Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Old Mill Festival

As I said in my last post, we had a BLAST in Noblesville at the Old Mill Festival. We can't thank Peggy and A Corner Cottage enough for inviting us back for the second year. If you are in the area the store is a must see! It is a sensor overload of all things AWESOME! Stop by tell Peggy "Hi" and tell her Almost Gemini sent ya!

The festival was kicked off with a bed race We were so busy setting up I didn't get any pictures of  it. BUT It brought back the good ole and short lived days of Ball State. I just can't mention the past without singing, Glory Days! I guess it's pay back for when we used to sing it to dad!

We spent TWO weeks setting up shop in the "warehouse", only for it to once again look NOTHING like we planned. This time it was even better. It is AMAZING what two caffeine deprived sisters can come up with at 6:30 am. Every time we have an early morning show, we collectively question our choice to give up caffeine. We did forget our milk glass which was a little disappointing since the first thing we sold was our only piece of it.  So soon we forgot about the forgetting when the products we did have flew off the shelves!

So I still don't have a clue how to blog, so the pictures are fuzzy and small. I AM practicing! Maybe in the next year or 10 I'll get the hang of this!

During the festival, there was an on going art project.The wonderful people of Noblesville were handing out FREE zip ties to anyone that would take them. People were then given the freedom to put them around the trashcans, bike rack and/or traffic signal.

I think the adults had just as much  more fun then the kids! Well all expect this one...

Miss Rilee was having a blast (can't you tell by the look on her face) Her mom is the owner of Jaded. If you are in or near Crawsfordsville, IN you better make sure to stop by and check her out! Jaded is THE FASHION place in Crawfordsville.

We also saw our favorite wood working and candle making couple! Diana and Brad Adkins from Little Woodshop. Here are some of the awesome stuff they had there!

I love all the colors and cuteness. Brad makes and Diana paints. They also had THE CUTEST birdhouses

Isn't he just adorable! They also make our candles which smell AH-MAZE-ING. You can contact them at Little Woodshop. I'm told they are working on a website themselves so I'll let you know when its up and running.

We are now working on our space for Horton's of Tipton and hoping to get some more stuff on our etsy sight. Last show was 12x12 and Horton 6x6. We are trying to figure out how to build up without breaking down! Wish us luck!

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