Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Obsession Confession- Salt No Pepper

My true confession should be that I can't find the plug to download my photos. I have a cool blog that I was so excited to share (well I think it's cool!). I just needed to add pictures. I guess it'll just have to wait. I hope my two followers Nicki and my mama can contain themselves and that I haven't disappointed them too much! 
I sometimes write blogs ahead of time and now I know why. For days when you want to post but just can't get everything in order.

I'm trying to make it clear my love of mid-century. During that time everything was tacky AWESOME! I love the colors, shapes, lines, I love it all!

People say I'm not an animal person and they're right. I'm bubble girl allergic to the world and the world includes animals. That being said, you won't find me at the shelter picking up strays, but you will find me at Goodwill doing that. I have an obsession with buying mid-century salt and pepper shakers that have lost their partner. So that is how I came to have my "Salt No Pepper" collection.

I have gotten a nice size collection so I have started to sell them. We took this old crate thing we had and spray painted it this teal color for display. To this day, I'm always amazed at the stuff we have around the house and what we can make it become!

The whale in the picture was bought my a dad for his daughter's wedding rehearsal dinner and the puppy below was lost in a tragic raining and we had to get everything under the tent accident.

I just love how cute the dog is and the eyelashes and red lips are adorable.
This little gal had a cute little fluffy tail. This wasn't an actual salt or pepper shaker but she fit in with my collection just perfect!

So that's yet another of my many obsessions! What is your "Obsession Confession"?


  1. I have a cute/creepy pink and blue set of kitten salt n pepper. They have huge rhinestone eyes. I can't bear to get rid of them but I can't decide if I find them cute or creepy!

  2. Ok since I am one of only a couple of followers, I think I should have a vote in this....I will love you forever if you remove the word verification on comments.... I just failed the captcha twice!!


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