Friday, October 12, 2012

Obsession Confession Pinterest- Part One

This wasn't the post I was planning this week but a trip to the E.R. and a pounding headache, I had to dip into my "emergency posts". I'm not a planner, these aren't post that I meant to write but sometimes I have an idea (good, bad, ugly) and I jot it down on this little blog. They aren't my best but I can't always be on my "A" game. Actually when it comes to the blog world, I don't have an "A"game yet. BUT ANYWAY here we go....

I feel like I'm cheating everyone out of a long awaited "Obsession Confession". I mean Pinterest is most sane peoples obsession. I would say lets form a support group over pinning but at the end of the day, it's not harmful. The only thing it truly is... is AWESOME! I'm not suggesting anyone pin and drive or drinking and pinning (Wait, I do suggest drinking and pinning. I even suggest pinning new drinks).

If us semi non-celebrity people don't want to share it, we keep it off the Internet (or should at least try). So to me Pinterest means sharing and inspiring. I was talking to someone (I'm so sorry I forgot who) but she said that pinterest isn't stealing ideas but putting your spin on someones amazing creativeness.

I thought we would share some of the spins we've put on pins.

The first original pin (hereafter called "OP") was from Celebrations at Home blog. It was called the "Vintage Cowgirl Party"

I fell in love with the vintage barn feel.  I knew we MUST to do this for Restyled Barn Sale. At the time, I didn't realize what a pain it would be to do, but I knew we had to do it!

Our Spin- (hereafter known as "OS") The OP has a clean, less cluttered feel. We needed to a little more then lemonade and cake on the table. :)  We were there to sell not celebrate, so we loaded that baby up!! This picture was from the first day of the barn sale. We don't even have half the stuff in this picture still! It's sad but at the same time, I'm glad they went to good homes!

On the next one, I'm not sure what came first the chicken or the egg. I have a feeling that Sis might have seen it on a website, but I'm not sure it was Pinterest.

Possible OP- I'm lovin' the colors, but with our wide range of goodness, we can't really make a letter and/or pick what colors people will want. I don't want you to get me wrong, Sis will make you whatever color with whatever letter or shape you want. It's just for our market days, hearts work better.

OS-  The heart is done in a picture frame so you can choose the paper and colors of your liking. WAIT WHAT? That's right you can change the background all you want and still have an awesome heart.True story.

Early in the spring, (I think time is flllllyyyying) Sis and I went to Woodruff Place to hit up the flea market. We found shutters, ALL sizes of shutters (if you are looking for them let us know). They have been in our warehouse with a number of vintage windows, doors, and an AH-MAZE-ING cabinet door...etc, etc.

OP- I loved it. I love anything that you can put stuff in or around and make it look like we are trying to organize!

OS- So look past lovely "Flynn the Flamingo" to the pink shutter behind him. I KNOW IT'S HARD, Flynn is soo cute. Believe it or not, I don't have a bunch of stuff jammed into it YET. This picture once again reminds me of the importance of a good camera. The OP picture has sooo much more detail. Just in case it counts, this was with my two year old EVO and no photo shop! 

This summer when we were re-doing our outdoor living space, we of course turned to Pinterest for ideas. We live on a small lot and have a small deck, so we didn't want a"real" fence. We just wanted a little shade and a little privacy.

OP- I think this is made out of pallets, which I love. Pallets weren't really what we are thinking. We saw this and started brain storming other ideas. We came up with lattice. I wish we had this much room on our deck. I would have loved to add the seating and planters.

OS- We (Mom's guys Jessie) made a lattice wall. This keeps the space open, yet private and give us some afternoon shade. Unlike the OP, our wall doesn't go the entire length of the deck and it is only on one side. Our backyard also has elephant grass which makes for a nice natural fence. (Even if our neighbors don't like it, we do) If you missed our outdoor living makeover click here to check it out.

So what are we up to you ask....

The Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace 10-13-12 from 9-4. I just heard from Jon that they have reached 100 vendors! Rumor also has it that they now have 9 food trucks and of course Sun King beer.

Visiting the Alford Cousins (another invite only)

On October 27, Irvington Halloween. I do love Irvington at Halloween!

November 14 for Special Olympics of Hamilton County. If you want to meet the coolest people, and AH-MAZE-ING athletes, you have to stop by! 

Shopping hours:  Wednesday November 14th, 2012 from 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Located at the Mansion at Oak Hill

We have our open house on November 29 (if you want to come email us for directions).

You can always check us out at Whimzy in Noblesville. If you missed the seeing Donna and Whimzy in the Indy Star, you can check out what they called  Noblesville's "hip new antiques/collectibles mall".

Other then that we are looking into a couple of other things for this holiday season. REALLY? I'm already talking about the Holiday Season. I still am trying to find July.

If you have something you would like us to be part of or are looking for any vintage or vintage inspired (or pinterest inspired) designs, let us know!

Parting words,

Since I'm still looking for the "sign off" I found out that 'sign off" is actually means parting words. I thought The Dadster might enjoy that!

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