Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Minimal Recap of Christmas

We are back in the sunshine state, soaking up the sun rays! I totally forgot my good camera on the kitchen counter.  I had it next to my bag but I was rushing to catch my ride to the airport and left it!! BOO! At first, I was mad but can one really be mad in paradise? (Answer is NO)

These are camera phone pictures. I'm also using mama's old computer and having trouble editing. I don't think the pics are too shabby but I had to warn you just in case. (It looks like 2014 is year of excuses but I promise it's not!)

This will be our NINTH winter break (5th Christmas) in the Florida Keys. (Wanna read last years blog? Click here.)

We are still keeping and adding to our U family traditions. We are just trying to get it perfect! I can't tell a lie, each year does get better!

Sadly, last year Christmas (blow up palm) tree didn't make it through the holidays.

We had to get a new one. This year we added "Santa shark", a "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree, and new flamingo lights. Ba Ba Ba Ba BAAAAA I'm lovin' it!

Speaking of Charlie Brown Trees I found a Keys version of the tree on my walk the other day....

Charlie Brown's Tree

The Key's Version

Pretty close wouldn't you say! I love the blue colors in both of the pictures! I've been digging blue recently.

The U ladies once again went on a shopping trip. We once again went from Marathon Florida to Ismoralda. It is always a chance for us to finish up our Christmas shopping. 

As per our tradition...we stopped at Lorelei's for lunch. Aren't we cute! ;) The views there are AH-MAZE-ING and the food rocks too! It is a MUST go to place in the Keys.

Once again the U family took the path less traveled for one of our favorite traditions. No Name Pub on Big Pine Key . If you are looking for good food, cold beer, friendly staff, and dollar bills this place if for you!

The front of this years $ 

The backside: Art work done by Sis of course!
This picture is a little on the dark side but you can see the MONEY! This is just ONE wall! I'm telling you the place if FULL of money!

I actually got to get a picture taken with Santa this year. (Without harming any children). We followed Santa's caravan, we went to the Catholic church to see the lights, we walked the seven mile bridge and got to stay an extra week.

Even without my camera I took over 250 pictures. I'm still going through them (and still go through the dadster and mama's anniversary party. I took TOO many pictures.) I'll be sure to make a slide show when I narrow my favors.

I have to tell you 2014 is already a pretty great year! I can't wait to share with you all that we will be up to! Some good, some not so good! ;)

I'm also working on another Keys Condo makeover which you will for sure will have to check back to read! I think I need a sign down here that says...LEAVE WHITE WICKER ALONE! Also I would like to tell people who own the condos, you don't need so much in such small places. I'm think AG's work of 2014 should be the year of minimalism. What do you think?

Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It's your masterpiece after all.”  Nathan W. Morris 


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