Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Living Room Makeover

Our house has been red and black for the last five years. It's beautiful (in our opinion) but it was before we really started to get into the vintage and vintage inspired theme. Since we have a entire  garage "warehouse" full of amazing items we thought we would re-decorate our home to highlight the new direction we were taking. 

Almost everything we used was from Goodwill, garage sales or stuff we already had. It's amazing what a different you can make with stuff you already have! 

We wanted to lighten up the room and give it more of soft/girly feeling. We started by choosing a teal color to lighten up the red tables.The tables came from Goodwill and were just plain wood when we first got them. After seeing the results we started to really get into it! On our wall we had black Ikea frames with red and white fabric in them. Since this was no longer our "style" we went up to the craft room  to see what we had. 

We have a habit of collecting old fabrics and stitching circles so it was a no-brainer that we would use those on our wall. We think decorating the entire wall cost around $4. The fabric and "frames" have been all collected at goodwill.

The sofa table was given to us by our mom's friend for FREE! We just had to paint it black. We added some lighter touches and made the the sofa table less crowed. We nailed an old wooden box to the wall and put in teal insulators caps and have since added a "U" . In the up right corner we actually just nailed plastic doilies to the wall. It really looks clean and fresh! 

We've had this t.v. stand forever! It was a Target buy WAYYYY back at one of our first apartments. The chair in the pictures is garage sale find. We even found the chair cover at a sale. You have to dig and keep looking but you can find some good stuff! In the before picture, we had chunky candle sticks and a glass full of rocks?! We took a frame we already had put some burlap and added a vintage scarf. To top it off, we added some old luggage and a red glass candy dish our grandma gave us. 

We already had these pillows up stairs, so we brought them down and the went PERFECT with our new colors. I might add that our couch is a queen sleeper sofa that we got at a sale for $125 including delivery.  That's a good deal! 

I sadly didn't take any before pictures of our lighting, but just picture the standard white globe lighting that comes in almost every house. We wanted to change that out too! They just weren't girly and fresh enough for our new look. 

We found three glass balls at Goodwill Outlet for $0.49 a pound! We joyfully took down the plain balls and added these. In the entrance way we wanted a chandelier but our  ceilings are to low. We solved that problem buy taking the lights out of a beaded Christmas tree and turning it upside down to equal VERY inexpensive and pretty cool chandelier. All new light for less then $5. 

That is our living room. It went from dark to a light airy space we can enjoy sometime and wind down at the end of the day.

We are planning on doing a kitchen and outdoor living space makeovers soon. Make sure to check those out!

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