Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Brownsburg and more!

This was our first show in Brownsburg, so when we heard a guys voice say "Hey Ladies" We had a flash back to Zionsville with Joe and Marie Beckley from Beckleys Best Blends. When the Ullman sisters kept getting Joe in trouble...or was it the other way around? hummmmm

Anyway, for maybe the first time in our lives we weren't in trouble! It was our wonderful backyard vendor Kenton from Veggiemon Artworks. He just wanted to to know if he could use the back as storage. Veggimon Artworks is really cool digital art. You can check out his work on etsy or facebook.

Veggiemon Artworks

Diana and Brad Adkins from Little Woodshop We love seeing them at our shows. They crack us up!

And made cutest frog birdhouse. They also have cats, dogs, school houses, everything but a parrot! Come on guys Parrots wanna be birdhouses too!

This was the first time I've met the "Window Lady" but her stuff really rocks. I love the flowers on the screen. I've never seen this before. (Her information is downstairs, I'll put it up for ya in a bit)

She paints on windows BACKWARDS! I thought these three were awesome. I love the tractor but it doesn't really go with our house. Boo!

I couldn't not not take this picture. That's Sew Martha took a Colts Superbowl (sadly not the one they won) T-shirt and make these super cute pants for your little guy or girl. Colts and reusing makes me a VERY happy gal!

 Martha also made this dress from an old men's shirt! I really like the pocket in the dress. You could totally put your lip gloss in it!
I had to take this picture, not just b/c my parents had the same sheets but b/c it's so darn soft. Time & Again makes the cutest vintage pillow case dresses.  If I was guaranteed that I would have a girl, I would've bought this on the spot. But since there isn't one and I'm not even having kids for another 5 or so years I had to pass!
I thought this was to darn cut too! I love the bright pink! It also says "his" on it. How could would the be for a father/daughter picture!

So what are we up too? This week is show free! We I'm commenting us to finish staining the deck and the outdoor living area. I can't take it anymore. Our to do list gets bigger and bigger. Since we are more into chaos then order we jump around without (what seems like) never finishing a project.

There are a couple "To-Do's"

1.  FINISH THAT DARN OUTDOOR LIVING SPACE- This week, hopefully by Thursday and we can have before/after by this weekend!
2. Finish cleaning and re-decorating the craft room. Sis has been a cleaning machine in that room. I would've gave it all to goodwill! ha  We did buy a cool color of pink paint to paint our walls. JUST KIDDING! We are only painting furniture. Our mama made a great point, we would have to re-paint if we wanted to move. Not gonna happen. Also, we decided that we are going have the "Florida" feel. Let's see how that works out
3. Clean/organize and paint (the shelves) in the Laundry room. I would also like to find a cool vintage Laundry sign or something like that. I got a navy color at my arch enemy Lowes miss tint bin. (Before we got into a fight)
4. My bathroom. I got a cool green color and I am framing my mirror. (REALLY EASY TUTORIAL TO COME) I also am looking for some storage ideas and welcome them! Picture a bathroom just big enough to turn around in!
5. Sissy Bathroom, she is wanting to continue her obsession with vintage metal trays into the bathroom!

Our "To-Find" list

A small desk. I'm think old school metal, but normally what we think and what we find are totally different.

Something for my wall. I'm taking what I have on my wall know to the outdoor living area. No mirrors. I read fung shui (or whatever it's called) and they said it's was like inviting people into your room, so no mirrors! Just plain creepy!

Shelves! I want lots and lots of shelves for the craft room.

********Make sure to come visit us at the Indie Arts and Vintage market August 2! We are forever finding new stuff, let us know if you are looking for anything. We might already have it!

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