Monday, February 10, 2014

Welcome to the Jungle!

I think Guns and Roses said it best. WELLLCOME TO THE JUNGLE...We've got fun and games! G and R also sang "Sweet Child O' Mine"...something my mama won't be signing after she reads this blog. OOPS!

Since Mama and The Dadster are on a cruise and since they just happen to have limited Internet access, I thought no better time then the present for this blog! It will at least buy me a week before I get grounded. OOPS!

I love you more the words and with all my being.  It's hard for me to tell you this...(insert deep breathe) you have way to many fake (silk) plants in your house. An truly unnecessary amount. 

Can one have enough silk tulips? Yes. It's always spring time at the U house. Left to right clockwise, master bath, laundry room, and master bedroom. 

The tulips have been around for at least 10-15 years.

The tulips and silk plant on the far left and the only two things still hanging around the house. 

LOOK! A panda bear in it's natural habit! Oh, my bad. That's just the rents living room! (Aunt Andi if you are reading this...that's the panda bear you won me at the Bluffton Street fair a couple years decades ago). 

More panda food in the living room! 

The kitchen-forest is my fave! It's the most personalized part! The tin "clock" with all fives on it says "House rules no one drinks before five" It's a clock with all fives....get it! AHHHH, so funny! The mirror has mama's fave saying on it. "Diets Are Forever" and her "World's Greatest Mom" trophy is front and right!

Really...How much is too much? We are at 15 and I realized I totally forgot another "tree" and can't bring myself to edit other four pictures. 

Moral of the blog, Mama you have a problem. Your house is just to full of fake plants/flowers/bushes/shrubs/etc... but I know why.

I may or may not have killed your only real one! OOPS, my bad!

Mama, when you get home...Let's chat! 

Love you more mama, 

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