Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's Fall Ya'll

I love fall. It's finally out there. I put it out into the universe. I'm sure someday it will come back to haunt me. Get it October = Fall= Halloween = haunting!?

Anyway, if you know me I don't like scary things,scary people, costumes, Phil Collins, masks, clowns, jeopardy (except for teen), dark places.... get the point? No scary things for CoCo.

I am an Indiana girl from an Indiana town, so you would think loving fall would be easy. Fall equals beautiful color of leaves, cute sweaters, and most importantly football.  I'm blessed to be in the same city(ish) as THE AH-MAZE-ING Indianapolis Colts, (who will be in the Superbowl again within the next two years). Scream, Yell, GO HORSE!

For those of us who speak Indianaian, you know fall  means winter is coming. If every winter was like last years, I would be alright with it. Since, I was born a Hooiser, I'm not holding my breath. Last winter we had the blessing of the Superbowl Gods and that is the ONLY explanation I can give.

So now we sit on the edge of our seat and wait. Wait for the weather to drop and wait for the first snow. Even my Boo Chuck Lofton, can't totally predict how much snow OR WORSE ice.  (Now for a gratuitous picture of Chuck)

 (Chuck thinks I'm great)

To keep myself occupied, I watch a lot of football and decorate (on a budget, of course). I mean who doesn't love decorating for Halloween and/or Fall? I love decorating for ALL holidays. Halloween will be getting at least two days for decor. Christmas gets about two weeks.

Want a tiny...itty bitty sample?

After reading one of our Obsession Confessions, our friend Nicki from The Vintage Farmhouse gave me a bag full of old photos. I wasn't sure at the time what my plans were, but I figured out that I would use some of them as Halloween decor.

Horns and stash = sooo cute!

I'm not asking for you to compliment my drawing skills, but I did draw that bat! That my friends is why Sissy is the artist.

Sis also made this non-scary spider web. It's a doily with a spider, simple and cute. We have picked up a ton of stitching circles at various Goodwills and rummage sales. The spiders came from the dollar store and I can't tell you were the doily came from except to say it was in our fabric cabinet.
Flair pumpkins are so far my fave of the decor.  I painted them with primer. I was painting something else and thought why not?! Then sis added the flair and burlap. Sis painted pumpkins in black and flaired them out. Those sold out FAST! Our first round of flair pumpkins came off of a wreath for a door that we picked up at GW. Flair pumpkins are in high demand, so we've had to go out and buy some new ones (but on sale of course)

This is a small sample of what's to come! Nothing scary... I hope.

And that's the way it is.-Walter Cronkite

Still working on the our sign off.


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