Monday, January 18, 2016

New Blog, Same Name

I had once loved blogging! All of a sudden, one day it became a chore. (Don't worry readers, it wasn't you. It was me!)  My heart wasn’t into writing about home decorations and vintage. I didn't really have it in me redecorate any more. It became overwhelming! Just when I felt like I FINALLY got everything in the house back in order was a new season, holiday or just time for a blog. I redecorated the same rooms, walls, and shelves (over and over again). It didn't help that I took and edited all my pictures. I added more stress then necessary. I took the fun out of it!

At this time it wasn't just my interests that were changing, my life was changing. (I had NO idea how much my life would change).

2014: I was so lost in life and everyday BS.  I had "lost my drummer" and had "no beat". I realized, I was no longer dancing in the chip aisle to Britney Spears. I wasn’t even hearing the music play, I was just rushing in and out. I was in a hurry to go nowhere.
Late 2014-2015: If someone would have given me a crystal ball and said, “CoCo, this is your future." I would’ve laughed. I would've laughed so hard that I would snort, tear up and finally choke on air. When my side stopped hurting from laughing, I would’ve said, “Good one! Seriously, I want to see my future.”

People have always heard me say...(Insert year) is going to be MY year. When I said it about 2015, I meant it. I owned 2015 and made it mine. (Planning on doing the same with #sweet16)

  I obviously can't share all of it in one blog! You'll have to keep reading (and I will keep writing).
Today: I'm in love with my life everyday! I went from an office to a classroom, adults to children. My co-workers inspire me. I'm currently learning from the best of the best. I work with kids that make sure I don’t forget how simply awesome life can be. Kids that make me laugh and most importantly remind me not to take life so seriously. (Which will be a big part of some future blogs)
AG is going to take a new direction, just like life has.

I had plans to start a whole new blog. I changed my Instagram name and even did one post on a new blog. I thought, since I have so much new, my blog should be new too. I wanted to share my "now story". 

ONE PROBLEM: I still love Almost Gemini. I can't quit AG. I love what we do, did and will be doing. I was putting so much thought into it. Dare I say over thinking it? I DARE!!! SIR-PRIZE!
I'm not saying we won't update you on our house, home decor, and we still have ALOT of vintage! You need to see all the work we've done to the house. New flooring, painting the ENTIRE house (we hired people for both), painted our kitchen cabinets (we did that), and new kitchen appliances coming soon! The house looks AH-MAZE-ING!
In the last 19 months, I've filled two full journals of the fun, joy and everything in between. I’ve been plotting my writing return. (Working on my third one)

We will eventually catch you up with all the happenings. How I'm transitioning into teaching, how Sis has redecorated the house since all the new goodness. (It really looks BE-A-U-TIFUL) and we will still throw in some vintage goodness. 

"Be in love with your life. Every minute of it." -Jack Kerouac

I hope you all continue to read our new story. Most importantly, I hope I continue to write it. I'm so funny! 


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