Monday, June 4, 2012

And so it begins

We had a very successful show this weekend! Thanks for everyone that came out and saw us! It was amazing how many friends showed up!!! We love the support!!!

I'm putting together a post about the Old Mill Festival but first I thought I would give you a little taste of how we actually became Almost Gemini! 

When our dad turns on his computer, it always says, "and so it beginnings". I need to figure out how he did that.  I've always thought of how awesome it would be if my computer said, "These are the days or our lives" A tribute to a show I've watched since birth. While some children under the age of 5 would watch cartoons, I was wondering what Stefano was going to do next and why once someone had kids they were always just "upstairs" Even at that young of an age, I couldn't help but wonder why after being kidnapped a100 times Hope never used her gun? She IS a police officer. 

Anyway, that's not what I'm here to chat about. I wanted to inform you on how Almost Gemini actually began.

As I've said before (and it might become a reoccurring theme) I've never been known for my crafty ability or my creativeness. I can cook better then most (toot toot)  but crafting wasn't in my vocab.

About three years ago, I found myself with some extra time on my hands. I had no clue what to do. I was looking for a hobby that required little to no skill (I own my skill level, folks), I had read about every book in the library.  While looking for tutu for my friend's daughter's birthday, I realized (at that time) there were no good affordable tutu's. I had the light bulb pop up over my head and made a decision that would forever change my life. I asked my dear sister to take me to Hobby Lobby. With joyful tears in her eyes, she hugged me and threw me in the car before I could change my mind. After that I kept asking to go back, and we did, much to Sis's delight. 

So before the tutu explosion of 2010, I was cranking those babies out! I was a making and selling machine. But, before you knew it everyone and their mom started to make them. There were just too many people at the shows that sold them, so slowly the tutu's died off. BUT don't you worry your pretty little heads because then TheUllman sisters were already supplying the world with "hair flair". 

Heather, the talented one (another reoccurring theme), was already onto something. See folks, every three years or so I cut bangs only to start going them out the next day. Sis being annoyed by my ways of pinning back my bangs (plain bobby pins,binder clips, paper clips, chip clips, stir sticks, anything I could find) developed "hair flair". She took vintage earrings that we had and made them into beautiful bobby pins.  


She is talented and creative isn't she! The are still our #1 seller but now we supply the world and save from the dump just about anything and everything! We think of it as a fun hobby but we have to sell the stuff for two reasons
1. To make money to buy more
2. So we don't end up on the show "hoarders"

Two very good reasons I might add! 

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