Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Family That Laughs Together...

Most likely just saw the ever HI-LARRY-OUS Matt Holt live!

The U family took a trip to Broad Ripple and Cracker's Comedy Club.  I know you're thinking! It's only 10 miles away. EVERYTHING the U family does is a trip/adventure. Just have to call a spade a spade! 

Bless The Dadster's pea pickin' heart but he almost killed us at least four times on the way there. He isn't used to driving in the "big city".

 I'm sure these two "backseat drivers" didn't help his cause. #dadsterdrivingselfie 

Good news….we made it there alive and EARLY! Whoot Whoot. There were three comics at Crackers that night. In order of appearance:

First up was Jeff Vibbert. What an A-DOOR-ABLE  and charming 13 23 year old. He was (as Mama put it) a "clean" comic. He was truly funny without the cuss words. His stories were so funny and yet somehow, I'm sure they were totally true! 

Sporting this mustache type thing, makes him look beyond his years! My sincerest apologies to Mr. Vibbert but there wasn't a lot on the Internet to steal borrow.  He is up and coming so, give it time and your news feed will be blowing up with his name! 

Up next was not so clean comic Ben Moore. What to say about him? Ahhhhhh. Ummmmmm. Yeah, I think this guys says it best. 

FYI…This isn't Ben. I don't know who it is. 

Last but certainly NOT least is funny guy and friend, Matt Holt. My dearest readers, I'm admitting right here, right now,  the entire U family are now officially Holtamanics! 

I did pre-warn Mama that Matt uses "adult" language in his act. Mama isn't a fan of sailor talk but she was prepared for a "f bomb" or two. 

SIDENOTE: For some reason, I decided I needed to know where the term "cuss like a sailor" came from.  I didn't really get the answer I was looking for. The best I could come up with was someone called "Peace and Love" on Yahoo answers. I'm going to go ahead and take her answer as "fact". I do enjoy some peace and some love. PL says: Back in the day, sailors were often uneducated and could be somewhat dangerous or barbaric. Now, sailors are just any other person with a job, but the expression comes from all those "uncivilized" sailors that had potty mouths.

Kinda thought that would be more exciting! ANYWHOOOOOOO! 

The "f" word didn't stop Mama from laughing, LOUDLY! The Dadster did his chuckle that we love so much and Sissy snorted a couple times. Of course, I have a dainty and polite laugh..nay giggle. 

Not only was his set funny, he ended with a really cool and motivational story. Mama thought it was awesome and made a note to be more motivated and live her dreams…the next day when she woke up. It was late and she had been working in the yard all day.  

If you don't live in Indiana, no worries. The dude travels EVERYWHERE spreading laughter and joy. (to much?) ha 

Click here to enjoy a video of him I found on YouTube. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

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