Sunday, January 19, 2014

Polar Bear Club and a New Pool

Polar Bear Club, not to be confused with a polar bear cub.

Gratuitous adorable polar bear CUB picture!
This cuddly photo credit goes to...First People- Bear more cub picture...

He really makes the snow look cute! 

Photo Credit 

OH now he fell, so cute! One picture leads to two..I couldn't help myself! SOOO cute but they grow up and not so cuddly!  

photo credit

The Polar Bear Club AKA Polar Bear Plunge is (You know I hate Wikipedia but i can't help siting it)
A polar bear plunge is an event held during the winter where participants enter a body of water despite the low temperature. In the United States polar bear plunges are usually held to raise money for a charitable organization, while in Canada they are associated with New Year's Day.

Photo credit 

I don't know who this girl is. I'm guessing this is what I would look like if I ever did it. My baby cuzzy does this every year. Do I think she is crazy for jumping into freezing cold water? UMMM 
YES. Thousands of people do it and I think they are all EQUALLY crazy! 

On New Years, I like to jump into this pool....

Nice warm, yet refreshing pool! 

SIDENOTE: These pictures have not been retouched. The only editing I did was adding our name! I know, I know you are sick of me saying it. This place is B-E-A-U-TIFUL! 

So this is the point in my blog that you are wondering where it's going?! (I'm right aren't' I?!) Well, I left the above pool in paradise and came home to....

A pool that looks like a polar bear took a plunge! The automatic cover has fallen in, the polar vortex was to much for it to handle. 

The fairly new pavers also took  a dip into the ice cold pool. 

In the words of The Dadster, "Well there isn't anything we can do about it til spring." He is 100% right. (Dadster you have that in writing) There isn't anything we can do...mostly because I'm just house sitting so I'm not actually part of the "we"....

What I can do is offer the rents suggestions of how they could/should rebuild their pool. Except for mama, I spend the most time there. To know me is to know, I always think I should have a opinion in what's going on!  

So I of course went to Pinterest to look for ideas who we can mend our frozen and miffed pool. 

My first thought went to a lazy river...a slide and bridge of sorts. 
Looks like fun, right? It seems like a good idea until you think of the work. It's just to much and the rents would have to add a pool house. They are trying to downsize. Just too much! 

I'm kinda wondering if I can talk mama into adding a "beach" to the pool. It would help keep us cool in the warm and humid Indiana July and August! 

After looking at all kinds of AH-MAZE-ING pools in all kinds of AH-MAZE-ING places. 

This in my favorite one....Home is where your pools is. I still kinda want the "beach" pool. The one with a swim up bar would be a really close second. This time I'm going to have to go with the Dadsters attitude. Even though its broke, we can fix it...(in the spring). 

This is for The Dadster! 

“A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.”
― Carl Reiner



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