Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Weekend in the Life of Almost Gemini

We had a great weekend! We got to celebrate our grandma's 82nd birthday. That woman is still on the go like she was 52. She and grandpa came into town on Thursday and we were on the move until Sunday. (Well, mom was on the move until Monday) Mom and dad's present to Grandma was a haircut and mani/pedi. Grandma was so excited. She loves to be pampered! Thursday we went to Goodwill Outlet which is one of grandma's favorite spots. She spent $1.80 on a rake, two metal containers and a chicken plate. We when went to Walmart, we saw the same rake for $11she was very excited about her deal! Mom, sis, grandma and I spent Saturday going to garage sales. I think grandma was ready to go around 8am but we didn't get started to around 9:00am.

We did  take a break for the garage sales and had a chance to stop by Restyle's barn sale

It was a great day for a barn sale. The weather was amazing and there was a nice breeze! Restyle had some really cool furniture here is just a small sample of the coolness.

I might be bias because I've known Sherry Pisockyj for longer then I haven't but she brought some really neat and unique merchandise to the barn sale.

If you see something you like you like you can e-mail Sherry.

It seems like we can't go anywhere without seeing Nicki! Not that we mind, it's always fun to see what The Vintage Farmhouse is up to.

Make sure to check out her blog! I love all the white in her house! I also love Nicki's theory that you can just bleach it but I still say with three kids she is a brave, brave woman!

We also got a chance to catch up with Jackie from Shambora Studios. As always, she had some really great stuff.

To round out the Horton's crew we got to chat with the lovely ladies of Damask Designs.

Not only is a blog about design, there is a lot of love in this blog! Also as a bonus you get story about an amazing adoption.

We didn't stay to long, grandma was jonesing for another garage sale and some Panera's. It was great seeing everyone and made us even that more excited for Horton's!

Ohh man we have a lot of work to get done before then! Wish us luck!

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  1. I am kind of everywhere, aren't I? The barn sale was such a fun event!


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