. Make sure to keep checking the store!

And now a picture of my Grandma and the weenie mobile. Just because she is cute and typing weenie mobile made me giggle just a little bit!

What's happening in your neck of the woods? I'm still working on my "sign off".



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