Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wheel and Ween! (Halloween)

As I sit here watching Wheel of Fortune thinking, "When did people start buying so many vowels?" and "Why don't they have throw back week"? I mean name one person that wouldn't love to see a good ole fashioned prize gallery!  Please notice in this clip that Bob looks just like Napoleon Dynamite and at minute 6:40 Norma buys a "telephone answering system" (and its a beauty)! I did shamelessly scour the Internet to find a clip of Pat and Vanna drunk, but since the show has been on FOREVER, there just was to much to look at!

I can't tell you enough how much I love Halloween! I.LOVE.HALLOWEEN. I can and do go a little overboard on decorating. This is just a small taste of what our house looks like.  I'll try to take more pictures before I take it all down. I also have an "Wizard of OZ" tutorial I'm hoping to add.

So this is my1950s kitchen table I bought at a garage sale for $15 (it has the leaf with it but it's in the attic for now). Mama fixed it up really pretty. She also recovered the chairs to match. The chairs mama already had and we used plastic picnic table cloth to cover. ($4). I might have already posted about this, but I'm super proud of it.

I got the place mats at Meijer for $1 each. I took the owls out of my room. The black and white candles and tray have been on our the table by our sofa forever. So the price of my AH-MAZE-ING table decor $4. 

I went a little overboard buying place mats. They had skeletons, pumpkins, AND spiderwebs. I had to have two of each! So with the extra, sis hung it from a mirror with ribbon we already had. The pumpkins have been around for ages. The spider on the right is real. JUST KIDDING but it is the only thing left from an ex-boyfriend. (Well, I kept the Coach purse, too!)ha The witches broom I borrowed from mama. KIDDING AGAIN, I bought it this season from Goodwill for $2.99. Total of this display $3.99. 

I think now you are getting the idea that my Halloween obsession isn't new. The jack-o-lantern candle is old news. Sis is obsessed with blue Ball jars.  Those are out on the mirror all year around. The orange vases are just milk glass that I painted with orange spray paint. The leaves came off a wreath we got at Goodwill Outlet. I have sold some orange painted glass, so basically it has already paid for itself. The leaves might have cost $1 on the high end. I have no clue where the sparkly orange sprigs came from but they look cute! 

So my newest obsession = these antlers. I got them at Rustic Hutch. I was visiting cousins in Fort Wayne and they took me to Jefferson Pointe. As we were walking out I saw a sign 1/2 price Halloween. I thought I was already over my shopping budget but once I recalculated, I realized once again Math is not my strong suit, I have enough left for these! Ha 

The antlers were $24 and not on sale. (SHAME ON ME) I plan on keeping them up year around. Picture them with Christmas ornaments hanging from them. CUTE. 

The spider is old school, I'm sure it came from the dollar tree years ago. I bought the "spider web" at the dollar store. I couldn't even use the entire bag. Which means leftovers for next year! Not including the antlers b/c those are all year, it cost $1. 

Like I said that's just a touch of what I've done.  I'll make sure to take pictures of the outside. It's not scary so don't worry. Ha

Another one of my obsessions is about to start, Heart of Dixie is coming on. If you haven't watched it. You really need to! It is funny, flirty, and southern. Three of my favorite things! It doesn't hurt the guys in the cast are HOT! It's on the CW on Mondays. Check it out!
See cute guys, Rachael Bilson and Jamie King. Can't go wrong! 

Where to find us?! 

Come visit us at The Historic Irvington Halloween Festival this weekend. October 26, 2012 from 9-5. It might be cold but it's free! 

On November 10 we are visiting our Ullman cousins in Cinny. Invite only! 

November 14 come visit us at Oak Hill Mansion for the Special Olympics of Hamilton County

We will be at the Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace "Vintage Saturday" November 24, 2012 9-5 at The Fountains of Carmel. 

We are also excited to have an ad coming out in Folk Magazine! It will be in their November/December magazine. 

As always, we are at Whimzy. Click on this link and join their Facebook group. If you are looking for unique holiday gifts, stop by after November 5th. It should be all deck out by them! 

The wheels in our heads are spinning out of control with Christmas ideas! Just wait until you see our Christmas decor! I get a little O.O.C. (out of control) I like to call myself a "Classy Griswold"! As if there is just a thing!

Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow- (Another tribute to Chevy Chase circa SNL days)


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