Friday, June 15, 2012

Obsession Confession

Wait! Did you think I was only obsessed with old photos? How wrong you are! I have many, many, many obsessions to share but most recently.... Vintage thermos!

It started when I was at an estate sale and bought myself a vintage lunch box. I take my lunch to work everyday and I wanted to take it in style. Also, I could bring home my baggies in it to re-use! :) I didn't even notice the thermos was in it.  My thoughts went straight to wondering where the lunch box had been. I  like to think the person that owned it worked on a high-rise building.  I pictured him swinging his legs over the edge of a metal beam eating a ham sandwich. (My first thought was baloney, but I really don't like baloney so I choose ham instead!) When I took it out of the lunch box to wash it, I fell in love.

 My First

It's from Sears and I looked it up (of course) and it was selling for $40. Who would've thought?

 After that I couldn't stop. Every time I see one I have to buy it.  The green thermos was my second. It even has a cork stopper, which I wished I would've taken a picture of.

Then there were five! 

Aren't they beautiful!? So what's your obsession confession?

How about that cabinet? It was $5 at a garage sale and I was looking at it. I wanted to have a dresser to put in gardening stuff in. I was debating on if this would work better and the guy said I could have it FOR FREE! AND he carried it to the car for me! That was a full service sale. It going to be part of our outdoor living space makeover which I hope to have done before winter!

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