Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9th ALREADY?

Sorry for our absence. We have been busy with a lot of friends in town and friends from out of town! Here is a quick run down of the busiest and hottest vacation week ever!

Counting Crows
Walker County- A MUST CHECK OUT. These girls are full of talent!
Wright Brothers

Of course we spent July 4th celebrating America's Birthday. We did the usual, eating, drinking, watching fireworks. There was ban on personal fireworks in Carmel due to the drought. This was the first time in recent history that the neighborhood was quite after the fireworks. Not gonna lie. It was pretty nice!

All day Thursday, I worked on my garden! I had blossom end rot and it just about broke my heart! I had to throw out over 60 tomatoes, green peppers, and squash. I read on-line that you can use Epson salt dissolved in a gallon of water, it will help. So I tried it, which meant that I had to pour over 30 gallons of water (one per plant) and it really did take all day!

Besides a trip to my grandparents and a stop at the casino (I lost $1.02) we have spent all weekend painting, sewing, tagging, cleaning and planning for Horton's. I don't have any speak peaks yet, I'll try to work on it! There is always so much planning and prep work that goes into every show, but Horton's gets a little extra TLC! We will be back in full blogging mode next week!

Make sure to come out and see us and the other wonderful vendors!

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