Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekend in the Life of Almost Gemini

Spent this weekend shopping, wedding and relaxing. We didn't have a lot of good finds. We went to an antique store that was going out of business. We got a couple cool things but other then that the day was pretty disappointing. 

I took my lovely date Evelyn, to my friends Shawn and Jean-Ann's wedding. It was really pretty! She was a beautiful blushing bride and they truly looked in love. The also have some funny friends! Our dinner table kept us laughing the entire time! It's always awesome to meet new and fun people!  My pictures didn't turn out so I had to steal this one from NINE23PHOTOGRAPHY

 OF COURSE, we spent Sunday with our "Dadster". If there is one thing this man loves it's gifts (then family or family then gifts, I can't remember). You can tell the by the look on his face his is excited to be a dad find out what he got! The gift we gave him is top secret, sorry folks. He did dip into the beer, while mom and I had some wine and Heather drank a "pain in the a$$" (virgin pina colada)

We spent Sunday by the pool. No pictures of that (you're welcome)! Even dad put on his swim trunks and joined the his ladies of leisure. I read a book, Heather finished her homework, dad slept and mom played words with friends. A perfect day if I do say so myself! 

We went to an O.K. dinner at Bonefish Grill. I'm not sure what is up with service theses days, but I can't seem to get good service anywhere. After dinner we decided to take pictures in my cap and gown before I have to give it back. 

Even thought both sis and I are both graduating in 2012 we only had one gown. Anyone know photoshop? Maybe you can make a family picture for us! :)  

Mom wanted to try on the gown too. This is one of the tame photos. I promised not to post the others. My birthday IS on Saturday and I DO like presents, so this is all you get, folks! 

It was another great weekend! Since I'm taking Thursday AND Friday off, I'm looking forward to another great one! I hope everyone enjoyed their Father's Day and had great weekend. 

We are going to be doing the Indie Arts & Vintage Market on June 30! Make sure to check us out!

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